Erik Prince, the chairman of the American Black Water company, also known as paid killers, visited Turkey under media silence.

Blackwater på Tyrkia-tur – Erik Prince, formann i det amerikanske Black Water -firmaet, også kjent som “betalte drapsmenn”, besøkte Tyrkia og nyhetsmediene var helt tause.

Blackwater head trips to Turkey

Erik Prince






Saturn’s Moons and Rings Could Be Cosmic Toddlers – Saturns måner og ringer kan være kosmiske smårollinger

Kong Abdullah: Erdogans agenda er europeisk terrorisme

King Abdullah: Erdogan’s Agenda is European Terrorism

Israel-støttespillere skriker og uler på grunn av FNs Spesialrapportør (utsending) -utnevnelse

Israel Supporters Screech and Howl Over UN Special Rapporteur Appointment

Talk Nation Radio: Paul Engler on THIS IS AN UPRISING

Breaking: What’s Left of Palmyra (latest video)

Neokon-krigslobby i USA og EU snur ryggen til Erdogan

Neocon War Lobby in US and EU Turns on Erdogan


Guardian: New photos of Oregon wildlife refuge reveal damage done by Bundy standoff

Guardian: Isis second in command killed in US raid in Syria, Pentagon says

Erdogan til Belgia: “Gå og gnu dere, vi kommer til å gjøre det igjen!”

Breaking/Exclusive: Erdogan to Belgium, “Screw you, we will do it again!”

Egyptisk elite forsvarer den opprinnelige egyptisk religiøsitet og sivilisasjon og kritiserer Al-Azhars Wahhabi-trend

Egyptian elite defends Egyptian religious authenticity and civilization and criticizes Wahhabi trends of Al-Azhar

Le Prix de Brigadier

SouthFront: Syria battlespace, Mar. 25, 2016

25.03.2016 Crisis News

Er Belgium et ynglested for terrorisme i Europa?

SouthFront: Is Belgium a Terrorism Hotbed in Europe?

Tidligere irakisk tolk for den amerikanske hær søker tilflukt i Hellas etter å ha blitt nektet opphold i USA

Ex-US Army Iraqi interpreter seeks refuge in Greece after US rejected entry

Vladimir Putin til NVO-agenter og satanister: Assad er ikke til salgs!

Vladimir Putin to New World Order Agents and Satanists: Assad Is Not For Sale!

“If Kerry thinks that he could bribe me in accepting the New World Order ideology in Syria, he’s got another thing

By Jonas E. Alexis on March 24, 2016

"If Kerry thinks that he could bribe me in accepting the New World Order ideology in Syria, he's got another thing coming."

Whether New World Order agents and Satanists like it or not, the Israeli regime is an enemy of the free world. If anyone doubts this again, then Syria should be a case study, where 88.7 percent of the Syrian population supported Assad.

As Jim W. Dean would have put it, you can’t make this stuff up. John Kerry has recently met with Vladimir Putin to talk about the situation in Syria. Kerry, a New World Order agent, has obviously conceded defeat. But he doesn’t want to give up that easily. He wants to try, and try, and try, perhaps until his last breath. He thinks that he can woo Vladimir Putin to accept the New World Order ideology in Syria. Kerry said:

Russia will have to speak itself as to what it is going to choose to do in order to help Mr Assad make the right decisions, but we agreed today that we will accelerate the effort to try to move the political process forward.”

What are the “right decisions”? Well, Kerry still envisions Syria without Assad! As one U.S. official said:

Les resten:


Vladimir Putin to New World Order Agents and Satanists: Assad Is Not For Sale!

RAG RADIO: ‘Living on the Hyphen’: The Asian-American Experience

Faces of Recovery: Veterans with PTSD

Eks-DIA general Flynn gir politisk korrekthet og svakt lederskap skylden for EU-terror

Ex-DIA Gen. Flynn blames EU terror on political correctness and poor leadership

Israeli Counter-Terrorism expert warns EU to take more aggressive stance

Krim og Donbass – En historie om to byer



“Much like the poor French peasants who suffered under the brutality of their revolution which would turn on itself before the long struggle was over, the present day Ukrainian people suffer from the unanticipated failure of their Western puppet government.

Ukraine Neo-Nazis

On this second anniversary the Crimean people are happy not to be Donbass. The people there who have signed the Minsk2 peace agreement with Kiev are still being shelled and threatened with a summer military campaign.”

Les resten:

NEO – Crimea and Donbass – A Tale of Two CitiesThe facist element of the Kiev coup has been virtually ignore by Western media because the NeoNazis are their allies

The fascist element of the Kiev coup has been virtually ignored by Western governments and media because the NeoNazis are their allies

Fascist-elementet av Kiev-kuppet har praktisk talt blitt ignorert av vestlige regjeringer og media takket være ny-nazistene og deres allierte.

The Veteran Next Door: Hidden Children

The Veteran Next Door: Easter At War

Nazister, “Lobbien” og Trump: Mobbet til randen…

Nazis, “the Lobby,” and Trump: Mobbed up to the hilt…

Fukushimas mørke hemmelighet: Keshe Tech

Fukushima’s Dark Secret: Keshe Tech

“Hjernen” bak Brüssel tatt til fange av syriske kurdere, som impliserer at Erdogan stod bak

Breaking, Exclusive: Brussels “Mastermind” Captured by Syrian Kurds, Implicates Erdogan

Hvorfor henger ikke amerikanske flagg på halv stang hver dag?

Why Aren’t American Flags Flying at Half-Staff Every Day?

Flesh, Blood & Virus: 19 Strands of Ancient Viral DNA Discovered in Humans

Prinsen av Blackwater, GOPs (Det republikanske partis) private hær under etterforskning av DOJ

‘Rogue chairman’ Erik Prince is reportedly under federal investigation.

How do you think ISIS got to Algeria and Libya?  

Erik Prince, the notorious former chief of the mercenary company Blackwater, is facing possible charges in the US for selling military services to Libya and money laundering, according to an exclusive story in The Intercept.

Les resten:

Prince of Blackwater, GOP Private Merc’s Under Investigation by DOJlido_1223














Eksplosiv avsløring! Orginalkopi av Trumps tale til AIPAC

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

As everyone knows, Donald Trump occasionally suffers from a tendency to blurt out unspeakable truths. That was what he was planning to do in his AIPAC speech. But his political handlers demurred and revised the speech, as shown by the corrected draft below, which was leaked to Veterans Today by a source close to the Trump campaign. Deleted passages are crossed out; corrections are in boldface.

Bombshell revelation! Original draft of Trump’s speech to AIPACsuper-zionist-trump








SouthFront: Conflict in Donbass, Mar. 24, 2016

Kontrollert kaos som et redskap for geopolitisk kamp

Controlled chaos as a tool of geopolitical struggle

84% of donations never reach veterans – 84% av veldedighetsgaver kommer aldri fram til amerikanske veteraner

VFW Busted for Charity Fraud

RT-dokumentar avslører finansielle ledetråder (spor) til Tyrkia-Daesh -oljehandel

RT Documentary Reveals Financial Tracks of Turkey-Daesh Oil Trade

Bernie Sanders’ Lackluster Speech on Middle East Issues

En jødisk forfatter innrømmer: Vi israelere lever i skyggen av et apartheidregime

ronitIn an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde, Ronit Matalon the Israeli writer said Israeli citizens live in the shadow of apartheid rule.




A Jewish writer admits: We Israelis live in the shadow of an apartheid regime

Aserbajdsjanske sikkerhetsmyndigheters rolle i å rekruttere IS-styrker

The role of the ministry of national security of Azerbaijan in recruiting forces for Isis

Sannhetsjihad: Hvorfor anklager sionister sine ofre for det de gjør selv?

TRUTH JIHAD: Why do Zionists accuse their victims of what they themselves are doing?

Økende kritikk mot Netanyahu

Increasing criticisms of Netanyahu

Mossads skjulte hender i Aserbajdsjan og Nord-Kaukakus

An Azerbaijani news website revealed that Eldar Mahmoudov, the former head of Azerbaijan’s ministry of national security has supported Wahhabi movements an formed the extremist group Sukma, as ordered by Mossad.

Mossad’s Hidden Hands in Azerbaijan and North Caucasuseldar









Belgia innrømmer “årtier av neglisjering” i kampen mot terror

Belgium acknowledges ‘decades of neglect’ in anti-terror fight

Jim and Gordie, the Middle East Battlefield Tour March 27, 2016

Homofile, neokoner og islamofobi

By Gilad Atzmon on March 27, 2016

Were Muslims in Syria or Iraq blowing things up before they faced the lethal reality of Zionised imperialism


Yiannopoulos is actually accusing the Muslims of failing to be Jews.  Jewish politics is exceptionally effective in forming and controlling the dissent to Jewish politics.  By doing so, Jewish political institutions take care of the dissent to different problematic cultural elements associated with Jews, Jewish politics and Jewish culture.  Muslims do not play the controlled opposition game. Muslims are largely impervious to ID politics.  Unlike Yiannopoulos who speaks ‘as a Gay,’ Muslims rarely speak ‘as Muslims’ because Islam is not a system of identification, it is a matter of belief.  Those who believe in Allah ‘are’ Muslims; they have no reason to identify ‘as’ Muslims. Believers see no reason to take responsibility for the actions of other believers.  Similarly, my friend Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, sees no need ‘as a Jew’ to apologise for Israel’s actions. For him, Israel has nothing to do with his Judaism or his Judaic values.*

Gay, Neocon and Islamophobe

Sibel Edmonds og Kevin Barrett diskuterer Brüssel og Gladio B på BUZZSAW

Sibel Edmonds and Kevin Barrett discuss Brussels, Gladio B on BUZZSAW

Hillary spikrer fast Amerika til det israelske kors på AIPAC

Hillary nails America to the Israeli cross at AIPAC

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on March 27, 2016

American leaders needed to show loyalty to Israel, and “anyone who doesn’t understand that has no business being our president”

A strange way to serve one's country

A strange way to serve one’s country


They would say that the public’s awareness of Israeli espionage would destroy public trust in government to such a degree as to be in itself a threat to our national security, which is of course is just a cheap cover, and bull pucky.

They want to hide that our own security people have been criminally negligent in not providing the citizens with critical information to fix an ongoing National Security threat.

Hillary nails America to the Israeli cross at AIPAC

En sammenlikning av jødisk oppførsel… for 2000 år siden og i dag

A Comparison of Jewish Behavior – 2,000 Years Ago and Today

By Richard Edmondson on March 27, 2016

A Common Pattern Through History














Two thousand years ago a mob of Jews stood on a paved walkway outside of Pilate’s residence in Jerusalem and screamed for Jesus’ crucifixion.

This past week, a group of Israeli soldiers and medics stood about a dying Palestinian man lying prone upon a street, offering him no medical assistance–just as one of the soldiers stepped forward and pumped a bullet into the man’s head.


A Comparison of Jewish Behavior…2,000 Years Ago and Today

VT Interviews Remembrance Inc. Head, Nick Haupricht, on Vet Fraud

Erdogan og IS er fortsatt konsentriske sirkler

Erdogan and ISIS Are Still Concentric Circles

By Jonas E. Alexis on March 27, 2016

As the saying goes, if something looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, smells like a duck, flies like a duck, do we call it a jackass?erdogan-isis-allied


…by Jonas E. Alexis

 Gordon Duff has done it again. In his recent piece, he has methodically traced the Brussels terrorist attack to Erdogan’s gangs, namely, ISIS. Jim W. Dean has said almost the same thing, arguing indirectly that talking about ISIS without Erdogan’s covert operation is like talking about King Kong without the colossal gorilla.  

In other words, the West is pretentiously fighting against ISIS, but no one is fighting against Erdogan, who is actually an ISIS collaborator and apologist par excellence.[1] In response to criticism which went viral in 2014, Erdogan said:

“Isis elements are mixed in with civilians, so such an operation [drone strikes against them] might cause serious casualties.”[2]

Les resten:

Erdogan and ISIS Are Still Concentric Circles

The U.S. Nuclear Deterrent Triad. Can the U.S. Afford to Modernize it?

Footprints of Evil (Updated)– Ondskapens fotspor

Russia May Use Nukes in Syria

Tyrkia inntar forsvarsstilling og klandrer EU for mate terrorister inn i Midtøsten

Turkey on Defense – Blaming EU for feeding terrorists into Mideast

Aserbajdsjanske oljepenger sløst vekk av myndighetene

Azerbaijani oil money squandered by authorities

Ekstremistiske salafister har innflytelse på algerisk regjering

By GPD on March 26, 2016

President Abdelaziz Bouteflika looks on during a swearing-in ceremony in Algiers April 28, 2014. Bouteflika was sworn in for a fourth term on Monday after easily winning an election opponents dismissed as fraudulent to re-appoint the ailing independence veteran after 15 years in power. REUTERS/Ramzi Boudina (ALGERIA - Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)In an article referring to the takfiri groups’ vast preparations to enter the Islamic countries in northern Africa, the Khobar Algerian newspaper announced the risk of extremist salafis influence on the cabinet and the sovereignty refraining to use force in dealing with any extremism.According to the Nile Net Online website, repeating the threat of Wahhabi leader in Algeria, Sheikh Hamdash having asserted: If it was up to me, I would open the Isis embassy in Algeria this article links the Black Decade’s events in Algeria to spreading Wahhabism.

Les resten:

Extremist Salafis influence Algerian government

Blodige spor fra Paris til Brüssel. Samme israelske propagandateam involvert i begge angrep?

By Kevin Barrett on March 26, 2016

Same Israeli propaganda team involved in both attacks?

Did the perpetrators smear a blood heart on the floor of the Bataclan as a sign pointing to their next target: The Brussels airport?

Did the perpetrators smear a blood heart on the floor of the Bataclan as a sign pointing to their next target: The Brussels airport?

Bloody tracks from Paris to Brussels


Russia Defense Report: The MiGs Return

Fukushima – 10 Million Tons Of Radioactive Waste

Interim Radioactive Soil Storage Not Until 2020

Tuna Poachers Reap Big Profits

100% Baby Seal DEATH RATE On CA Coast – Radiation

Cemetery Full Of Dead Babies With No Brains Near Hanford

Burning Radioactive Waste Begins At Fukushima

Fukushima Winery Ready To Ship First Vintage

Nuclear Power Plants Poison Drinking Water

The High Stakes Game Of Nuclear Chicken

Map Of Aging US Nuclear Reactors

Fiorina Given $500,000 By Cruz Super Pac – Incredible

What Every Voter Needs To Know About Cruz

Heidi Cruz Is A New World Order Globalist

Cruz Says He ‘Copulates’ With Rats – A Freudian Slip?

Sanders Blasts $350k Dinner w/Clooneys As ‘Obscene’

Hillary Embraced Some Of The Most Brutal Dictators

Roberts – US Crime Family Advances On White House

N Korea Threatens US With Nuclear Attack In Video

Syrian Army Crushes ISIS, Driving Them From Palmyra

Roberts – Does The United States Still Exist?

Brussels Attacks – What is True, What is Fake?

Living Near The Worst Gas Leak In US History

Vaksinefilmen De Niro ikke vil la sitt publikum se

Vaccine Film De Niro Won’t Let His Audience See

35 Chocolate Cos Tested High For Lead & Cadmium

Why Do Most MDs Blindly Recommend Vaccinations?

The best foods for brain health


Father Of Modern Mind Control For Ruling Elite

5 Pieces Of Monsanto History We’re Not To Think About

GeoEngineering And The Nuclear Connection

Flyktningekrisen: Bruk av kaos for å få større makt

‘Refugee’ Crisis – Using Chaos To Build Power

Suicidal Sweden… Sverige på selvmordets rand

State Dept Slams Pentagon Militarization Of Foreign Policy

USDA OKs Monsanto Herbicide-Resistant GMO Corn w/o Permits

USDA godkjenner Monsanto-ugressmiddel, motstandsdyktig genmodifisert mat -korn

enda forskere har funnet sammenheng mellom dette og autisme og Alzheimers:

Preston James Ph.D.

Roundup Linked to Autism and Alzheimer’s | Veterans Today

11. jan. 2015 – Seneff isn’t the first researcher to link autism with a derangement in gut … Most of the GMO crops produced by Monsanto are “Roundup ready” …


Corporate Food, will it make you fat and sick? | Veterans …

6. sep. 2015 – By Preston James, Ph.D on September 6, 2015 … It has been alleged that some GMO varieties have been gene-spliced to be able to actually …

MS Twitter Robot – Racist, Homophobe, Nazi, Psychopath

UK Denies UN Finding It’s Unlawfully Holding Assange

Scholar Backs Farrakhan On 9-11

Chinese Bought 1/3 Of ALL Vancouver Homes Sold In 2015

Lendman – USA vil ha Syria kolonisert til å bli en vassalstat

Lendman – US Wants Syria Colonized As A Vassal State

IDF Psychopath Jew Executes Injured Palestinian

Why The Banksters Need To Beat Russia

The World Is Sunk By Central Banker Conceit

7 år gammel tysk jente voldtatt – 5 muslimer under etterforskning

7 yr Old German Girl Raped – 5 Muslims Investigated

America Is Under Israeli Occupation – Amerika er under israelsk okkupasjon

Purim – A Festival Of Hate – Purim – En hatets festival

Israelis Gloat Over Brussels Attacks – Israel koser seg over Brüssel-angrepet

US ‘Aid’ To Israel Is Illegal – USA -“hjelp” til Israel er ulovlig

Obama ber Argentina glemme USA-støttet blodbad

Obama Tells Argentina To Forget US-Backed Bloodbath

Globalist Cancer Returning To Argentina & Brazil – Globalistkreft returnerer til Argentina og Brazil

Angry Protests Erupt As Obama Visits Argentina

Obama – Drones & Bombs Don’t Kill, People Kill

Massivt Pentagon -droneangrep tar livet av over 200 mennesker

Pentagon’s Massive Drone Strikes Kill Over 200 People

Det Zio-bolsjevistiske University of California fordømmer anti-semittisme og antisionisme

Zio-Bolshevik U of CA Ties Anti-Semitism & Anti-Zionism

Er “Media” bare et annet ord for kontroll?

Is ‘Media’ Just Another Word For Control? – Pilger

Statsterrorimens pisk

The Scourge Of State Terrorism

The New Dumbness – John Taylor Gatto

The Lies They Tell Us – Brussels & The US Election

USA fortsetter med tortur, mens offentligheten forblir taus

US Continues Torture As US Public Remains Silent

Ex Nixon Aide – War On Drugs Big Lie, Never About Drugs

Om klandringen av romerne for korsfestelsen av Kristus…

Blaming The Romans For Crucifixion Of Christ

5 Most Pervasive Poisons FDA Has Approved

Sosial ingeniørkunst via GOP-propagandarace

Social Engineering Via Propaganda Of The GOP Race

Mannlige ulovlige innvandrere rapporteres å strømme over USA-Mexico -grensen

MALE Illegals Said Pouring Over The US-Mex Border

Goldman Sachs bomber verden med kjernefysiske våpen

Goldman Sachs Nukes The Earth

Sandinistas kontra Monsanto

Sandinistas Vs Monsanto

AIPAC ‘Deeply Sorry’ Obama ‘Disrespected’ By Trump

Hillary’s Arizona Election Fraud Masterpiece

Clinton Email – Assad Must Be Ousted For Israel

10 Very Bad Things About Kasich We Need To Know

Obamas demagogeri på Cuba

Obama Demagoguery in Cuba

Jeff & David Duke – Zionists Want Trump Gone

Clinton Emails – Destroy Syria, Target Iran, Threaten Assad

How US Schools Discipline Students

Proof Of Big Pharma Sways Doctors Prescriptions

How Texaco Supported Fascism

High Blood Pressure Diet

Soros-Obama-Merkel-Erdogan Win Control Of EU

Only One Way To Stop Climate Engineering

MD Cops Routinely Use Tasers In ‘Non-Threatening’ Matters

TTIP – Juksefrihet nærmer seg mer og mer åpent slaveri

TTIP – Fake Freedom Moves Closer To Open Slavery

How Obama, Republicans Intend To Pass TPP Into Law

Currency Debasement & Death Of Roman Emperors

Gruppetenkning i regjeringens tjeneste

Groupthink In Service Of Government

Transgender’ Conditioning is ‘Child Abuse’

Britisk politi ignorerer kontroversiell gruppe i registeret over pedofili

Pedo Register Of Controversial Group Ignored By UK Cops

The Man J. Edgar Hoover Blamed For Pearl Harbor

General Mills To Label GMOs In US Products

Did Valerie Jarrett Order The Hit On LaVoy Finicum?

Is The IRS Ready For A ‘Tax War On Poverty’?

Over 50% In US Favor Recreational Marijuana

NASA Plans For Deep Space Propulsion

US Nuke Missile Base Personnel Suspended For Drugs

Iatrogenesis, E. coli, Scopes & Aspartame – Part 2

Iatrogenesis, E. coli, Scopes & Aspartame – Part 1

Medical Scope Risk Far Worse Than Admitted

The Higher Magnesium Level, Healthier Our Arteries

Den siste utgaven av monopol kalles det ultimat (“endelige”) bankvesen og er helt fri for kontanter

Latest Version Of Monopoly Completely Cashless

Did Lincoln Have A Genetic Mutation?

SE – Dere kan ikke stole på NOE dere ser i MSM!

WATCH – You Can’t Trust ANYTHING You See In MSM!

Paul Craig Roberts – Demokratiet har vanskelig for å komme seg igjen etter å ha blitt forrådt

Roberts – Democracy Struggles To Recover From Betrayal

Cruz – DC Dictatorship’s Latest Manchurian Candidate

Leader Who Shut Down Rd To Trump Rally Is ‘Soros Fellow’

UK Police End VIP Child Abuse Investigation – No Arrests

2 Ships Arrive In Japan To Carry Plutonium To US

Å faste i to uker kan reversere type 2 diabetes

Dieting Eight Weeks Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

UK Soldiers Share Pics, Mold & Maggots In Army Food


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