1. mai, 2016

 EU military police carry out ‘extremely WORRYING’ civil unrest crisis training

Preston James:

How the Establishment Hierarchy protects itself

WAKE UP – N America In MORTAL DANGER From Fukushima

The Great Fukushima Ice Wall Is Leaking

The Chernobyl ‘Suicide Squad’

Belgium To Give All Residents Antiradiation Pills

30 Ys After Chernobyl, Milk Has Banned Strontium 90

Dead Animals Litter CA Beaches – Pacific Death Knell

Who Will Prevent The Next Chernobyl?

Chernobyl’s Haunting Ruins In 360 Degree Photos

Chernobyl, Fukushima Meltdowns BAD Effects On Wildlife

Revisiting Chernobyl

Putin – Chernobyl A Serious Lesson To Mankind

Christopher Busby – The Real Legacy Of Chernobyl

Computer Virus Discovered In German Nuke Plant

Ruined Chernobyl NPP To Be A Threat For 3,000 Yrs

Jeff & Jay Weidner – Repressed Technologies & ET Reality

Clear, Obvious Dome-Shaped Base Found On Mars

Oklahoma Says Drunk Girls Can’t Get Raped

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