TV On ‘Catastrophic’ Leak At Hanford

US Playing A Dangerous Game With Nuclear Waste

Dumping Tritium From Fukushima Into Pacific

Fukushima Nuke Plant Hit With 5.8 Quake

Radiation Wiping Out Bluefin Tuna

Hanford 3,500 Gal Radioactive Waste Leak ‘Catastrophic’

US Denies Pay To Nuclear Weapons Workers With Cancer

Indian Pt Causing Massive Spike In Thyroid Cancer

 Meet Hillary’s # 1 Campaign Donor, Israeli Billionaire Haim Saban

SouthFront: Military Situation in Donbass, April 22, 2016

 Military Situation in Donbass, April 22, 2016

Russian military in Syria fired at Israeli air force aircraft twice, report claims

Turkey-EU showdown imminent on April 30 visa demand deadline

3 charged with crimes related to Flint water crisis, including evidence tampering

Hillary Clinton’s Policies Tied to Passover

Aims students to focus on veterans

Prince: Dead at 57

Egyptian fury on social media: Egypt is not for sale!

Egyptian Foreign Ministry: The Golan Heights is an Arabic and Syrian territory

Obama will pay a visit to Saudi Arabia, vying to help Israel obtain Tiran and Sanafir Islands

SouthFront: Syria battlespace, April 21, 2016

RAG RADIO: Our Classic Interview with Bernie Sanders Plus Blues Singer Leeann Atherton Live

Russia accuses Turkey of creeping expansion against Kurds in Syria

Carter: next phase of war focused on Mosul and coordinated with Kurdish leaders

Turkey Army Kills 8 Syrian Women, Children: The Times

ISIS, Al-Nusra Militants Equipped with Advanced Arms, Weapons: Syria FM

Netanyahu names red lines of Israel’s security at meeting with Putin

TRUTH JIHAD: Ole Dammegard on Brussels false flag; Israel Shamir on the blessed bigotry of Mr. Trump

Russian diplomat: Armed standoff in Syria growing, especially north, south of Aleppo

What’s Israel’s Role in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict?

Harop After Launch

With the decades-long Azeri-Armenian conflict over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region burning out of control for four intense, blood-soaked days at the beginning of this month, questions have emerged over the secretive role played by Israel in the conflict.

Late last week, commenting on the recent escalation of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, former Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman blamed Armenia for provoking four days of clashes which left over a hundred dead and dozens wounded.

Azerbaijan, Lieberman said, had “no reasons for escalating the conflict,” despite extensive reports confirming that Azerbaijan was the party that launched offensive operations to regain control of territory in the Armenia-backed Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

Les resten:

What’s Israel’s Role in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict?


Uber Evil Temple Of Ba’al Arch Replica In London

The Brussels Terror Attacks – Fake Videos & Images

Muslim Roadblocks In Greece – Telling Europeans To ‘Leave’

Reporters w/o Borders Grim View Of World Media

47% In US Don’t Even Have $400 For An ER Visit

Depleted uranium used by NATO during bombing of Serbia takes its toll

NATO Bombing Of Serbia Caused Cancer Increase

A Simple Request Got Me Pentagon Blacklisted

Andrew Jackson Removed From $20 Bills

Mega Superstar ‘Prince’ Dies At 57

Prince Talks About Illuminati And Chemtrails

Mind Control – Roadside Ads Change According To Car

Women, Kids Fleeing Syria Murdered By Turk Guards

Takfirene dreper alle kvinner og jenter som ikke vil være deres sexslavar (gå med på “midlertidige ekteskap”), og i mange tilfeller også deres familier

ISIS Kills Over 200 Women In Mosul 

“Takfiri»-kulturens jødiske røtter

Pentagon Spends Millions Supporting Kurdish Fighters

Invented Threats Boost US Military Spending

Obama, Saudi King Discuss Assad Removal In Syria

US Ups Support For Saudi War Crimes

Obama Selling Cluster Bombs To Saudes To Kill Yemenis

WSJ runs massive ad denying Armenian genocide

Murdoch and Israel clearly aligned with moves against Armenia, Crimea and the Caucuses, aligned with ISIS of course

© ANCA The Wall Street Journal ran a full-page ad on Wednesday containing links to a Turkish project that denies the Armenian genocide – the 1915 massacre of 1.5 million people by Ottoman Turks. The newspaper says it accepts ads with “provocative viewpoints.”

The ad features the words “Truth=Peace” printed in large letters and shows a hand colored like the Turkish flag holding up a peace sign, while two other hands colored like the Russian and Armenian flags have their fingers crossed.

Les resten:

WSJ runs massive ad denying Armenian genocide

Mohammad Bin Salman met Benjamin Netanyahu in Jordan

Military Will Respond To Intimidation – Russia NATO Envoy

Why Do Neo–Cold Warriors Want Another Fight w/Russia?

We fund terrorists, if those terrorists serve our purposes’ – retired US Lt. Col.

German Internet Users Declare War On Merkel

French Doubt Govt, Media On Migrant Crime Level

Military Will Respond To Intimidation – Russia NATO Envoy


How to Stop This Election Madness in Exactly 61 Days.

How to Stop This Election Madness in Exactly 61 Days.

Indeed. These are desperate times for the American voter. Desperate times call for desperate measures. You, the American voter have, it would appear, only a Hobson’s choice of one of three fatally flawed presidential candidates.





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