Tredje verdenskrig, hvordan kom vi oss dit?

World War 3: How did we get here?

Why do they call them “Goyim?” Because the Northern Tribes followed the Elohist text, Genesis 1

Gordon Duff at Monsegur, Pyrenees, France

Editor’s note:  As Katherine is writing about Montsegur (Monsegur), a place I visit from time to time, a long drive south from Carcassonne and a nasty climb, I thought I would include a couple of photos…taken in unpleasant weather.

by Katherine Frisk:

In the last week a certain Bentzi Gophstein condoned the burning of Christian Churches, which I wrote about in:

Burning Churches. Here comes Messiah David.

Gilad Atzmon also wrote about this incident at Veterans Today:

Burning Churches Is Legitimate Under Jewish Law

In the comments section of his article I wrote:

a) Maimonides ( 1135-1204) has a lot in common with the Vatican who also took a policy of burning “Christians” at the stake who did not bow down to the authority of the Vatican. Both adopted the same policies.

Les resten:

Damaskus, Antikrist og Harmageddon

Damascus, the Anti-Christ and Armageddon | Veterans Today

Katherine Frisk:

En historie om to kongedømmer – Israel og Juda

A Tale Of Two Kingdoms – Israel and Judea | Veterans Today

Preston James Ph.D. forklarer helt enkelt hva det er som egentlig foregår:

The Khazarian Mafia (Part II) Updated

By Preston James, Ph.D on April 25, 2015

by  Preston James and Mike Harris

The Khazarian Mafia (KM) is a worldwide Organized Crime Syndicate that has deeply infiltrated and hijacked the political institutions of the United States of America.

Les resten:

Live in peace or go back to Khazaria


By Preston James, Ph.D on January 17, 2016  

We know that the Khazarian Mafia (KM) is now a sinking ship.

Big Squeeze now on Khazarian Mafia | Veterans Today

Gardinen trekkes nå til sides for å helt avsløre den khazariske mafias onde plan om å infiltrere og tyrannisere hele verden or utradere alle abrahamittiske religigioner og kun tillate deres onde babylonske talmudisme også kjent som luciferisme, satanisme og eldgammel Baal-tilbedelse.

Den skjulte historie om den ufattelig onde khazariske mafia (oppdatert)

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia (Updated)

By Preston James, Ph.D on March 8, 2015

The curtain is now being pulled back to fully expose the Khazarian Mafia and it’s evil plan to infiltrate, tyrannize the whole World and eradicate all Abrahamic Religions and allow only their Babylonian Talmudism also known as Luciferianism, Satanism or ancient Baal worship.


Den Flate Jords Samfunn, Franco og Opus Dei

Utdrag av Katherine Frisks nyttige artikkel:

As of 17th March 2016, this title sells for $2,411.01 new.

When I bought it in 1991 it cost me  about $10.95 new. This book is still one of my treasures, and I still bless that book buyer! “Dictionary Of Proper Names And Places In The Bible.” O. Odelain and R.Seguineau.

Why was this so important? Because in Biblical times, much like Africa still is today, and the Native Americans still are, people were given names that meant something, that were relevant to either the place where they were born, being a geographical identity or to their character. And often they changed their names as circumstances changed.[1]

Sort of like the term “Jew” is now, an all-encompassing word that hides a multitude of sins and historical facts. A word derived from one specific area called Judea. Not all Jews are Judean or Zionists, not all Zionists or Judeans are Jews. Not all Hebrews are Jews. Not all Jews are Hebrews. Only the Zionists have Ashken-NAZI Khazars in their ranks who believe that the Babylonian Talmud takes precedence above the Torah or the earlier Palestinian Talmud.

The Flat Earth Society, Franco and Opus Dei

For de som ønsker enda mer bakgrunnsinfo, så har Texe Marrs satt seg grundig inn i sakene:

Jesus tok kongedømmet fra jødene

Jesus Took the Kingdom From the Jews

Slangetilbederfolket (Talmuds slangegud) vender tilbake til Ukraina

The Serpent People Return to Ukraine 

Jesus profeterte om slutten på nasjonen Israel

Jesus Prophesied the End of the Nation of Israel

“Jøder” er ikke etterkommere av Abraham

“Jews” Are Not Descendants of Abraham 

Den kommende økonomiske 2016- krise

Jeff Rense & John Truman Wolfe – The Coming 2016 Financial Crisis

 John Kerry i Bahrain – Ignorerer forferdelige overgrep mot menneskerettighetene

Kerry In Bahrain – Ignores Horrific HR Abuses

DARPA ønsker EEG-avleser i hvert USA-klasserom

DARPA Wants EEG Brain Readers In Every US Classroom!

 USA, Storbritannia og Tyrkias spesialstyrker bistår IS i Syria

US, UK, Turkey Special Forces Aiding ISIS In Syria

USAs spesialstyrker i USAs fordekte dronekrig i Jemen

UK Special Forces In US Covert Drone War In Yemen

Lovgivere ber Obama slutte å sende militærhjelp til Azebajdsjan

Lawmakers Ask Obama To Stop Military Aid To Azerbaijan

NASA innrømmer å gi oss doser med luftbåren litium og andre kjemikalier

NASA Confesses Dosing Us With Lithium, Other Chemicals

Veterans Today:

Countering the British Government’s Propaganda on the EU Referendum

Erdogans diktatur fortsetter

Erdogan’s dictatorship continues


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