Russlands kvinnelige militære spesialstyrker

Women of Russia’s Special Operations Forces

Tyskland stålsetter seg i møte med økt kriminalitet ettersom politiet mister kontrollen over innvandrere

Germany Braced for Crime Wave as Police Lose Control Over Migrants

Seth Kershner om kampanjen for å avmilitarisere USAs skoler

Talk Nation Radio: Seth Kershner on the Campaign to Demilitarize U.S. Schools

SouthFront: Syria battlespace, Mar. 9, 2016

Baretzky om Europas IS-trussel

Baretzky on Europe’s ISIS Threat

Beyonce Is A New World Order Prostitute and Puppet

Det kommer til å bli en lang, varm summer

It is going to be a long hot summer

… by  Katherine Frisk

WW3 has only just begun – Tredje verdenskrig har bare nettopp begynt


ISIS has run rampage throughout Syria and has persecuted Orthodox Christians, crucifying them,  beheading them, rounding up their women and children, selling them on slave markets and raping them. If you are looking for the anti-Christ it is staring you in the face.

armenian 4

One hundred years ago Turkey was complicit in the persecution of Armenian Christians. They raped women and then crucified them. They drove thousands into the Syrian wilderness, where they were starved to death.

Today Russia is building a military presence in Armenia, ready to strike should Turkey attack the Orthodox Christian Armenians again.

Five hundred years ago, the Turks invaded the Greek Byzantine Empire and sacked Constantinople and the Hagia Sohpia which had been the centre of Christian worship for 1,500 years.

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It is going to be a long hot summer

Damian Thorn, Satan’s Son, Ragpicker’s Fantasy

Psykotroniske brannmurer mot offentlig sannhet

En hemmelig psykotronisk krig pågår nå mot folket

Psychotronic Firewalls against Public Truth

A secret electronic war is now being waged against We The People.

Psychotronic Firewalls against Public Truth dd395-Darpa2









Peace OR War; One of Them Should be pursued

Asadullah -gruppen, den kurdiske nasjons morder

Group Asadullah, the new killer of the Kurdish nation

Prosecutor: Shooting of Oregon occupier LaVoy Finicum justified – Inside car video released

RAG RADIO: Populist Legend Jim Hightower on the Bernie Sanders Revolution, Donnie Trump, Corporate Ethics

Narkotika, gambling og korrupsjon, verktøy Azerbajdsjanske myndigheter bruker for å slå ned på protester

Drugs, gambling and corruption, tools used by Azerbaijani authorities to crack down on protests

VA convenes summit with veterans advocates to fix appeals process

The Veteran Next Door: JL Tucker Hour 2

The Veteran Next Door: JL Tucker Hour 1

Syrian Army Restores Calm to Various Parts in Aleppo Province: Photos

Om å vinne den forestående krig

NEO – Winning the Right Upcoming War

Spør statsdepartementet om en fornuftig politikk i Afghanistan igjen

Asking the State Department for a Sane Policy in Afghanistan Again

08.03.2016 Crisis News

SouthFront: War in Ukraine Looms as Kiev Regime Moves Toward Collapse

Tyrkiske grensevakter skyter syriske flyktninger daglig, rapporterer Amnesty

Turkish border guards shooting Syrian refugees ‘daily’ – Amnesty Intl

Barzani kurdisk presse: Er det på tide at Tyrkia forlater NATO?

Barzani Kurdish Press: Is it time for Turkey to leave NATO?

Short End Of The Stick with Mike Harris: Gordon Duff and Alex Powers are the guest

Tyrkia vinner menneskehandelkonkurranse med EU – vil ha 6 millarder Euro

Turkey wins the human trafficking contest with the EU – wants 6 billion Euros

Syria: Political Breakthrough at Hmeimim?

Russland: Hvem er det som driver USA bak scenen?

Russia: Who is managing the US behind the scenes?

Kan laservåpen redde jorden fra drapsasteroider?

Could laser weapon save Earth from killer asteroids?

Tyrkias lek på grensen med allierte…Al-Qaida

Turkey’s Border Games with Ally…al Qaeda

Government meddling equals predictable results

Roger Waters om hvorfor ikke flere artister tør å kritisere Israel: De er vettskremte

Roger Waters on Why More Artists Don’t Speak Out Against Israel: They’re Terrified

Voldtekten av japanske menn og kvinner etter Andre Verdenskrig (full versjon)

The Rape of Japanese Men and Women After World War II (Complete Version)

Dette er ulveland nå – Fremveksten av dystopi (Del 2)

This is Wolf Country Now – The Rise of Dystopias (Part 2)

US SIGINT-fly krasjlander i kurdisk del av Irak

US SIGINT aircraft crash lands in Kurdish region of Iraq

Leaders of Syria’s opposition ask Russia’s defense ministry to protect them from IS


VT Vitenskap: Gratis energi, svindelsekter og den nye verdensorden

VT Science: Free Energy, Scams Cults and the New World Order

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on March 6, 2016


… by  Gordon Duff,  with Ian Greenhalgh

We had imagined that we had seen it all, we are talking about the sewer of the internet, scams and cons of all kinds but with our investigation of the death of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia, we have moved into a new “red zone.”

We are going to be talking about the “free energy community,” and how it more than simply preys on the decent and hopeful.  With the arrest of radio host and self appointed community leader Sterling David Allen on numerous first degree felonies tied to child sex abuse, the chain that led us to Scalia, heads back down as well, not to the corrupt and powerful but to something incredibly sick.

Les resten:

VT Science: Free Energy, Scams Cults and the New World Order


På innsiden av den forvridde, rasistiske anti-semittiske Jewish Daily Forwards sinn

Inside the twisted, racist, anti-Semitic mind of the Jewish Daily Forward

NEO – North Korea turns the Asian Pivot upside Down

Koch-brødrene tror Trump er ustoppelig nå

Koch brothers believe Trump unstoppable now

Et chip om gangen

One Chip at a Time

The hashtag #usaweaponskillsyemenis goes viral, reaching 250 million tweets

Terrorens gudfar: anti-Iran -terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) samarbeider med IS

The Godfather of terror: anti-Iran terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) cooperate with ISIS

Hemmelig NATO-rapport lovpriser Russlands overlegenhet i Syria

Confidential NATO Report Praises Russia’s Superiority in Syria

Amerikanske monstre: Michigans guvernør, Rick Snyder, fortsatt blant de store

American Monsters: Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Still at Large

Insanity: Davutoglu Tells Iran to Betray Syria, Turn on Russia

Din Radioaktivitet denne uke, rapport nr. 46, med Bob Nichols

Your Radiation This Week No 46

World Wildlife Day – The future is in our hands

Tyrkia bygger terroristtreningsleir i Ukraina

Turkey Sets Up Terrorist Training Camp in Ukraine

Scientists Drilling Their Way to Center of Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Crater

Thomas Goodrich Against the New World Order – A Dialogue (Part I)

Canada, en hovedaktør innen gullproduksjon, er nå en “gullfri sone”?

Canada, a Major Gold Producer, is now a “Gold Free Zone?”

Kald Krig Del 2 – Gjeninnføringen av den russiske busemann

Cold War Part Deux – The Return of The Russian Bogeyman

SouthFront: Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria and Beyond

Nytt FBI-program instruerer høyskolelærere til å rapportere (angi) “radikale” studenter

New FBI Program Instructs High School Teachers to Report ‘Radical’ Students

Interview – Syria ceasefire has sharply reduced Deaths

Lyver Barzani-kurderne om deres oljetyveriavtale med Erdogan?

Are the Barzani Kurds-Lying about their Oil Theft deal with Erdogan

Fed Vendetta: New Bundy Arrests Smell of Revenge

Ultrasound Sclerotheraphy Using Foam: An Alternative to Surgery for Varicose Veins

TRUTH JIHAD: Art Olivier on Paris, San Bernardino, and Lucifer’s Piano Ley Line 

Tokyo gikk nesten tapt for 5 år siden, sier tidligere statsminister

Tokyo Was Nearly Lost 5 Years Ago Says Ex PM

Fukushima-mutasjoner og DNA-skade, vil ingen enda ta

Fukushima Mutations & DNA Damage, No End In Sight

‘Europe Near Total Breakdown’ – Muslims Must GO

Islamofobi, Israel, Hizbollah – Et kalifat

Islamophobia, Israel, Hezbollah – A Caliphate

STASI Amerika – The Not So Secret Police

Hollywoods mørkere side avslørt i videoen “Heksen” (2016)

Hollywood Dark Side Revealed In Movie ‘The Witch’ (2016)

Hillary’s SHOCKING Email Violations Revealed

Secret Service Investigating Beck For Trump Death Threat

Govt Admits Fukushima Rad Is Now Detectable In US Marine Life

USA: Sjokkerende krefttilfeller funnet rundt kjernekraftverket Indian Point

Shocking Cancers Found Around Indian Point Nuke Planet

2020 Tokyo Olympics Involved In Bribery Scandal

8.000 bequereller of Cs-134 i sederpollen

8,800 Bq/kg Of Cs-134/137 In Tokyo Cedar Pollen

Fukushima Contr Aids Israeli Access To US Weapons Labs


Ingen i «mainstream»-media skriver om den eksplosive økningen i krefttilfeller rundt «Indian» -kjernekraftverket som er “milliarder ganger høyere enn først antatt”

Indian Pt Leaks ‘Trillons Of Times Higher’ Than Thought

No One Knows What To Do With Fukushima

Failed Takahama Reactor Auto Shuts Down After Alert

W Coast Fish Famine Worsens In Dying Pacific Ocean

20 Microsieverts Hr Where Kids Play In Fukushima City

Nuclear Waster Dumped Striaght In KY Landfill

Indian Pt Nuke Plant Called Imminent Disaster

5 Yrs On, Fukushima Still Pouring Death Into Land, Air & Sea

Hillary bestilte den endelige massakren i Waco, Texas

Hillary Ordered The Final Massacre At Waco

Hillary, krigshauken, og hennes neokon-synspunkter

Hillary The War Hawk And Her Neocon Views

Hillarys utenrikspolitiske eventyrferd gir grunn til bekymring

Hillary Foreign Policy Adventurism Cause For Concern

Hillary Promises To Declassify UFO Files If Elected (BS)

Duke – Don’t Call Me Ex KKK Grand Wizard, I’m NOT In The Klan!

Idiot US Sends B-52s Near China S China Sea Islands

Kirwan – Humpty Dumpty 2016

Knife Found At OJ Simpson Estate

Turkey Must Be Ejected From NATO Now

Hvor mye kommer Erdogan på å tjene på at muslimer oversvømmer EU?

How Much Will Erdogan Make From Muslim Flood To EU?

Tyrkia beskytter og forsyner Al-Nusra -leir ved grensen

Turkey Protects, Supplies Al-Nusra Camps At Its Border

US Tells Turkey – No War With Russia Over Syria

Bikini-Clad Vigilante Accused Of Xenophobia, Sweden

Amazon Quietly Drops Encryption Feature

Pentagon og Google samarbeider for å styrke det amerikanske militærvesen

Pentagon, Google Join Forces To Advance US Military

Netflixs grunnlegger tar spanderbuksene på for å få erstattet lærere med datamaskiner

Netflix Founder Spends Big To Replace Teachers w/Computers

I 1993 leverte Noam Chomsky Zika-hemmeligheten

In 1993, Noam Chomsky Delivered The Zika Secret
“Myrk lagnad på buplassen”… Lærere indoktrinerte i venstresidepolitikk

Doom…Teachers Indoctrinated in Leftism

Google Upgrades Digital Wallet To Pay By Facial Recog

Spain Grabs 20,000 Uniforms Headed To ISIS

Kiev Army Advancing On Donetsk

Hvem hjalp Mossad med å drepe Omar Zayed?
Who Helped Mossad Murder Omar Zayed?

Time To Hit The Panic Button For The World Economy

Det er nå offisielt: Canada har solgt alle sine gullreserver

It’s Official – Canada Has Sold All Of Its Gold Reserves

Ny “Monsanto-beskyttelseshandling” bakt inn i ny miljølov

New ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Put In Environmental Bill

US Anticipates 4 Million Cases Of Zika Virus

Fukushima Contr Aids Israeli Access To US Weapons Labs

Bill Clinton’s Dubious Economic Legacies

The Senator Holding Flint Aid Hostage

Has Flint’s Smoking Gun Finally Emerged?

Roger kaster ut Get-boksen uten å miste bredbåndet

Dette bør du vite før du kutter TV-kabelen

Vurderer du å kutte TV-kabelen?

Du kan spare mye, men zapping i sofaen blir ikke som før.

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