Gordon Duff: Bevisene hoper seg opp om USAs deltakelse i terrorisme

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on March 23, 2016


Militante truer olje og gassinfrastrukturen i Algerie

SouthFront: Militants Threaten Oil And Gas Infrastructure in Algeria

Washington: Gi Deres tåpelige missilforsvar et avskjedskyss

NEO – Washington, Kiss Your Silly Missile Defense Goodbye

45 prosent av lovgivere i Europa tjener millioner på aktiviteter på sí

45 Percent of European Lawmakers Earn Millions in Outside Activities

Morsomt: Nazister (ikke ekte) åpnet nødtelefon for fornærmede Trumpere

Funny: Nazi’s (not really) Put up Hotline for Abused Trumpsters

SouthFront: Syria – Iraq battlespace, Mar. 23, 2016

Anomalies of Large Hadron Collider still inexplicable

Ulovlig oljetrafikk på tvers av den syrisk-tyrkiske grense pågår fortsatt – Lavrov

Illegal oil traffic across Syrian-Turkish border continues — Lavrov

EPICS oppfordrer til solidaritet for å holde Europa samlet

ECIPS Calls for Solidarity in Uniting Europe

Syriske regjeringsstyrker gjeninntar kontroll over Palmyras historiske område

Syrian Government Forces Regain Control of Palmyra’s Historic Area

Herr Erdogan: Hvordan visste du at noe kom til å skje i Brüssel igjen?

Mr. Erdogan: How did you know something was going to happen in Brussels again?

SouthFront: Syria–Iraq battlespace, Mar. 22, 2016

23. mars: Purim – Ester var elskerinne og Ishtars altertjener

March 23rd: Purim- Esther as Concubine and the Acolyte of Ishtar

And 22nd March Brussels Bombing

by Katherine FriskSkullBones322On the March 22nd a “terrorist”attack occurred in Brussels. That would be 3/22. Kevin Barrett gives and excellent breakdown on the this Satanic Holiday and why this attack has all the markings of yet another CIA Operation Gladio event in Europe, also connected to the White Wolves in Turkey, once used to demonise the left and today used to demonise Muslims.

For a full breakdown please see 3/22 false flag! Gladio strikes Brussels on satanic holiday.

My only point of divergence, not only with the Wahhabi sect who chose the name of the Egyptian Goddess Isis, and those who continue to use it when the Muslim “Daesh” is more appropriate, is that they have got the wrong Goddess.

Les resten:

March 23rd: Purim- Esther as Concubine and the Acolyte of Ishtar

Baretzky on RT on Brussels Attacks

Er IS svindel?

NEO – Is ISIS a Scam?

IS (Daesh) begår folkemord i Irak og Syria

PRESS TV: ISIL (Daesh) committing genocide in Iraq, Syria

Terrorangrepet i Brüssel: Israel sikter på Europa igjen

Brussels Terror Attacks: Israel Again Targets Europe

Tractatus Terroismo Philosophicus

Day Of Reckoning: Defense News, DoD Service Papers Sold To Venture Capitalists

22. Mars falsk flagg -operasjon! Gladio slår til i Brüssel under satanisk høytid

3/22 False Flag! Gladio Strikes Brussels on Satanic Holiday

By Kevin Barrett on March 22, 2016

If you believe “radical Muslims” observe satanic holidays and name their groups after pagan goddesses, I have some real estate in Mesopotamia to sell you

322“Radical Muslims” (meaning fanatical wahhabis and other extreme-puritanical types) do not celebrate other people’s holidays…least of all the holidays of satanists.

3/22 false flag! Gladio strikes Brussels on satanic holiday

Interview: US coalition wants rigged election as precondition for talks

Guardian: Storbritannia setter i gang med dekkoperasjon av dommer Scalias pedofile ring -etterforskning

Guardian: UK Begins Coverup of Scalia Paedophile Ring Inquiry

Operation Midland: inquiry into alleged VIP paedophile ring collapses Harvey Proctor, the last living person under investigation, calls on senior Met officers to resign after police find no evidence of child abuse and murder

Guardian: UK Begins Coverup of Scalia Paedophile Ring Inquiry

23.03.2016 Crisis News

Svelg alle, du ubrukelige “storspiser”

Swallow Them All, You Useless Eater!


Swallow Them All, You Useless Eater!

Den khazariske mafia korrumperte David Petaeus og andre C.I.A. -agenter – Intervju med direktør Merlin L. Miller

For several decades now we have been indoctrinated by a controlled mainstream media, puppet politicians, educational institutions and a misguided Christian community – to believe things which are simply not true.


 …by Jonas E. Alexis & Merlin L. Miller 

Merlin L. Miller is an independent film director, writer, and producer. He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and served in the U.S. Army where he commanded two units.

Miller’s former classmates at West Point included former C.I.A. director David Petraeus, former National Security Agency director Keith Alexander, and the 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Demsey. Miller is the author of the new book Eagles Are Gathering.

Les resten:

The Khazarian Mafia Corrupted David Petraeus and Other C.I.A. Agents—Interview With Director Merlin L. Miller

Trump forteller AIPAC: “Jeg er ikke her for å dulle med dere” – og fortsetter så å dulle

Trump Tells AIPAC: ‘I’m Not Here to Pander’–and Then Proceeds to Pander

Speaking Truth to Empire with Alison Weir

Approaching The Ultimate Event Horizon / Death

Russisk sikkerhetssjef advarer om Kievs forsøk på å destabilisere Krim

Russian security chief warns of Kiev’s attempts to destabilize Crimea


Kiev og høyrevingens Krystallnatt i Odessa

Kiev and Right Sector Kristallnacht Odessa


 Video on the real Odessa massacre by Pravy Sektor

Video fra det virkelighetens Odessa-massakre



Impeach Obama! Do It Now! | Veterans Today – Still Obama for riksrett 

By Stephen Lendman on May 8, 2014 … in Odessa’s Trade Union House indicate that the incumbent authorities have excluded from their political arsenal all …

Fascist Killers | Veterans Today  – Fascistiske drapsmenn

Fascist Killers. By Stephen Lendman on May 11, 2014 …. The May 2 Odessa massacre killed around 300 defenseless city residents. Doing so reflects how far …

Illusory Ceasefire in Ukraine | Veterans Today– Illusjonistisk våpenhvile i Ukraina

Illusory Ceasefire in Ukraine. By Stephen Lendman on October 6, 2014 …. His dirty hands were involved in Odessa’s massacre last May. Hundreds were …
Esedullah og IS – Den tyrkiske terrorstats venstre og høyre hånd

Esedullah and ISIS – left and right hands of the Turkish terror state

Hvordan Goldman Sachs styrer verden, og allikevel får gå fri

How Goldman Sachs Rules the World and Gets Away with It

Kevin Barrett i debatt med en reptil på internasjonalt TV

Debating a reptilian on international TV

21.03.2016 Crisis News

SouthFront: Syria – Iraq battlespace, Mar. 21, 2016

Politibetjenter i Maryland bruker tasere i “ikke-truende” situasjoner

Maryland cops routinely use Tasers in ‘non-threatening’ situations

Det virker som om Sheldon Adelson og Donald Trump sover i samme seng

Sheldon Adelson and Donald Trump Seem to Be Sleeping in the Same Bed

“Vets Black Arm Band Day for PTSD”

Hvorfor Nick Cohen er en jøde, alltid har vært en jøde og du aldri kommer til å bli en jøde

Why Nick Cohen is A Jew, Always Been A Jew. And You Will Never Be a Jew

Amazon sues 1,000 ‘fake reviewers’

Sarkozy: ‘No Place for Turkey in EU, Russia More European’

PUNISH SPEAKS: Explaining Trumpsters

Minimum Wage Comparison, Russia and the World

‘For a Song’: Turks Buying Up Migrants’ Property in Syria

Russia Defense Report: Taking Turkey Down

Tyrkia og Ukraina: De utilpassedes allianse

NEO – Turkey and Ukraine: The Misfits Alliance

Har du blitt en fremmed i eget land?

Have you become a stranger in your own land ?

Hellas starter evakueringen av 6.000 flyktninger fra øyer pr EU-avtale

Greece starts evacuation of 6,000 refugees from islands per EU deal

First Russian submarines

Intifada mot fariseerne

Intifada Against the Pharisees

Den Khazariske mafia, Ted Cruz og Alex Jones i samme båt (av samme ull)

The Khazarian Mafia, Ted Cruz, and Alex Jones Are in Cahoots

Russia Defense Report: Fighting Next Wars

U.S. Veteran Booted From Trump Rally, Told To “Get A Job.” Guess What He Does For A Living…

Uri Avnery – My Terrorist Your Terrorist

This is Wolf Country Now…Painted into the Corner with Nowhere to Go

This is Why Putin is the Most Unpredictable Politician in the World

Report: U.S., Michigan face dire consequences if Soo Locks fail

Iran FM in Turkey to discuss ties, Mideast issues

Survival and Disclosure Among the Fallen

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on March 19, 2016
A reluctant delve into the world beyond the looking glass…lido_1182







Scalia “host” John Poindexter, when asked, said he never heard of The Order of St. Hubertus

Survival and Disclosure Among the Fallen

more Ciblo masks

more Ciblo masks

Donbass og korset – Hvem gjorde det og hvorfor

Donbass on the Cross – Who did it and why

Establishment Empire

SouthFront: Military Situation in Donbass, Mar.18, 2016

Richard Gage: Silversteins bekjennelse om å ha tegnet det World Trade Center FØR 11. sept. er “utrolig!”

Richard Gage: Silverstein’s confession to designing new WTC-7 BEFORE 9/11 “incredible!”

Hvem har skylden for bombingen av bussen i Ankara?

NEO – The Ankara bus bombing…Who do we blame?

Tyrkia og det kurdiske spørsmål

SouthFront: Turkey and Kurdish Question

Intervju: Kerry-Daesh begår folkemord i Irak og Syria

Interview: Kerry-Daesh committing genocide in Iraq, Syria

Hvordan CIAs “Læresetning (belærende)- krigføringsprogram” forandret Den katolske kirke

How the CIA’s Doctrinal Warfare Program Changed the Catholic Church

Military Analysis: Post-Coup Libya

18.03.2016 Crisis News

Hvordan Harry Truman kanskje ville ha sett på Trump

The Flat Earth Society, Franco and Opus Dei

Syria government, opposition reject federal system: de Mistura

Countering Israel’s ‘Firewall’–A Call for the Formation of a New Political Party

Whistleblower At Phoenix VA Continues His Fight To Save Suicidal Veterans

Tidligere egyptisk kulturminster bekymret over at Egypts høye anseelse i den muslimske verden er på tilbaketog

Former Egyptian minister of culture concerned about the high position of Egypt in the Muslim world declining

Iranian Quds Force commander General Soleimani: Iran never embarked on ill-advised escapade against Saudi Arabia

RAG RADIO: Renowned Anarchist Author and Organizer scott crow

Intervju: Russland oppfordrer til etterforskning angående overgrepene mot kurdere i Tyrkia

Interview – Russia urges probe of abuse against Kurds in Turkey

Israelsk propaganda promoterer fortsatt myter om IS

Israeli propaganda outlet still promoting myth of ISIS

SouthFront: Syria – Iraq battlespace, Mar. 17, 2016

Tunisian cooperation with Saudi will activate terrorist elements

Saudiske forskerer forfremmer kvinner til å være «pattedyr»

HoodaThunkIt: Saudi Scientists Promote Women to ‘Mammals’

Israelsk lederskap lider av intellektuell strenghet

Israeli leadership suffers from intellectual rigor

Ny syrisk motstandsgruppe anklager saudisk gruppe til å være koblet til terrorisme

New Syrian opposition group accuses Saudi group of terror links

Eagle One to Wanta – Movie Preview

SouthFront: Despite “Pullout,” Russia Continues War in Syria

Overraskelse, overraskelse: Irakiske tilsynsmenn: 130 milliarder på avveie i våpenavtalen; mistenker betydelig korrupsjon

Surprise, Surprise: Iraq auditors: $130b missing from arms deals; massive corruption suspected


Erdogan’s Conundrum: What Could Trigger Military Coup in Turkey

CIA ignorerte fremveksten av IS helt tilbake til 2013, sier syrisk motstandsmann og spionsjef

CIA ignored rise of ISIS since 2013, Syrian rebel ‘spy chief’ says

Tory-kutt i budsjettet kan ta livet av trygdemottakere, antyder Oxford-studie

Tory cuts may be killing pensioners, Oxford study suggests

Latvias Waffen-SS -veteraner marsjerer side om side med lovgivere fra den ytre høyreside

Latvia’s Waffen-SS veterans march alongside far-right lawmakers (VIDEO)

Når kommer Saudi-Arabias anti-terror -koalisjon egentlig til å begynne kampen mot terrorisme?

When Will Saudi Arabia’s Anti-Terror Coalition Actually Fight Terrorism?

NEO – Putin Pulling Troops out on Eve of Geneva Talks

Slik får man slutt på hjemløshet uten at det koster skattebetalerne et rødt øre

Eliminating Homelessness at no Cost to the Tax Payer


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