•Breaking, Busted: CIA’s New “bin Laden” Setting Up Libya Terror State, m.m.

Breaking, Busted: CIA’s New “bin Laden” Setting Up Libya Terror State

SouthFront: Syria battlespace, May 6, 2016

Russian jets destroy over 29,000 terrorist targets in Syria over 7 months

Tense Pakistan-Bangladesh Relations

Evidence hints Al-Nusra Front behind Aleppo refugee camp attack, no signs of airstrike – Russian MOD

Turkey Opens Secret Border-Crossing to Dispatch more Arms, Recruits to Terrorists in Syria

BREAKTHROUGH! Left Forum will investigate Deep State, false flags this year

The war in Ukraine is far from over

Syrian Army battles Al-Nusra terrorists in strategic Latakia hilltops -DRONE FOOTAGE

Russia Defense Report: AK-12 or AK-74M3?

‘We need fundamental changes’: US doctors call for universal healthcare

Switzerland May Guarantee All Citizens $2,600 Monthly Income

Trump Says UK Better Off Without European Union

US Stealth Destroyer USS Zumwalt Conducts Sea Trials

US, Allies Exaggerate Power of Syrian Opposition

Russia is Politically and Militarily Castrating Erdogan in Syria

Israel will have a non-member representation at NATO headquarters

Russian orchestra performs in Palmyra’s Roman arena

The Ultimate Reality Show – President Donald Trump

Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu announces resignation

An Israeli secret service officer arrested in a hotel in Najaf

Yemen battlespace, May 5, 2016

Paul Craig Roberts:

Roberts – Somnolent Europe, Russia And China

EPA No Longer Testing Milk For Radiation

Scholar – Zionism Is ‘Biggest Problem’, Gets Death Threats

Mentioning The ‘Jewish Lobby’ Is Now ‘Anti-Semitic’

Jewish Neocons Treason – They Support Hillary

NSA Silent On Spies’ Child Porn Problem

The Circles Of American Financial Hell

Your Chewing Gum Is Making You Lab Rat

Toxic Phthalates Are Everywhere


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