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Alan Hart

Europe is following Obama – washing its hands of Palestine and why

By Alan Hart on February 19, 2016

By Alan Hart

My headline is a response to recent comments made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a joint press conference in Berlin with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the decision of the Cameron government in the UK to make boycotting goods from “Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank” by publicly-funded bodies including local councils and universities a criminal offence.

Much to the delight of Netanyahu who has rejected a French initiative to convene a regional conference to try to get a peace process going, Merkel said, “Now is certainly not the time to make really comprehensive progress.”

She added:

Europe is following Obama – washing its hands of Palestine and why

...bet I can make you look like Hitler...

Mer om samme tema:

The UK Government, BDS and the Jews

By Gilad Atzmon on February 19, 2016

BDS has never taken on Jewish power. BDS is in itself a manifestation of Jewish power.


By Gilad Atzmon

The British government has issued new directives aimed at preventing public entities, universities and student unions from boycotting Israeli products. The new rules authorize the British government to take legal action against organizations that impose such boycotts.

The UK Government, BDS and the Jews

R.I.P / Edgar Mitchell – Naval Aviator, Astronaut and Visionary Explorer

På tide å slutte å late som om Saudi-Arabia ikke har atomvåpen

Time to stop pretending Saudi Arabia doesn’t have nuclear weapons

Donald Trump har tydeligvis valgt side angående hvem sin skyld det er at palestinerne har det som de har det:

Trump on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Senators Emphasize Priorities for VA IG Nominee

Gaza, den ubeboelige planet… Jeg ønsker å rømme fra denne galskapen

Gaza, this uninhabitable planet… I want to run away from this madness

Interview – Russia campaign forced West to accept Syria truce

AK Party kill vehicles in the Kurdish region

US Carries Out Strikes in Libya After Uncovering ISIS Attack Plans

Russia to initiate UN Security Council meeting over Turkey’s plans to send troops to northern Syria

UN’s de Mistura blinks on “no preconditions” requirement for talks

SouthFront: Syria battlespace, Feb. 19, 2016

Germany’s Most Wanted: New Data Reveals 2015 Migrant Crime Wave



Jeg håper at Aftenposten, Nettavisen og andre norske ganske så “sosiale” aviser en dag kan skrive om det som Veterans Today har tatt for seg her i disse artiklene. Da kommer de sikkert til å selge bra og få mye etterlengtet oppmerksomhet.


NATO’s Genocidal Rape of Libya

By Stephen Lendman on August 30, 2011

by Stephen Lendman

Continuing NATO atrocities on Libyan civilians gave naked aggression a new name.

Call it what it is: Lawless, Willful, Malevolent Genocidal Gang Rape, the new supreme international crime against peace ongoing at this time.

In times of war, its legal name is Genocide – what NATO planners implemented since last March.

See for yourself. Independently produced images reveal what NATO, venal politicians, their PR manipulators, and media liars suppress or misreport.

NATO’s Genocidal Rape of Libya | Veterans Today 

30. aug. 2011 – Continuing NATO atrocities on Libyan civilians gave naked … of the

International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and Article …


NATO and Rebel Atrocities in Libya

By Stephen Lendman on July 14, 2011

by Stephen Lendman

Previous articles discussed:

  • – NATO’s illegal Libya aggression;
  • – American and Western media in the lead cheerleading it; some reporters, in fact, complicit with NATO forces by supplying target coordinates;
  • – planning it many months (perhaps years) before fighting began last winter;
  • – waging it to conquer, colonize, loot, and balkanize Libya, masquerading as humanitarian intervention;
  • – covertly funding, arming and training mercenary insurgents, including Al Qaeda linked Libya Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) paramilitaries;
  • – establishing an illegitimate Transitional National Council (TNC) government with CIA/British Intelligence (SIS/MI6) links;
  • – terror bombing Libya daily since March 19, using depleted uranium weapons, cluster bombs and perhaps other illegal weapons;
  • – bombing nonmilitary civilian infrastructure, hospitals, schools, heritage sites, a bus with civilians, a hotel, a restaurant, a food storage facility, commercial sites, a university, civilian neighborhoods, fishermen at sea, Gaddafi?s personal compound to kill him and his family, as well as other nonmilitary targets;
  • – collectively punishing Libyans; in government-controlled areas, the ratio of civilian to military deaths is about 10 to one;
  • – blocking shipments of food, fuel and medicine; and
  • – overall laying waste to large areas, what Pentagon-led wars always do, destroying countries to save them, never waging wars for humanitarian reasons or even contemplating the idea.

Les resten av artikkelen:

NATO and Rebel Atrocities in Libya | Veterans Today

Erdogan Gangsters Pull Down NATO’s Pants, Summary by Shane

By GPD on December 16, 2015


by Rand Clifford for Veterans Today

W.C. Fields, legendary juggler, actor, comedian, imbiber…if not tending bar in Heaven since Christmas, 1946, W.C. would surely advise Putin that public exposure of  NATO’s kaleidoscopic criminality is “…fraught with eminent peril.” W.C.’s spirit and wit and linger in cinema, and snifters of wisdom such as:

A rich man is nothing but a poor man with Money” .

In 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) materialized, and set sail for WWIII.

What NATO really is and does is so different than what NATO claims to be, and do…deception so profound, so protected from public awareness that only a hardcore turkey deep inside and drunk on profits from terrorist oil might gobble away enough illusion to expose NATO’s Satanic core.

Les resten:

Erdogan Gangsters Pull Down NATO’s Pants, Summary by …

16. des. 2015 – by Rand Clifford for Veterans Today … Turkey exposing NATO as the world’s

ultimate full-service terrorism factory, customer service center, and terrorism profiteer. … Allied Commander

of NATO during the 1999 War on Yugoslavia. … to justify themselves and their actions and cover up

the crimes of terrorists.

Truth About Serbia – Confession | Veterans Today

12. aug. 2012 – It should be said that the destruction of Yugoslavia was was a … War crimes

and atrocities committed by German soldiers over Serb civilians in city of … for NATO occupation

of Serbian territory for an unlimited period of time, …

Kissinger Outlines New Vision for Russia-US Relations …

4. feb. 2016 – “I do not need to tell you that our relations today are much worse than they …

from the 1999 NATO war in Yugoslavia, to US policy in the Middle East in ….

… by all the atrocities he’s been involved with so he sleeps very soundly.

US on Soviet Union’s Track of Disintegration | Veterans Today

In the recent past, despite the employment of unlimited atrocities by the President Milosevic,

collapse of the former Yugoslavia could not be stopped. … the US and its close NATO ally

Turkey, when on February 10, 2016, …

GOING ROGUE: NATO’s War Crimes in Libya

By Susan Lindauer on June 7, 2011

by Susan Lindauer,

former US Asset covering Libya at the United Nations


It’s a story CNN won’t report. Late at night there’s a pounding on the door in Misurata.

Armed soldiers force young Libyan women out of their beds at gun-point. Hustling the

women and teenagers into trucks, the soldiers rush the women to gang bang parties for

NATO rebels – or else rape them in front of their husbands or fathers. When NATO rebels

finish their rape sport, the soldiers cut the women’s throats.


Rapes are now ongoing acts of war in rebel-held cities, like an organized military strategy,

according to refugees. Joanna Moriarty, who’s part of a global fact-finding delegation visiting

Tripoli this week, also reports that NATO rebels have gone house to house through Misurata,

asking families if they support NATO. If the families say no, they are killed on the spot.  If

families say they want to stay out of the fighting, NATO rebels take a different approach to scare

other families. The doors of “neutral homes” are welded shut, Moriarty says, trapping families

inside. In Libyan homes, windows are typically barred. So when the doors to a family compound

get welded shut, Libyans are entombed in their own houses, where NATO forces can be sure

large families will slowly starve to death.

Les resten:

GOING ROGUE: NATO’s War Crimes in Libya | Veterans …

7. jun. 2011 – When NATO rebels finish their rape sport, the soldiers cut the women’s throats. …

delegation visiting Tripoli this week, also reports that NATO rebels have gone house to …..

It’s a replay of NATO’s brutal attack on Yugoslavia.

Yugoslav Wars: Story of Serbian Genocide Still Remains Untold

By GPD on July 23, 2015

Belgrade bombing by NATO 1999

Ekaterina Blinova


The Russo-Western conflict over Ukraine is a continuation of the geopolitical war against Russia unleashed by the US in Yugoslavia in the 1990s, Dragana Trifkovic told Sputnik, nailing the West for the deliberate demonization of the two nations.

Yugoslav Wars: Story of Serbian Genocide Still Remains Untold

23. jul. 2015 – Because the West was deeply involved in the war in Yugoslavia. … A German

armoured vehicle part of the NATO-led KFOR troops drives past a herd of … However, no one

has been convicted for crimes against Serbs, ethnic …


Our Unprecedented WWII Atrocities | Veterans Today

16. feb. 2015 – During WWII the severity and magnitude of governmental crimes expanded ….

They hate us for our crimes against humanity, of which we have many. …… Russia to respond

to NATO Black Sea force by deploying new weapons …


NATO summit: War or peace? | Veterans Today

1. sep. 2014 – Ukraine – NATO has ruthlessly exploited the situation, and is not finished yet. …

Across the majority of the globe atrocity and horror have been …

By Preston James, Ph.D on January 13, 2016

Is it time to cut the head off the Khazarian Mafia snake that has been parasitizing the World and trying to destroy and enslave Russians for over 1,000 years?

Putin’s Dilemma | Veterans Today

13. jan. 2016 – On the one hand the US Administration along with other NATO nations ….

Israel for its crimes against Palestinians on behalf of the KM, …

 Afghan Govt. is not serious and unwilling about anti-terrorism

8. feb. 2016 – By Masud Wadan, for Veterans Today … This is sort of “let og” of the group’s

atrocities, despite NATO leadership’s declaration steadily boasts …

Obama treachery: War crimes, Syrian atrocities and WWIII …

1. mai 2015 – Obama treachery: War crimes, Syrian atrocities and WWIII …

YouTube – Veterans Today – …. This week, however, he requested that a vote on

the resolution – which ….. of Syria · NATO sends warships to Aegean Sea to combat

migrant trafficking · Oregon standoff ends with last occupier surrendering.

Ankara bomb massacre bears all the hallmarks of a false flag attack

12. okt. 2015 – The background to this latest atrocity …. The NATO operation utilized the fascist

and ultra-nationalist National Action Party and its ….

Deborah Tavares – NASA War Document (Matrix Deciphered)



Deborah Tavares – NASAs War Document – Extinction of Humanity – NASAs krigsdokument – Utslettelse av menneskeheten


Dr. Richard Alan Miller nevner også NASA og bekrefter informasjonen Deborah Tavares kommer med angående temaet.

Jeff Rense & Dr. Richard Alan Miller – Planet 9 & Geopolitical Physics

Clip from January 20, 2016 – guest Dr. Richard Alan Miller on the Jeff Rense Program. Full program available in Archives at http://www.renseradio.com/signup.htm


SouthFront: Syria battlespace, Feb. 16, 2016

Russia submits to UN SC express review of gross violations of UN Charter by US, UK

Russia has presented at the UN Security Council on Monday an “express review” of the most flagrant cases of disregard for international law by the United States and the UK.


[ Editor’s Note:  My, my…this was certainly a change of pace for starting the day with a Yellow Brick Road tour of Western hypocrisy and duplicity, brought to us by countries with very high education expenditures for which the return investment, in terms of protecting some reality as to having real democracies, has been reduced to traveling medicine show status.

Russia submits to UN SC “express review” of gross violations of UN Charter by US, UK



Den Babylonske Talmud er den delen av jødedommen som de fleste ikke aner noe om, det er der “Kosher-sex” (utroskapstillatelse etter ti års ekteskap, homofili og mye annet kommer inn). De fleste forbinder “jødedom” med bare Det gamle testamente, men det er feil. Rabbinere underviser kabbalah, en form for satanisme, hvor også homofili er tillatt, noe de fleste kristne ikke engang aner noe om at jødedommen praktiserer. Det er fordi man blir beskyld for å være antisemittisk hvis man peker på sammenhengen mellom rabbinernes lære om “Det kabbalistiske livstre“; som også rabbiner Shlomo Riskin i The Jerusalem Post har undervist om), og New Age -bevegelsen, som er jødisk.

Om utroskap tillatt innen jødedommen:

Power of Prophecy: A Hole in the Sheet -Mind-Blowing …

A Hole in the Sheet –Mind-Blowing Secrets of Judaism and Kosher Sex: Judaism is proven

to be a perverted religion based on carnality, sexual promiscuity

Virtually every New Age Cult was founded by a Jew, or Jews. In fact, New Age doctrine comes straight out of the pages of the Jewish Kabbalah.

The New Age teaches that the “higher consciousness” person will become as god. It stresses that the entire world will eventually catapult into a higher state of consciousness, and that the serpent will assist in this transformation. How much more Judaic can you be than that?

Les resten:

New Age Movement is Jewish – Power of Prophecy – New Age -bevegelsen er jødisk

In fact, New Age doctrine comes straight out of the pages of the Jewish Kabbalah. – New Age læren kommer rett ut av den jødiske Kabbalas sider. Foto: Bill Clinton med kabbalahåndband

Bill Clinton sporting the red wristband of Kabbalah.

No one has studied the New Age Movement more than Texe Marrs. My earliest discovery was that virtually every New Age cult was founded by a Jew, or Jews. This makes sense because New Age doctrines came straight out of the Jewish Kabbalah.

Study the Kabbalah and you are studying the New Age Movement. No difference what-soever.


Les resten:

New Age Movement is Jewish – Power of Prophecy 

Today, Hillary and Bill Clinton can often be seen wearing their red wristbands, a sure sign of a Kabbalah disciple.

Helena Blavatsky and Albert Pike

No one has studied the New Age Movement more than Texe Marrs. My earliest discovery was that virtually every New Age cult was founded by a Jew, or Jews.


Gay “Marriage” is a Cabalist Ruse – henrymakow.com – Homofilt “ekteskap” er et kabbalistisk kunstgrep

30. mai 2015 – Same-Sex “Marriage” is Kabbalist Black Magic. Using the term “marriage”

to describe gay unions is a brazen attempt to redefine reality by …

After joining the Masonic Jewish B’nai Brith in 1897, Freud’s stillborn career began a meteoric rise.

Psychology Professor David Bakan describes Freudian psychoanalysis as derivative of the Lurianic Kabbalah and the Zohar.  Lurianic Kabbalah is a 2nd century Gnostic formulation which was picked up by Jewish heretic Sabbatai Zevi. [Sigmund Freud and The Jewish Mystical Tradition, (Beacon Press, Boston 1958)]

Les resten:

Freud’s Part in Our Satanic Possession – henrymakow.com – Sigmund Freuds del i vår sataniske besettelse

4. feb. 2013 – This is what satanists do: incest, pedophilia, orgies, homosexuality, …

Influenced by the Kabbalah, Freud taught that God is merely the …


(left, Shlomo Freud, Illuminati agent.) 




Society was brainwashed to believe sexual intercourse was the way to reconnect with God. Thus humanity was inducted into a satanic sex cult.

Les resten:

Cabala – How Sex Became our Religion – henrymakow.com – Hvordan sex ble vår religion



En mann ved navn Le Gall deler sine egne erfaringer på det okkulte område:

Homosexuality & Demonic Possession – henrymakow.com – Homoseksualitet og demonisk besettelse

2. des. 2010 – henrymakow.ca …. figure but upright in the esoteric Jewish Kabbalah : the Tree of Life. …

Related- Makow- Freud’s Part in Our Satanic Possession — Priest says, Promiscuity, Homosexuality

Can Lead to Demonic Possession.


Henry Makow – Homosexuality and Satanic possession


Den egentlige “Pave-krisen”: Seksuelt Frimurer og Den nye verdensorden

The Real “Pope Crisis”: Sexual Freemasonry and the New World Order

By Kevin Barrett on March 13, 2013

by Kevin Barrett


Why did the the Catholic church remove the Expression “the world order” from the transcript of yesterday’s speech by Cardinal Sodomo – I?m sorry, make that Cardinal Sodano?

Robert Moynihan, the very mainstream “Inside the Vatican” correspondent, was so perplexed by this bizarre act of censorship that he spent  637 words analyzing it yesterday. Here is an extract from Moynihan’s “Inside the Vatican Letter #44″:

Anyway, this evening, I was not going to send out a letter, and then, reading the Italian press, I came across an odd little item, which caught my attention.
I am always interested in “little” details like this. As they say, “the devil is in the details.”
Ok, here is the story.

The Real “Pope Crisis”: Sexual Freemasonry and the New …

13. mar. 2013 – by Kevin Barrett. Why did the the Catholic church remove the expression

“the world order” from the transcript of yesterday’s speech by Cardinal …

Jødedom = Frimureri,

bekreftet av rabbiner overfor italiensk avis i Jerusalem :

Frimurerjøder planlegger verdenskontroll (hemmelig sionistisk orden)

Masonic Jews Plot to Control World – Zionist Secret Society …

Målet for jødiske frimurer er å etablere diktatorisk illuminstisk kommunisme

The goal of the Jewish Masonic elite is to establish dictatorial Illuministic Communism

and to enslave all of mankind under the thumb of a Jewish master race led …


Frimureriet og jødedommen tilber de samme egyptiske gudene

Freemasonry and Judaism Worship the Same Egyptian Gods

Texe MarrsFreemasonry and Judaism Worship the Same Egyptian Gods …

the Jews, the Talmud and the Kabbalah, and also those of Freemasonry for more …

#Menneskeofring #Satanisme #Pedofili #Sexslaver #BlackMass #SortMesse #Vatikanet #Demonbesettelse #Freud #Kabbalah #Homofili #Utroskap




Vaskejobb i presidentspirekorridorer, der sikkert også en del av konkurransen er hvem som kan tenke mest og lengst?

Will New World Order Agents Assassinate Swedish Foreign Minister for Questioning Israeli Policy?


Visas for Al-Qaeda: CIA Handouts That Rocked the World

TRUTH JIHAD: Makia Freeman on Islamophobic alternative media

Moscow and Delhi to invest $8 billion in 5th generation fighters

Transitional shelter puts homeless veterans on path to housing

Disclosure: What Fox Mulder Isn’t Telling Us

Battle for Deir Ezzor: Russian Air Force Flies Round the Clock Sorties

Danish Writer: Away with Angela Merkel -The West Needs a Putin

SouthFront: Syria battlespace, Jan. 25, 2016: Escalation

NY Times, Time-Life cover 9/11 truth

Military Analysis: Russian Black Sea Fleet

The Afghan peace campaign is peppered with strikes

Funny: Guardian “Eats Dirt” Over Syrian Victory

Turkey, Kurds Spread Russian Base Hoax to Cover Possible Invasion

20 Terrorist Commanders Killed in Russian Airstrikes in Idlib

Report: US Staged Gouta Sarin Attack

Schengen kaput? “Possibility exists” EU leaders will reintroduce internal border controls

Demirtas: Turkey’s rulers attempting to eliminate Kurdish resistance

Jon Stewart, Smedley Butler, and Sarah Palin – 3 of a Kind?

Marc Rubio: U.S. Needs to Make a Deal with Russia Fast!



Frank Rossavik



Her er nyheter fra www.rense.com


MILEVIS av døde dyr langs AK -kysten – Forferdelig massedød

Dead Animals On AK Coast For MILES – Horrifying Die-Off

USAs Regjering ga radioaktiv havregryn til skolebarn

US Govt Fed Radioactive Oatmeal To Schoolchildren

Radioaktivitet funnet i massiv utblåsning i California – Faren vokser

Radiation Found In Massive LA Gas Blowout – Danger Grows

Din radioaktivitet denne uke, rapport nr 38

Your Radiation This Week No 38

Radioaktivitet fra Fukushima skaper MUTASJONER i USAs dyr

Radiation From Fukushima Creating MUTANT US Animals




Offisiell rapport: Det er bevist at USA-støttede grupper brukte saringass i Syria

Official Report: US Backed Groups Proven to Use Sarin Gas in Syria

By GPD on January 8, 2016

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has confirmed the traces of the sarin gas used in Syria are not linked with the Syrian government’s former stockpile of chemical weapons, a report by the OPCW said Friday.


OPCW: American Backed Groups Use Chemical Weapons in Syria Not Gov’t Forces

OPCW: Militant Groups Use Chemical Weapons in Syria Not Gov't Forces

Fransk kilde: CIA leverer ukrainsk BUK-missiler til IS

French Source: CIA Delivers Ukrainian BUK Missiles to ISIS …


Putin, Obama meet: G20 Gets Evidence that G20 Financing ISIS

By GPD on November 16, 2015

Putin: ISIS financed from 40 countries, including G20 members

Putin, Obama meet: G20 Gets Evidence that G20 Financing …

16. nov. 2015 – Putin: ISIS financed from 40 countries, including G20 members. November 16, 2015. Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with Italian Prime Minister … on the financing of different Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) units by … We Have Proof, Turkey Shot Down Plane to Protect Illegal ISIS Oil …

Damen som truet med å skyte ned russiske fly over Syria / “Gjerast det som gjerast må”, om det så fører til tredje verdenskrig. Hun kan kanskje heller bli rådgiver i den norske regjering, for de har sansen for slike som henne som hater Russland og Assad, og forguder USA – eller i det minste for noen av våre svært så likesinnede aviser.

Carly Fiorina: First Call as President Will Be to Prime Minister of Israel


JOHNNY PUNISH SHOW: GOP Debate 2 Results Show …

17. sep. 2015 – Carly Fiorina crashed Hewlett Packard and cost thousands of people … lunch Today in front of a large screen restaurant TV a Dana Bash studio …

Free Syrian Army Blinks, Enters Talks to Join Russian …

8. okt. 2015 – Egypt positively assesses Russian Armed Forces’ actions in Syria – Kremlin spokesman … Carly Fiorina


Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson: Give Us Netanyahu’s Derriere or Give Us Death!

By Jonas E. Alexis on June 9, 2015

If Fiorina or Carson or any member of the Republican and Democratic parties does not have a solid foreign policy, why are they expecting us to get out and vote for them? Why is it so hard for them to get out of the Zionist Matrix?

Official Report: US Backed Groups Proven to Use Sarin Gas in Syria

carly fiorina | Veterans Today 

USA-støttede al-Qaida og IS lider store tap

US Backed al Qaeda and ISIS Units Suffer Massive Reverses

3. nov. 2015 – 7 Al-Qaeda Affiliated Commanders Killed by Syrian Army in One Day ….. of the so-called Free Syrian Army in Northern Syria in the last one month. …. Today, Russian strike aircraft used two BETAB-500 bunker buster bombs ……

IS sporet tilbake til Washington D.C.s dørstokk

NEO – Tracking ISIS to DC’s Doorsteps | Veterans Today

26. nov. 2015 – There is no US-led war on ISIS, and what’s worse, it appears that the US, … Before this, defections of up to 3,000 so-called “Free Syrian Army” …

Captured ISIS Fighter: US, Turkey Train ISIS as FSA …

28. des. 2015 – Captured ISIS Fighter: US, Turkey Train ISIS as FSA … the Free Syrian Army, a 20-year-old jihadist captured by the Kurdish YPG told Sputnik. ….

Russian Jets Pummel FSA in Southern Syria, Under Israel’s Nose.

27. okt. 2015 – Russian Fighter Jets Hit Militants’ Positions in Southern Syria for First Time … the views of VT, ….

NEO – How Russia and Syria Turned the tide on terror …

28. okt. 2015 – NEO – How Russia and Syria Turned the tide on terror …. This week we saw some of the first jihadi footage from dead or captured jihadis …. Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of ….

Kremlin: “oderate opposition” in Syria remains unidentifiable

23. okt. 2015 – Neither the US nor the EU has been able to show moderate Syrian opposition to Russia …

Russia Is Destroying ISIS in Syria? – Veterans Today

12. nov. 2015 – The fact that Syrian rebels fighting against Bashar al-Assad, ….. take over the world; and professional bitch carly fiorini promises to rebuild the …

Uri Avnery – The Magician’s Apprentice | Veterans Today

Jeg håper alle disse landene er veldig stolte av seg selv, og særlig media som tier så mye om det. NATO og Jens Stoltenberg støtter jo Tyrkia og sine egne, selvsagt. G20… Førti land å forsvare, eller hvor mange av de er medlemmer i NATO?


Who Owns ISIS? | Veterans Today

Norwegian Report Says Erdogan Lying About Turkey/ISIS …

20. des. 2015 – Norwegian Report Says Erdogan Lying About Turkey/ISIS Oil Deal … Today, we are presenting only some of the facts that confirm that a whole team of … “According to our information, as of last month, ISIL was selling oil at …

Russia: Erdogan’s Son Real ISIS Oil Minister, Behind Su24 …

25. nov. 2015 – Ankara defends ISIS, Turkish officials have financial interest in oil trade … of the oil emanating from territory where ISIL operates has been sold … sponsors, partners, technicians, or the Veterans Today Network and its assigns.

Russia presents proof of Turkey’s role in ISIS oil trade …

2. des. 2015 – Today, we are presenting only some of the facts that confirm that a whole … Iran ready to present proof of Turkey’s oil trade with ISIS – Tehran …. on SoundCloud Hire Veterans brightoncollege Buy Custom Weapons Online …

Have the US and Turkey Entered Iraq to Defend ISIS Oil …

6. des. 2015 – Have the US and Turkey Entered Iraq to Defend ISIS Oil Routes? …. Fight ISIS, at their real “Home Base” · Suspicious Report: ISIS Selling Oil

Russia Destroys 500 ISIS-Turkey Oil Tanker Trucks …

18. nov. 2015 – Russia Destroys 500 ISIS-Turkey Oil Tanker Trucks … thousands of tons of crude oil for refining to Iraq and the fuel they sell then is one of the … sponsors, partners, technicians, or the Veterans Today Network and its assigns.

Map Study: ISIS Oil Smuggling Impossible Without Kurds …

12. des. 2015 – ISIS oil routes into Turkey, that the Russians presented so much evidence of, … Sorry to hear the Kurds sold their soul to the devil.

Investigative Report Proves Turkey Part of ISIS Terror …

24. nov. 2015 – Control over the region’s gas and oil resources is the West’s top … ISIS Selling Oil to Turkey through Qatari Brokers? · VT Turkey: ISIS is a Vile …

oil smuggling into Turkey becomes priority target of anti-ISIS …

26. nov. 2015 – Putin stated that sales of oil from ISIS are in direct violation of … “Those who claim we buy oil from Daesh [ISIS] are obliged to prove it,” …

ISIS Oil Tied to Kurdistan, Erdogan and Lots of American …

3. des. 2015 – ISIS Oil Tied to Kurdistan, Erdogan and Lots of American Tanker Trucks Shipped … The government in Erbil has felt this has been their right, selling oil illegally … “Today, the Takvim newspaper called me an American puppet,



Om angrepene i Køln og Cologne: Cologne Muslim Assaults Now Cited as False Flag

Politiet gjorde ingenting da kvinnene ble angrepet, men stod med hendene i lommene og overlot jobben å hjelpe kvinnene til restaurantgjester, mens politifolk i sivil var midt blant overgriperne og sannsynlige deltakere i overgrepet i Cologne. Angrepet virker planlagt, akkurat som i Køln:


Editor’s note:  VT has its own reports which tell of police standing around with their hands in their pockets while nightclub bouncers come to the aid of women being groped and mobbed.  Thus, when police officials say this seems like an organized attack, we feel safe in looking at police as not only standing aside but undercover police as the likely parties involved in the assaults as well.  We expect to see more incidents like these, staged by police and carefully coordinated with the press, playing on and building hysteria against not only refugees but Islam as well.  Anyone who has ever been to any holiday celebration in Germany and hasn’t been trampled to death by both excess police presence and people who video everything, must not leave the house often.  No arrests?  No video?  Can we call this another “Hebdo”?

Les resten:

'Assaults Cologne seemed organized'

Dozens of women were on New Year’s Eve assaulted and robbed on the station in Cologne. Photo: EPA

Cologne Mayor Reker addresses news conference in Cologne

90 kvinner utsatt for overgrep:

Kölns ordfører ber kvinner oppføre seg

Hva med å be politiet “oppføre” seg og gjøre det de er satt til å gjøre, og ikke være passive (aktive) deltakere?

Texe Marrs – Global Migration Now

Utenriksdepartementet tror det kan komme opp mot 60.000 asylsøkere til Norge i 2016



Og hvor har giverne sitt ståsted?

Hege Storhaug-organisasjon har fått millionbeløp fra privatpersoner

Islamkritiske Human Rights Service har aldri før fått mer penger fra sine støttespillere

– Kanskje de kunne lese litt av hva Dr. Anthony Hall m.fl. har satt seg inn i?

Currently Professor of Globalization Studies at University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada. His been a teacher in the Canadian university system since 1982. Dr. Hall, has recently finished a big two-volume publishing project at McGill-Queen’s University Press entitled “The Bowl with One Spoon”

By Anthony Hall on January 2, 2016

by Prof Tony Hall

Co-Host, False Flag Weekly News

“No Lies Radio” 

Coming to Terms with the Global War of False Flag Terrorism

I met Dr. Kevin Barrett as planned at a small bookstore near the Notre Dame Cathedral landmark in Paris France. On that day, December 11, 2015, the Paris bookstore was the site of a significant academic conference entitled “Islamophobia and the Erosion of Civil Society.”

Hours earlier I had exited the last class of the fall term in my third-year Globalization Studies course at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada. I had driven to Calgary, hopped a flight to Dallas, and then transferred onto a big American Airlines 777 for the trans-Atlantic flight to the City of Lights now under martial law.

For the second time in 2015 Paris had been rocked by violent episodes attributed to the independent actions of Islamic terrorists. After the first event last January, Dr. Barrett had coordinated the emergency responses of a team of analytic observers, myself included.

Together we uncovered the outlines of an outlandish fraud of an externally-engineered false flag terror event. Dr. Barrett assembled the revelations in his edited book entitled We Are Not Charlie Hebdo. Now a sequel volume was in the making as Kevin and I met up in the Paris bookstore where the inner workings of the “Islamophobia Industry” were the subject of scholarly investigation.

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The Academy’s Complicity in the Global War of False Flag Terrorism

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 5.14.09 AM

 Dagens nyheter fra Veterans Today:

Inner Logic of Pentagon: U. S. Sees Russia as Enemy – But Russia Should Not Return the Favor

Promoting Fear and Hate in America | Veterans Today



Pravda: Aliens forced Americans out from the Moon

(Tillegg fra mai 2016:


Disse mennene har kunnskap, erfaring og «inside-information» nok til å kunne uttale seg:


Hva Hitlers menn gjorde under isen i Antarktis:


LaVoy Finicum’s Family Speaks Out

Military Analysis: Russian Attack Helicopters Come of Age

Russia Defense Report: Fortress Kaliningrad

Short End Of The Stick with Mike Harris: no guest, just callers

West LA Veterans Affairs campus unveils plans to provide housing for homeless vets

Gwyneth Todd Against the New World Order – A Dialogue (Part I)

flere nyheter her, oppdateres flere ganger pr dag:


All Judaics everywhere must publicly reject World Zionism

By Preston James, Ph.D on January 18, 2015

The World Zionists are now positioning themselves to deploy a very crafty Gladio-based plan to turn the whole World against Israel.


by Preston James


Note: this article is written for Trained Intel Agents, senior Military Officers, USG Officials and Top Policy-Makers. If you are not up to speed on background information of the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC), the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS), Operation Gladio (the left behind Nazi Army), and the worldwide Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) which is the union of the BCC and the IZCS, you are probably wasting your time reading this article and it won’t make any sense to you.
Those who follow Veterans Today closely know that VT has worked hard to provide the forbidden background facts to understand what the super-elite deviants that run this large Worldwide Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) responsible for almost every evil in the World have tried to conceal from the public at large, law Enforcement and even most seasoned Senior Intel.





Putin’s Dilemma

By Preston James, Ph.D on January 13, 2016

Is it time to cut the head off the Khazarian Mafia snake that has been parasitizing the World and trying to destroy and enslave Russians for over 1,000 years?


When the US Military was sent into the first Gulf war, the rationalization was that Saddam unjustifiably invaded Kuwait as an act of outright aggression and this was viewed by the US Administration, Congress and the American People as a serious war crime in and of itself because they had been misinformed.

The American people were never told the truth about this by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

As usual there is always more to any story like this behind the lines that never gets told in the CMMM, the main propaganda arm of the USG and the Pentagon which both have been deeply infiltrated and hijacked by the Khazarian Mafia (KM).


by  Preston James and Mike Harris





Russere forsterker luftangrep mot tyrkisk våpenforsyningskonvoi til IS

Russians Ramp Up Air Strikes on Turkish Arms Convoys to ISIS

Ingen afghanske ledere bekreftet saudisk påstand om at Iran oppildner sekterisme

No Afghan leader affirmed Saudi statement: Iran fuels sectarianism

David Bowie gått bort

David Bowie Gone

USAs Marine: Maktprojiseringskraft

US Navy: Force of Power Projection


By Preston James, Ph.D on January 9, 2016

You are not allowed to know about this secret international Financial Reset Agreement. That’s why VT is covering it. It is just one more reason why the Western Nations created ISIS.

By now it has become clear to most VT readers that ISIS was created and trained, and is now supplied and paid by a secret coalition of nations including America, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other smaller but real players.

ISIS wounded have been taken to Israel for treatment and some picked up by American Military helicopters.

The current head of the Senate Military Affairs Committee, Senator John McCain has been deeply involved in the creation of ISIS and has worked closely with a retired American general who is now in a Mideast nation functioning as the Commander of ISIS.


The Secret Global Reset Agreement




Even Jews Ask: Is Judaism a Satanic Cult? – henrymakow.com

8. apr. 2010 – ‘Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer —

so I wasn’t …. The secret of the ancient Egyptians, and their modern

disciples, the … Jah-buh-lun, Jah-buh-lun, Je-hov-ah” (Texe Marrs, Codex Magica,

Ch. 4). … An agreement was forged between the Jewish Masoretes and the

Catholic Church




Lett å være rebell i kjellerleilighet

Jeg anbefaler en video av Jeff Rense og Charlotte Iserbyte om USAs kommunistiske undervisningsform, som Ronald Reagan innførte. Den er den den dag i dag, i “Common Core”.

The deliberate dumbing down of America



Who Told You About the Birds and Bees? | Veterans Today

27. okt. 2015 – As in the past, but now more than ever, the Common Core

ideal is to …. Communist Core, the forced drugging of school children ordered by the …

How Ignorant are the Ignorant? | Veterans Today

16. des. 2015 – And then, of course, the rest of today’s increased wages

are dwarfed by … becoming a total failure with the implementation of Common Core.

J. Bruce Campbell – Veterans Today

I’ve been a hard-core revolutionary since 1983, since writing a militia-starting

book. Not that there …. Unlike normal cruise missiles, it is made of steel and

weighs 7.7 tons. It goes 2.5 Mach and …. That was Communism, American-style. Karl [?] …


Communist Influence in Afghanistan Government Needs to …

30. mar. 2013 – by Kadir A. Mohmand for Veterans Today. Hon. …

His government is appointing them to key positions. … These communist

war criminals, whose started the problems in Afghanistan, have not been

prosecuted for their war crimes. …. YES, vulgarity and disrespect for our fellow

man is the new normal

Jeff Rense & Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Einstein Cover-ups & Fraud  – Einstein-dekkoperasjoner og svindel


Mange snakker om pedofili blant bl.a. afghanske menn, som bruker gutter som “selskap”, men det finnes også andre steder, innenfor andre religioner/miljøer enn bare islam:


When Pedophile Judges Fear Exposure – Rense – Når pedofile dommere frykter å bli avslørt

Police were called to clear the courtroom of about 80 supporters. … and child prostitution

rings, was actually named Minister of Child and Family Services … Henry Makow Ph.D.

is the author of “Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order.


Jews are Prominent in Pedophile Bust – henrymakow.com

6. jan. 2014 – By Salman Hossain. (henrymakow.com). For the last three years,

Canadian police have done an amazing job in targeting international child …

Cops Raid Toronto Home of Outspoken Muslim …

20. apr. 2010 – henrymakow.ca … (picture, a Muslim activist, not Salman Hossin) …

carried out successfully on Canadian soil and blamed on innocent Muslims, …

Makow – Miley Cyrus: Pedophilia – The Next Frontier – Rense

By Henry Makow PhD … They are protected by underlings in the courts and police. …

Society will continue to condemn and punish some pedophilia and child …

Satanist Pedophiles Rule Great Britain (Nov. 26, 2012)

26. nov. 2012 – http://www.henrymakow.com/illuminati-pedophiles-run-brit.html …

rent boy went to the police claiming he and other boys were sexually abused …

Jews Dominate Sweep of Pedophiles | Strange

6. jan. 2014 – (henrymakow.com). For the last three years, Canadian police have

done an amazing job in targeting international child porn networks based in …


Mormon Temples of the Dead – Power of Prophecy

Texe Marrs … Satanism, Pedophilia, and Corruption … through careful investigation,

determined that the evil practice of pedophilia is prevalent among Mormons.

Power of Prophecy – PoPcast Podcasting

Texe Marrs explores things the controlled media dare not discuss: (1) The ….. here, now,

as same-sex unions gather steam, pedophilia is rampant, and Christian …

Two on a Saddle – Power of Prophecy

Texe Marrs … In the ancient pagan Mystery Religions, homosexuality and pedophilia

were popularized. Worshippers of Baal erected shrines and temples of …

Since 1948, Has America Benn Blessed or Cursed? – You …

Texe MarrsPedophilia (child molestation rampant throughout society, even in churches).

Pornography (multibillion industry; child porn rampant; porno is #1 …

White House Bordello – Power of Prophecy

Jewish Talmud Approves Pedophilia. That most of the Bush queer battalion …

NOTE: Texe Marrs has compiled many resources of truth on Israel and the Jews.

Where Popes, Bohemians, and Other Rich and Famous Dwell

Texe Marrs …. of Satan’ (a phrase coined by Pope Paul VI in 1972 in the holy rooms),

it is all true – ncluding these latest stories of violence and pedophilia.”.

The TranceFormation of Humanity – Power of Prophecy

Texe Marrs … in advertising, promiscuousness, infidelity, vulgar language, obscenity,

and pedophilia. … Pedophilia is rampant among Jews, especially rabbis.

Cauldron of Abaddon – “From Jerusalem and Israel flow a …

Texe Marrs …. Pedophilia among Jewish rabbis and Jewish homosexuals is rampant.

For example, one of Jerusalem’s best known clergymen, Rabbi Ze’eu …

Gudsdyrkning i gammeltestamentlig tid i «det hellige land» og kommentaren om Juda kanskje grunnen til at de fleste rabbinere holder seg til den Babylonske Talmud:

Esekiel 8

Det var i det sjette året, på den femte dagen i den sjette måneden, mens jeg satt hjemme og Judas eldste satt framfor meg. Da kom Herren Guds hånd over meg der.  2 Jeg så, og se! – en som lignet en mann av utseende. Fra det som så ut som hoftene og nedover, var det ild, og fra hoftene og oppover så det ut som en stråleglans, som skinnende metall.  3 Han rakte ut noe med form som en hånd og tok tak i hårluggen min. I syn fra Gud løftet ånden meg opp mellom jord og himmel og brakte meg til Jerusalem, til porten i nord som fører inn i den indre tempelgården. Der inne sto et bilde som vakte Guds brennende sjalusi.  4 Og se, der var Israels Guds herlighet, som i synet jeg hadde sett i dalen.
5 Han sa til meg: «Menneske, løft blikket mot nord!» Jeg løftet blikket mot nord, og se! ? ved inngangen, nord for alterporten, sto dette bildet som vakte Guds sjalusi.  6 Han sa til meg: «Menneske, ser du alt det avskyelige israelittene holder på med her? Det driver meg langt bort fra min helligdom. Men du skal få se noe som er enda mer avskyelig.»
7 Så tok han meg med til porten som fører inn til tempelets forgård. Og se! – et hull i veggen.  8 Han sa til meg: «Menneske, bryt deg gjennom veggen!» Jeg brøt meg gjennom veggen, og se! – en dør.  9 Og han sa til meg: «Gå inn og se alt det onde og avskyelige som de driver med her.» 10 Jeg gikk inn. Jeg så, og se! – tegninger av krypdyr og kveg og alle Israels avguder, motbydelige ting, var risset inn overalt på veggene. 11 Foran dem sto sytti mann av Israels eldste, og midt blant dem sto Jaasanja, Sjafans sønn. Hver av dem hadde en røkelsesskål i hånden, og en duft steg opp fra røkelsesskyen.
12 Da sa han: «Menneske, har du sett hva Israels eldste driver med i mørket, i rommene der de har gudebildet sitt? Herren ser oss ikke, sier de, han har forlatt landet. 13 Du skal få se enda mer avskyelige ting som de driver med», sa han til meg.
14 Så tok han meg med bort til porten som fører inn til Herrens hus på nordsiden. Og se, der satt kvinnene og gråt over Tammus. 15 Da sa han til meg: «Har du sett det, menneske? Men du skal få se noe som er mer avskyelig enn dette.»
16 Så førte han meg til den indre forgården i Herrens hus. Og der, ved inngangen til Herrens tempel, mellom forhallen og alteret, sto omtrent tjuefem mann med ryggen mot Herrens tempel og med ansiktet vendt mot øst. De bøyde seg mot øst og tilba solen. 17 Da sa han til meg: «Har du sett det, menneske? Er det ikke nok at Judas hus driver med alt det avskyelige som de gjør her? For de fyller landet med vold, og slik gjør de meg rasende. Se hvordan de holder vinranken opp foran nesen. 18 Så vil jeg også handle i vrede. Jeg viser ingen medfølelse, jeg skåner dem ikke. Om de roper aldri så høyt i øret på meg, hører jeg ikke på dem.»

Tammus – Tammuz




Hacking av Netanyahus stabssjef viser at Israel kontrollerer IS

Hack of Netanyahu Chief of Staff Shows Israeli Control of ISIS

11. jul. 2015 – Israelleaks: Cables Reveal Tel Aviv-ISIL Link, Israel’s Support for …

TEHRAN (FNA)- A cyber attack by hackers on the computer of the Israeli …

Hvor får IS-medlemmer de vidunderlige lekene fra?

Where Do ISIS Members Get Those Wonderful Toys … –

11. des. 2015 – They build hospitals in order to take care of terrorists. …

Almost every night, Israeli troops run secret missions to save the ….

There are at least two propaganda articles today on the subject Syria buys oil

from ISIS in both AOL and FOX.

UK Daily Mail: Israel’s Public Side to Its Support of ISIS …

9. des. 2015 – Elon Shahak who commanded ISIS troops at Ramadi in Iraq, now

captured …. For every Syrian in hospital, there is one less bed for an Israeli.

Israel og IS har mye til felles

Israel, ISIL have a lot in common | Veterans Today

28. aug. 2014 – Their wounded fighters get treated at Israeli field hospitals

in Jordan? … The US/Israel created ISIS along with help ( cash ) from the

Saudis and Qataris? …. American Military Victory at Trenton is Inspiration For Us Today …

Israel bak Paris-angrepene?

Israel Behind Paris Attacks? | Veterans Today

16. nov. 2015 – Afterwards, the Israeli secret agency Mossad’s connections with Charlie …

treatment of the ISIS warriors in the Israeli hospitals (Disclosed by …

Israelske leiemordere

Israeli Assassins | Veterans Today

12. aug. 2015 – The New York Times itself declared that ISIS is terrorizing Christians

in the Middle East. … Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have been in regular contact with …

so far some 1,000 Syrians have been treated in four Israeli hospitals.

Fikk ikke Nelson Mandela – og Israel og Jordan – en utrolig nåde, etter alt det gale de har gjort,

i henhold til offentlighetens store generøse hjerte?



Den forferdelige sannheten om Nelson Mandela

The Awful Truth About Nelson Mandela | Veterans Today

21. feb. 2014 – SACP-MANDELA It has been more than two months since

Nelson Mandela passed away. The New York Times extolled him as ?one of the …

Nelson Mandela | Veterans Today

6. des. 2013 – Like Nelson Mandela Sgt Blackman is effectively a political prisoner,

imprisoned as a result of a seriously flawed legal process, notwithstanding …

Verdens største helt? Nelson Mandela

The World’s Last Hero ? Nelson Mandela | Veterans Today

6. des. 2013 – Nelson Mandela on Day After Release America has its beloved former

president Abraham Lincoln, but the World has its beloved hero and …

Mandelas bekymringsfulle arv

Mandela’s Disturbing Legacy | Veterans Today

7. des. 2013 – The Nelson Mandela Foundation, Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund,

and Mandela Rhodes Foundation issued the following statement: It is with …

Den jødiske solidaritetsvirvel

The Jewish Solidarity Spin | Veterans Today

By Gilad Atzmon on May 16, 2015. Would Nelson Mandela allow a bunch of

recovered Afrikaners run the Anti- Apartheid struggle on his behalf?

Ken O’Keefe – Veterans Today

Imagine this, imagine that Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress

negotiated a deal with the South African Apartheid regime and settled for a …

south africa – Tag Archive | Veterans Today

Nelson Mandela ( former terrorist) was an exceptional revolutionary, who did not

create a political ?family? dynasty, did not create a dictatorship, did not loot the …


Hemmelig romkrig XII: Marduk krones i Afrika under Nelson Mandelas begravelse

Secret Space War XII: Marduk Is Crowned in Africa …

22. des. 2013 – Numerous top world leaders attended Nelson Mandela’s funeral in South ….

In a recent Veterans today article entitled, Secret Space War III: …

Apartheid – Tag Archive | Veterans Today

This week we bore witness to another smack down of a major U.S. leader by the …

Nobel Laureate Nelson Mandela, the courageous Black Pimpernel, has …

New NELSON MANDELA CITY proposed as capitol of new …

6. des. 2013 – Today, we mourn the loss of Nelson Mandela and celebrate his gift of …

Texe Marrs:

Jews Target Christian Bible – Jøder angriper den kristne Bibel

The Jewish Talmud is virulent in its despising of any and all Christian books. …

also protest the clear teachings in the New Testament that homosexuality is a sin

and an affront … skeptics may say, “Come on Texe Marrs, you’re way over the top.

Homosexuals In Israel’s Armed Forces – Power of Prophecy

Texe Marrs. Jewish Homosexuals Fought Against Romans in Rebellion, 66-70 AD.

Now, They’re Back! … deem to be “inferior beasts.” The Babylonian Talmud, their

most holy book, confirms their brutal treatment of the Palestinian population.

Power of Prophecy: Homosexual Reprobates in Israel Are …

Bestselling Books by Texe Marrs … and the TalmudHomosexual Reprobates in

Israel Are Turning America Into a Satanic Pit and Hellhole: … Homosexuality is traced

back to the war against Rome and the burning of Jerusalem by Titus.

Power of Prophecy – PoPcast Podcasting

Texe Marrs explains the Refugee Act, which allows Obama to legally bring in

unlimited …. (10) Do homosexuals intend to destroy the historic family and end

marriage? … Amazing insights into the Jewish Kabbalah and Talmud and how these …

“Hey, You Can’t Say That!” – Power of Prophecy

In fact, that’s exactly what the satanic holy book of the Jews, the Talmud, says …

Indeed, if Texe Marrs were to travel anywhere in Europe, I could be arrested for ….

He especially exposes the ADL’s pro-homosexual attack on Christianity and …


Bordellet i Det hvite hus

White House Bordello – Power of Prophecy

Bush appointed Ken Mehlman, a Jewish homosexual, as the Chairman of the

Republican National …. NOTE: Texe Marrs has compiled many resources of truth

Power of Prophecy: The monthly newsletter ministry of Texe …

Power of Prophecy is the monthly newsletter ministry of Texe Marrs. … another juicy

tidbit about the Pope’s trip: he requested a meeting with a homosexual couple. …..

Worse, the Talmud requires that, The best of the Gentiles are to be killed.?.

Homosexuality in The Jewish State – Texe Marrs – YouTube


21. apr. 2015 – Lastet opp av TheRapeOfJustice

Texe Marrs with Jeff Rense, April 20, 2015. “Israel

Becomes Gay Mecca Of The World, While, Next Door …


Power of Prophecy – Texe Marrs: Homosexual Reprobates …


10. mai 2015 – Lastet opp av Servis Chill Zone

Note ServisChillZone does not necessarily agree With

everything said in this show** Texe Marrs reports on how …

Texe Marrs 2015 Audio Locker – Remnantradio.org


Texe Marrs unmasks the ancient roots of homosexuality and sexual perversions. …

Amazing insights into the Jewish Kabbalah and Talmud and how these …

metzitzah b'peh

New Yorks ordører, de Blasio, setter jødedommen over barna

NY City Mayor de Blasio Puts Judaism Above Children

By Bob Johnson on September 28, 2015

Our innate God-given reason and «revealed»/hearsay religions do NOT go together. There are

many examples of this fact. One tragic example that is currently in the news (but not getting

enough news coverage) is the Jewish circumcision ritual known as metzitzah b’peh which is

practiced primarily by ultra-Orthodox Jews. In this religious ritual the rabbi/mohel, after cutting

the infant’s foreskin off, uses their mouth to suck blood directly from the wounded infant’s

bloody penis as pictured at right. This has caused in New York City alone at least 18 cases

of infants being infected with herpes from the rabbi/mohel, two of whom died from their

herpes infection and two who suffered brain damage. This repulsively unnatural, ungodly

and deadly religious practice should be outlawed. However, it is not outlawed. In fact,

the few and virtually meaningless restrictions New York City temporarily put on the practice

of metzitzah b’peh have been removed by Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio. This makes clear

New York City places a higher value on deadly religious superstitions than it does on the

lives of innocent children.


Barn dør på grunn av jødedom

Infant Dies Due to Judaism | Veterans Today

Det er “himla” mye frihet ute og går? Hvorfor en slik forskjellsbehandling, plutselig?

Hvorfor plutselig så lite “offentlig fordømmelse”? – Hvis man er for at en rabbiner

skal skjære forhuden av et guttebarn for deretter å suge penis rein for blod,

så barn dør av herpes fordi de smittes av rabbinerens munn? Hvor ble det av protestene?

4. mar. 2012 – jewish circumcision … A two week old infant died in a Brooklyn

hospital after the … The rabbi/mohel infected the infant with herpes simplex virus

Type 1 when he used his infected mouth to suck on the baby’s bleeding penis.

New Yorks ordfører de Blasio setter jødedom over barn

NY City Mayor de Blasio Puts Judaism Above Children …

28. sep. 2015 – Helpless and innocent children die from sincere, but mislead, Christian …

sponsors, partners, technicians, or the Veterans Today Network and its assigns. …

35 years maternity nurse assisted circumcision on babies without …

Hva Charlie Hebdo egentlig var for noe:

Charlie Hebdo: Mocking the sacrificial victim | Veterans Today

8. nov. 2015 – 21st Century Wire just ran a terrific exposé on the French “satirical”

magazine Charlie Hebdo and its unfunny cartoons mocking the victims of …

13. nov. 2015 – As I pontificated to the camera about false flag terror in general and Charlie Hebdo in particular, passersby looked on with interest; one …

Charlie Hebdo False Flag Story Goes Viral | Veterans Today

8. jan. 2015 – It took me about five minutes to figure out that the Charlie Hebdo

shooting in Paris was probably a false flag. So I whipped out a quick blog entry …

Kevin Barrett – Veterans Today

By Kevin Barrett on December 7, 2015 Terrorism, false flag, Gladio, we are not charlie hebdo, witness, san bernadino shooting, mass shootings Of Interest, …

 By Kevin Barrett on August 2, 2015 false flag, we are not charlie hebdo Paris ….

Gordon Duff – Veterans Today is a clearing house for intelligence leaks from a …

Fransk politi sikter seg inn på Charlie Hebdo -vitne

French police target Charlie Hebdo witness | Veterans Today

9. nov. 2015 – The Kouachi Brothers – the patsies blamed for the Charlie Hebdo

(It was a preview of how Veterans Today would emerge after 9/11.) …

Amazing Grace i Russland:




Mika 3

Jeg sa:
Hør, Jakobs høvdinger,
dere ledere i Israels hus!
Var det ikke dere
som skulle kjenne retten?

2 Men dere hater det gode og elsker det onde.
Dere river huden av folk
og kjøttet av beina deres.

3 De eter kjøttet av folket mitt,
huden flår de av dem,
og beina deres knuser de.
De brer det ut som i en gryte,
som kjøttet i en kjele.

4 Når de så roper til Herren,
svarer han dem ikke.
På den tid skal han skjule ansiktet for dem,
for de har gjort onde gjerninger.
Mot de falske profetene
Så sier Herren om de profetene
          som fører folket mitt vill,
          som roper «fred»
          bare de får noe å tygge på,
          men lyser hellig krig mot dem
          som ikke gir dem munnen full:

Derfor skal det bli natt for dere – uten syn,
og mørke – uten spådom.
Solen skal gå ned for profetene
og dagen formørkes omkring dem.

7 Da skal seerne bli til skamme
og spåmennene til spott.
Alle skal de skjule skjegget,
for det kommer ikke svar fra Gud.

8 Jeg, derimot,
er full av styrke ved Herrens ånd,
av rett og kraft,
så jeg kan tale til Jakob om hans lovbrudd,
til Israel om hans synd.
Jerusalem skal falle
9 Hør dette, dere høvdinger i Jakobs hus,
dere ledere i Israels hus,
dere som avskyr rettferd
og gjør det rette kroket,

10 som bygger Sion med blod
og Jerusalem med urett!

11 Høvdingene hennes dømmer for bestikkelser,
prestene underviser for betaling,
profetene spår for penger,
og enda støtter de seg til Herren og sier:
«Er ikke Herren midt iblant oss?
Det hender ikke oss noe vondt.»

12 Derfor:
   Sion skal pløyes til åker,
Jerusalem bli til ruiner

og tempelberget til hauger dekket av skog.

Mika 5, 11

11 Jeg vil utrydde trolldomskunstene du driver med,
og tegntydere skal du ikke lenger ha.

12 Jeg vil utrydde gudebildene
og steinstøttene du har.
Du skal ikke lenger tilbe
noe hendene dine har laget.

13 Jeg vil rive opp Asjera-stolpene som er hos deg,
og legge byene dine øde.


Jeff Rense, Dick Allgire & Jim Marrs – Remote Viewing The JFK Assassination




Er EU den nye Sovjetunionen?

Is the EU the new USSR? 



Who Will Be Our Next President

Al Gore, Jr. and his father, a devoted Marxist/Socialist, ride horses together back in

1972. Texe Marrs has exposed Vice President Gore’s occult and New Age …

In it, Gore pimps for the “Mother Earth Goddess” religion, bashes true Christianity, …


Lieberman, Gore, and God

The media praised Al Gore to the hilt for choosing Connecticut’s U.S.

Senator Joseph Lieberman as his vice presidential running mate. According to the Dan …

Bush Ditches Jesus, Pleases Jewish ADL

Texe Marrs … The exclusive deity of Jesus had to be ditched, and it was, by Bush.

What a difference a run for the Oval Office makes! …. He eventually even overcomes

Democrat Al Gore, another Jewish go-for boy. Wowee! Like magic, Jewish …

Power of Prophecy: A Newsletter Ministry of Texe Marrs …

Pope Francis Declares Lucifer As God … Bruce Jenner’s Transformation is

Illuminati Goddess Ritual! … Al Gore Sued by Over 30,000 Scientists for Fraud.

Texe Marrs 2014 Audio Locker – Remnantradio.org

The Largest Collection of Texe Marrs Audio Files on the Internet If you like these

… Casey says that Al Gore and his ilk have it wrong. …. The goddess Malkut

(the Shekinah) works her plan, inspired by Hesod, the phallus deity. This evil deity …


Third Force: Vatican Occult Connections | Veterans Today

29. apr. 2014 – All our work rests on our loyalty to religion and the Catholic Church?. …

to the desired outcomes of Pike’s Masonry and Mazzini’s Illuminati.

Sexual and Masonic Ideology in French Revolution and …

12. mar. 2014 – Robespierre also was a Freemason, and his grandfather was the

founder of a …. in all of its manifestations, and the Catholic Church in particular. ….

Muslim up close and personal; when they share with you their daily …. .

35 Things the Ruling Cabal Does Not Want You to Know …

2. sep. 2013 – … but it is now being eroded almost daily as the Alternative News on

… sin and used to also be considered the same by the Catholic faith. …

?super-masonic? occult groups which are luciferian based and this …

YouTube – Veterans Today – …… Are they connected to the NWO/Illuminati group based in Wales?

11 examples of Illuminati numerology | Veterans Today

1. jan. 2014 – No freemason beyond the .0001th degree could possibly hear about …..

Phoenix is an unincorporated community Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. ……

Catholicism etc are united in their satanism/free-masonry and that is what …

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia …

8. mar. 2015 – The Khazarian Mafia’s intense hatred of anyone who professed faith in

…. and construction of it using Freemason occult architecture displayed their ….

that Mike Harris had with Veterans Today Senior Editor and Director …..

Roman Catholic church/Roman State have ruled this planet for over 2,000 years?

The Real “Pope Crisis”: Sexual Freemasonry and the New …

13. mar. 2013 – Why did the the Catholic church remove the Expression “the world order” …

The reader says that the official text of the homily of Cardinal Sodano today is incorrect, ….

to the Rothschild-funded Illuminati wing of freemasonry founded by ……

Masonic Ritual in the French Revolution and Its Implication …

16. mar. 2014 – Why did “executions” actually become a daily ritual, producing

a Reign of … You, much beloved brother, have been a Freemason before you …..

Because of the neoconservative ideology, at least 360,000 U.S. veterans probably have

….. the Roman Catholic Church – Historical Perspectives from Antiquity to …


Det tar “fem år” å komme seg inn på min egen blogg. www.spillerdetnoenrolle.blogg.no, såpass lang tid at det er lettere for meg å gå til en hvilken som helst annen side, som til f.eks blogg.no for å logge men inn for å overhodet få se hva jeg har skrevet så jeg kan få rettet skrivefeil, at jeg nesten mister tålmodigheten. Jeg kunne ha gått til Kina og tilbake mens siden forhåpentligvis “åpner seg”. Er det slik også for alle andre som vil inn på min side? Er det “sikkerhetsprogrammene” som plugger inn “evig–vent” -apper på alt jeg skriver? Kanskje har noen satt meg på “evig vent” fordi de ikke liker innholdet mitt. Løgnere kommer til å oppleve en dag at de selv blir satt på “evig vent”, de som kneblet sannheten mens de var her på jorda, så hvis det er det de ønsker – så lykke til.

Jeff Rense & Drew Johnson – Green Billionaires & Eco-Hypocrites




Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died

Pravda: Putin truer med å publisere satellittbeviser fra 9/11 (11. sept. 2001 -terroren)

Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11


The Donald: Israel, American Jews, Funding ISIS and World Terrorism

By GPD on December 15, 2015

We checked and, thus far, the interview appears to be real. We are flabbergasted to say the least.

[ Editor’ note: We have suspected for some time that Trump is trying to sabotage his own campaign by saying “outlandish things.” At VT, we don?t believe American Jews are knowingly funding terrorism, except perhaps for the ADL, AIPAC and groups we know to be tied to anti-American intelligence efforts.

We do, however, have more than minor proof of Israel’s involvement with the ISIS movement, which includes transiting and recruiting jihadists from among Hamas dissidents and supplying now over 1000 advisers who serve with ISIS, al Nusra and other groups inside both Syria and Iraq.

Les resten:

The Donald: Israel, American Jews, Funding ISIS and World Terrorism

Donald: Israel, amerikanske jøder, sponsing av IS og verdensterrorisme


Vi har sjekket, og etter hva vi til nå har funnet ut virker det som om det er ekte. Vi er forbløffet, for å si det mildt.

[Redaktørens kommentar: Vi har mistanke en stund om at Trump prøver å sabotere sin egen kamanje ved å si “fjerne ting.” Her hos VT tror vi ikke at amerikanske jøder med vitende vilje sponser terrorisme, bortsett fra kanskje ADL, AIPAC og grupper vi vet er tilknyttet anti-amerikansk etteretningstjenester.

Men vi har likevel mer en bare få beviser på Israels involvering i IS-bevegelsen, som inkluderer frakt og rekruttering av jihadister fra Hamas-dissidenter (systemkritikere) og bistand med 1000 rådgivere som tjenestegjør sammen med IS, al Nusra og andre grupper innenfor både Syria og Irak.

Trump: US Friend Israel Funds ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq

Avslørt! San Bernadino -skytterne var tre hvite menn kledd i militærutstyr – Offisielle historie er “død ved ankomst” – “Muslimsk” skytter gjør det om til “terrorisme” for amerikansk media, sier vitenskapsmann

Official story is “dead on arrival” – ‘Muslim’ shooter makes it ‘terrorism’ for US media – Scholar

BUSTED! San Bernadino shooters were three white men dressed in military attire

NEO – Hvordan John McCain forkrøplet Obamas krig mot IS

NEO – How John McCain Crippled Obama’s War on ISIS

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on December 14, 2015

[ Editor’s Note: This article on NEO became number one for the week after being up half a day. You will find out why below with Gordon mixing up some old with something new, as only he can do.

While we type we see the US coalition doubling down with talk of major ground troop movements into Iraq now. There is no mention of asking for permission from Iraq to do this so far. The play, or a fake, seems to be “I’ll raise you ten combat divisions, not counting the Turkish army”.

NEO – How John McCain Crippled Obama’s War on ISIS

"You just can't make this stuff up!"...Jim W. Dean

Pentagon: Russlands S-300, S-400 luftforsvarsutplassering grunnstøtte USAs jetfly på bakken i Syria
Pentagon: Russia S-300, S-400 Air Defense Deployment Grounded US Jets in Syria…

Den nye verdensorden taper kamper i Syria

New World Order Is Losing Battles in Syria

NEO – Hvem er den virkelige “Ondskapens akse”?

NEO – Who is the Real Axis of Evil?

Russland ødelegger 109 oljetankbiler og 320 IS-tyrkiske oljerotter

Russia Destroys 109 Oil Trucks and 320 ISIS-Turkish Oil Rats

Tidligere FBI-agent Mark Rossini: CIA kunne ha forhindret 9/11

Former FBI Agent Mark Rossini: The CIA Could Have Stopped 9/11

Oljens fremtid – Min krytallkule sier?

Future of Oil – My Crystal Ball Says?

Sikkerthetsrådavtale om Syria signert

Breaking: Security Council Agreement on Syria Signed

Hvor uvitende er den uvitende?

How Ignorant are the Ignorant?

Putin om bruken av S-400 i Syria: La tyrkisk flyging fly nå

Putin on S-400 Deployment in Syria: Let Turkish Aviation Fly Now

Gordon Duff med-vert hos Falske Flagg Ukentlige Nyheter

Innside -“scoop” på Tyrkias sarinskandale – er arrestasjon av Erdogan nært forestående?

Gordon Duff co-hosts False Flag Weekly News

By Kevin Barrett on December 17, 2015

Inside scoop on Turkey’s sarin scandal – is Erdogan’s arrest imminent?

Jim Fetzer has been fired and sent to a Wal-Mart re-education camp.

False Flag Weekly News forges ahead.

In the future we will be bringing you a variety of great co-hosts, drawn from the biggest names and best minds of the genuinely independent media, including Professor Tony Hall of the University of Lethbridge (Canada).

For the news stories and their source links, click here.

Gordon Duff co-hosts False Flag Weekly News

NEO: Story behind Jade Helm Hoax, Understanding

Jade Helm Plot is “Oh so real” (updated) | Veterans Today

Jade Helm: From PsyOp to MindWar | Veterans Today

Jade Helm Nut Cases Suspect in Camp Shelby Shooting

Busted: Jade Helm Hysteria Peddlers | Veterans Today

NEO – Jade Helm- An Admission of American Failure

Erdogan gangstere drar ned NATOs bukser, oppsummert av Shane

Erdogan Gangsters Pull Down NATO’s Pants, Summary by Shane

Kerry til Putin: USA takknemlig til Russland for samarbeid i Syria


Kerry to Putin: US Grateful to Russia for Cooperation on Syria – Updated

By GPD on December 15, 2015


US Secretary of State John Kerry told Russia’s President Vladimir Putin that Washington is grateful to Moscow for cooperation on Syria and appreciates the seriousness of the commitment in time and thought into the situation.

[ Editor’s Note:  This is cuteness on steroids by Kerry. It is not an issue of whether Russia “could” make a difference in Syria – because it has. So this remark was designed to not really acknowledge the pounding that ISIL has gotten not only from the Russians, but others that the US wants to have no recognition.

That includes the Syrian Army (Kerry does not want Assad to get that credit), Hezbollah and the Iranian advisers and others there who have been doing the boots on the ground work and to whom almost all of the credit is due along.

Les resten:

Kerry to Putin: US Grateful to Russia for Cooperation on Syria – Updated

Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, and US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Tyrkia innblandet i falsk flagg -sarinangrep på Syria og nye dekkoperasjon

Turkey Implicated in Sarin False Flag Attack on Syria and New Coverup

NEO – NATOs kjernefysiske Iran-svindel nå hakket inn i stein

NEO – NATO Nuclear Scam on Iran Now Carved in Stone

Texas-røregger anmedler bilforhandler etter at lastebil vises i syrisk militantvideo

Texas Plumber Sues Car Dealer After Truck Appears in Syrian Militant Video

Hvem eier IS?

Who Owns ISIS?

First Line Russian Armour Arrives in Iraq

Deployment fail: US special ops forces arrive in Libya, immediately told to leave

Yemeni Missile Attack Kills 66 Saudi Officers, Destroys 17 Fighter Jets,...

 NATO-sjef Jens Stoltenberg feiltolket Putins ord om militære nærvær i Ukraina – Kremlin

NATO chief misinterpreted Putin’s words on military presence in Ukraine – Kremlin

By GPD on December 18, 2015

Any allegations of Vladimir Putin acknowledging Russian military presence in Ukraine are “absolutely incorrect,” presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov has told reporters.

This is absolutely incorrect,” Peskov said after a journalist asked him if it was possible to say that Russian military specialists were present in southeast Ukraine at some point of the conflict there

NATO chief misinterpreted Putin’s words on military presence in Ukraine …

Jens Stoltenberg, perhaps after one too many

NATO to Deploy AWAC Support to Turkey in a “Face-Saving” Exe…

ISIS Is Falling, But NWO Agents Give Russia No Credit

Northern Iraq: A falling out among thieves

Opphavet til den arabisk-israelske konflikt

Origins of Arab-Israeli conflict     

The power and hegemony of the incredibly evil but incompetent American Military Industrial Complex

By Preston James, Ph.D on December 13, 2015

Checkmated by Putin and the Russian Federation in Syria and faced with an impending economic collapse, the mighty American Military Industrial Complex is now unraveling and its incompetence is overriding its incredible power and hegemony.

by Preston James


Incompetent by design in order to create its own perpetually continuing future business opportunities for more war profits.

Yes, the American Military Industrial Complex (MIC) is an incompetent beast, but an incredibly powerful beast now stationed all over the World in 800 or more bases and outposts.

Amazingly incompetent at its core, but this incompetency has been overridden and compensated for by brute power and limitless funding. That is, until now.

Les resten:

The power and hegemony of the incredibly evil but incompetent American M…


Nye saudiarabisk terrorkoalisjon rettet mot Hizbolla, ikke saudi-støttet IS

New Saudi Terror Coalition Aimed at Hezbollah, Not Saudi Backed ISIS

SouthFront: Syria battlespace, Dec. 18, 2015

Netanyahu ber Erdogan suge egg

Netanyahu Tells Erdogan to Suck Eggs

Iran Doubles down on Syrian War Amid Withdrawal Hoax

Defining ISIS in Afghanistan, the CIA’s Role – Spesifisering av CIAs rolle i IS i Afghanistan

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia (Updated) – Den skjulte historien om den utrolig onde khazariske mafia

15. des. 2015, Verdenskrigen fortsetter i stillhet

December 15, 2015, the World War Continues in Silence

Kart viser at 31.000 leiesoldater fra 86 land kjemper for IS

Maps Show 31,000 Mercenaries from 86 Countries Fight for ISIS

Hemmelige dokumenter kan bringe Erdogans lederskap til en brå slutt

Secret Official Docs Could Allegedly Bring Erdogan’s Rule to Abrupt end

Del 4 – Slutten på The Second Amendment (Den Andre Lovendring/Lovtilføyelse)

Part 4 – Second Amendment – End of story!

Jon Schwarz om hemmelig uansvarlig regjering

Jon Schwarz on Secret Unaccountable Government

SouthFront: Syria battlespace – Dec. 15, 2015

SouthFront: Syria battlespace, Dec. 17, 2015

Korthus – Imperium av løgner

House of Cards-Empire of Lies

By Preston James, Ph.D on December 17, 2015

Every day the Khazarian Mafia…

by  Preston James

…seems to become more and more exposed by the Internet’s Alternative Media and by word of mouth. Despite the extreme power and hegemony this Globalist NWO Occult group has attained over the last 100 years by hijacking America?s institutions, it is actually an Empire of Lies and a House of Cards.

As the Truth continues to expose their Lies and the American masses begin to understand who runs it and how they use anti-human criminal means to acquire and maintain power, its immense vulnerability to sudden collapse from exposure of its blatant lies becomes more and more apparent.

Those who control the levers of power, the ?Powers That Be? (*PTB) now see their demise as a distinct possibility given the deep incursions of truth into their System of Lies.

Les resten her:

House of Cards-Empire of Lies






Putin declares NATO a threat to Russian security

NSA Blowback – Netanyahu and NWO Agents Are Swimming in Flocks of Dodos

Uri Avnery – Only one year in prison for Former PM Olmert for bribery

Russian Air Defenses to be able to take out hypersonic Threats

There would have been something wrong if the US had NOT bugged Netanyahu!

Press TV: Why Paris was hit twice in 2015 – a year of false flags

This is the fuel NASA needs to make it to the edge of the solar system – and beyond

Landmark California gun seizure law takes effect 1 January but amid concerns

Assad makes surprise Christmas visit to Damascus church (PHOTOS)

Jewish Religions and The Prospect of Dissent

Erdoðan and NATO Are Really Screwed – Another New …

28. des. 2015 – Erdoðan and NATO and even the Zionist state in America continue to

bleed and …

…. (Turkey) and Christians (Russia) has been the Jewish plan all along. …..

Forums | Veteran Owned Businesses (VOSB) | Advertise | Corporate …

NEO – Joining NATO: Ukraine a Warning to Others …

21. des. 2015 – The EU side of NATO did not see a credible threat to the EU from …

Sam Germaine, whose RT article posted on VT today, Is the EU the new USSR. ….

invaded Hungary once in 1918-19 with Bolshevik Jews from Russia and …

NATO Members Should Build and Maintain Bases within the …

2. des. 2015 – Yet, no NATO member has a base within the US except some Canadian …

are in desperate need of financial assistance thru increased local business activity. ….

like the Lavon affair, Jews dress up like Muslims and carry out …

NEO: NATO and the West Just Became Irrelevant | Veterans …

25. jul. 2015 – The NDB bank is in business one year after the last BRICS summit

agreed to its … Today, the CSTO is emerging as a far more serious organization and a ….

Even when the jewish gangsters over-rule the israeli leadership …

Russia to respond to NATO Black Sea force by deploying …

19. jan. 2016 – Ray Camen’s piece on VT this week gave us an overview of the …..

You and the VT authors deserve respect of all US citizens at least because you

are veterans. … I can’t say to her what I believe about Khazarian Jews? else I would …..

Forums | Veteran Owned Businesses (VOSB) | Advertise | Corporate …

SouthFront: Poland provokes NATO-Russia nuclear standoff …

19. des. 2015 – I think that NATO serves Jewish interests only. … Foreign Policy Diary

– Private Military Companies in Iraq: Falcon Security ….

Was Russian Jet Downed by Israel-NATO Air Exercise …

11. nov. 2015 – Was Russian Jet Downed by Israel-NATO Air Exercise aimed

at Russia? … advertisers, sponsors, partners, technicians, or the Veterans Today

Network and its assigns. ….. country, in what way does it make complicit or image

of Jews that waited … Blasts EU for ‘Unfair’ Tax Probes Targeting US Companies.

NEO –  Minsk 2 – A Rotting Corpse | Veterans Today

Minsk 2 – Et råtnende lik


NATO Is Good Jewish Business | Real Jew News

NATO er god jødisk forretning

3. sep. 2014 – NATO is ‘good Jewish business‘ but the store is about to have a …..

Oljemagnatene Rockefeller og Rothschild forener seg

http://www.texemarrs.com/092014/rockefeller_rothschild_unite.htm …

Greed is Good” – Money, the Jews, and the Destiny of America

Texe Marrs … “Greed is good,” said the capitalist Gordon Gekko to the admiring crowd. …

As the keen futurist and business observer Gerald Celente noted on Fox TV a …

He sagely wrote, “Money is the god of the Jews, and Rothschild is his …



The Donald: Israel, American Jews, Funding ISIS and World Terrorism

By GPD on December 15, 2015

We checked and, thus far, the interview appears to be real. We are flabbergasted to say the least.

Trump: US Friend Israel Funds ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq

[ Editor’s note: We have suspected for some time that Trump is trying to sabotage his own campaign by saying “outlandish things.” At VT, we don’t believe American Jews are knowingly funding terrorism, except perhaps for the ADL, AIPAC and groups we know to be tied to anti-American intelligence efforts.

We do, however, have more than minor proof of Israel’s involvement with the ISIS movement, which includes transiting and recruiting jihadists from among Hamas dissidents and supplying now over 1000 advisers who serve with ISIS, al Nusra and other groups inside both Syria and Iraq.

Les resten:

 The Donald: Israel, American Jews, Funding ISIS and World Terrorism

Russia, France, Britain, United States – In ISIS Blowback …

16. nov. 2015 – Here is where some of the main foreign principals stand

Only a world power/ Intelligence agency such as the CIA, MOSSAD, …

NEO – America Reels as Putin “Redlines” Israel | Veterans …

13. okt. 2015 – Putin’s statement about dealing with Israel and their illegal

air attacks on Syria … this is why ISIS has full access to American intelligence

and this is why Israel is using … He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board

of Veterans Today, especially for …. And even ?I? is a kind of physical system’s magic trick.

Veterans Today | Military Veterans and Foreign Affairs …

ISIL was created by Zionist elements in the US and Israel to defend their ….


Israeli Turns its Back on Erdogan After SU24 Fiasco …

26. nov. 2015 – Israel shares intelligence with the US-led coalition against the

… sponsors, partners, technicians, or the Veterans Today Network and its assigns. ….

to get reinforcements and they have a superior AA Missile system in the area.

Russian Source: Saudi Intelligence Responsible for Airline …

3. nov. 2015 – Half the Egyptians work for Israel, the other half for Saudi Arabia …

through penetration of one of the planes communications systems. …..

NEO – America Reels as Putin “Redlines” Israel | Veterans …

13. okt. 2015 – Putin’s statement about dealing with Israel and their illegal air

attacks on Syria … this is why ISIS has full access to American intelligence a

nd this is why Israel is … it is Israel, a nation that has now made itself indefensible

and stands utterly … He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, …

10. okt. 2015 – In discussions with a senior military intelligence source in the US

yesterday, two issues came up: Veterans Today’s claim that 800 Israeli troops

are now inside Syria … The Donald: Israel, American Jews, Funding ISIS and World …

number to stand up to the criminal establishment. the horrendous Leaflets of …


Russian Leaflets Cite US and Israel as Real ISIS Backers …

10. okt. 2015 – In discussions with a senior military intelligence source in the US

yesterday, … Veterans Today’s claim that 800 Israeli troops are now inside Syria …..

(by CNN) pot metal dome defence system, only works in press releases.

Israeli Russian Threat Hoax Pushes World to Brink of War …

30. sep. 2015 – Russia has begun air operations over Syria today based

on an request from President … ISIL is another acronym for ISIS. … Sticking

my neck out on this a bit, it seems that this is a Mossad hoax meant to push the …

The Race to Get World War II Veterans Home in Time for Christmas · Iran Doublesdown on …

Caught: RT and Israel | Veterans Today

1. jul. 2015 – Hamas has been accused by Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz of …

ISIS fighter with VT designed .300 AAC compact sniper system built in …

… working in concert with Turkish, Israeli and Saudi intelligence, have placed a …

The warship’s troubles came after several days of propulsion system problems.

Om hva USA gjør i Pakistan, droner og manglende forsvarsadavokater for “terrorister” (som USA mener er det, men som ikke er bevist, men det meste fikses med en drone)

Pakistan – Tag Archive | Veterans Today

The Pakistani military strategists rely on its nuclear arsenal as a main counter-measure

against the … Obama violates US and International Law in Pakistan.

SouthFront: The India-Pakistan Confrontation | Veterans …

12. nov. 2015 – The Pakistani military strategists rely on its nuclear arsenal as

a main counter-measure … U.S. Carrier Strike Groups Locations Map ? Dec.

China-Pakistan Energy Corridor – Veterans Today

9. nov. 2015 – Possibility of revival of Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline project and

its extension up to China has brightened up after gradual lifting of US sanctions …

Brig Asif H. Raja – Veterans Today

Asif Haroon Raja, Pakistan The global war on terror was launched by the US under

George Bush and its western allies to make the world peaceful but made a …

Why Pakistan wants a weak government in Afghanistan …

21. okt. 2015 – By Masud Wadan for Veterans Today … In the wake of the U.S

invasion and the establishment of the interim administration led by Hamid … It wants

Afghanistan to withhold good relations with Pakistan’s inveterate rival, India, …

Afghanistan at ebb of precipice | Veterans Today

18. okt. 2015 – It has dispelled the long held impression of the US and Afghan

regime that the Taliban are strong only in the regions closer to Pakistan …

VT’s Secret Mission to Syria | Veterans Today

29. sep. 2015 – Adding additional pain to Obama’s already bleak position is

the recent debacle where a second group of American trained ?moderate rebels? …

ISIS training militants from Russia in Afghanistan, ‘US and …

8. okt. 2015 – US cited as ferrying ISIS fighters into Afghanistan … There are Arabs,

Pakistanis and even people with US and British citizenship, he said. ….

Natalie Cole – Inseparable




Putin: Russland har beviser på at SU-24 ble skutt ned for å beskytte Daesh (IS) sine oljeleveranser

Putin: Russia Has Evidence Su-24 Shot Down to Protect Daesh Oil Deliveries

Putin: We Have Proof, Turkey Shot Down Plane to Protect Illegal ISIS Oil Trade

Kommentar: Hvem har støttet IS økonomisk? Daesh?

COMMENT: Who has been financially supporting ISIS – Daesh?

Putin: Obama og jeg har felles forståelse av de neste steg som må tas i Syria

Putin: Obama and I Have Common Understanding of Next Steps in Syria

Obama fikk spørsmålet under “Thanksgiving” angående hva forskjellen på IS og Daesh er, men ble taus

Alle har sin tro, mange ganger godt gjemt i hjertet

Angela Merkel marsjerer i sin kommunistuniform sammen med sine kommunistkamerater (foto fra historiearkivet)

Noen mener at de er “Guds folk” men oppfører seg om de var “Satans folk”, med tanke på hva deltar i av drap og terror av uskyldige mennesker. Det er bare å lese historiebøkene. Noen ganger må man helt til for eksempel Russland bare for å få høre sannheten om hva som skjedde. Enhver tidsepokes skole- og historiebøker “redigeres” og forfattes av “vinnerne” av krigen. Ofrene knebles.

This Cunning Blueprint Lays Out a Secret Plan that Resulted in Over 300,000,000 Deaths and Unspeakable Horror Over the Past Century. And now, Satan’s Chosen People Intend to Use it to Once again Set the World on Fire
“A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished.”

Proverbs 27:12



Obama signs NDAA, approving $800 million aid to ‘moderate’ Syrians, Kiev


Al Qaeda in Syria: Moderate rebels gone, they joined us …


13. des. 2015 – Syria: Al-Nusra Leader Describes Moderate Rebels as Fantasy …

Earlier this week, militants from the Free Syrian Army attempted to capture the …

Obama mister all troverdighet i Syria

Obama is losing all credibility on Syria | Veterans Today

22. nov. 2015 – Obama: Putin needs ‘strategic adjustment’ in Daesh fight …

Syria, Iraq · Obama says he was ‘skeptical’ of Syria rebel boondoggle from the start …..

300 Al Qaeda Moderate Rebels Butchered While Fleeing to Turkey · Press TV …


Obama says he was ‘skeptical’ of Syria rebel boondoggle …

12. okt. 2015 – Obama says he was ‘skeptical’ of Syria rebel boondoggle from the start …

State Dept. dodges RT’s questions on failed ‘moderaterebel

Veterans Today har utallige ganger forklart hvem “Den Frie Syriske Hær” er, og hva de driver med.


Jeff Rense & Frosty Woolridge – Immigration out of Control


Syrian Government Spy within Ranks of Free Syrian Army …

15. okt. 2015 – TEHRAN (FNA)- A former Syrian Army officer that defected to the Free Syrian …

Unbeknownst to the Free Syrian Army’s Central Command, …

US and Saudis Suffer Defeats in Syrian Proxy War …

The Al-Nusra Front and the Free Syrian Army are very close to

each other as they … In the meantime, the Syrian army killed a senior commander of

al-Nusra … Sources said earlier today that a large number of the militants, ……

Free Syrian Army Blinks, Enters Talks to Join Russian …

8. okt. 2015 – Free Syrian Army Blinks, Enters Talks to Join Russian Coalition …

“Today we ask them: give us the coordinates of ISIL facilities,” he said. … .

SouthFront: Syria Battlespace – Nov. 27, 2015 | Veterans …

Rasheed Bikdash, one of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) leaders, was killed in clashes

with the Syrian army in North of Latakia. Sources said …

Syrian Army Fired Upon by Mortars From Turkish Territory …

Truth Jihad, – VT Radio Archives, – – 4:20 Radio, – – Free American …

City of Atshan liberated by Syrian army with support of Russian aviation. Turkey

fired a number of mortar shells toward Syrian army positions, the Syrian ….

Syrian Army Advances as Russia Intensifies Air Strikes in …

21. nov. 2015 – … Door, – Truth Jihad, – VT Radio Archives, – – 4:20 Radio, – – Free American …

The legitimate Syrian army advanced in an offensive Saturday, reclaiming two …

Russia intensified the airstrikes recently to assist Syrian forces in … .


Lavrov: Den USA-støttede Frie Syriske Hær ser ut til å ha forduftet

Lavrov: US Backed Free Syrian Army Seems to have vansished

5. okt. 2015 – Russian Foreign Minister calls Free Syrian Army ‘phantom’ group … The

Free Syrian Army and the moderate opposition in general remain a ….

USA-støttede “Moderate Terrorister” flykter fra Syria

US Backed “Moderate Terrorists” Fleeing Syria | Veterans …

The sources announced earlier today that the Syrian army alongside …

Earlier reports said the Syrian army launched an attack on ISIL defensive ….

village of Burj Al-Qusib, targeting al-Nusra Front and the Free Syrian Army’s …

US Backed Terrorists Pummeled by Russia in Response to …

On Tuesday, the Syrian army, backed by the National Defense Forces, …. of the

so-called Free Syrian Army were killed in military operations in ….

Den syriske hær dreper USA-støttet Al-Nusra hærfører i Syria Alleppo

Syrian Army Kills US Backed Al-Nusra Commander in …

25. okt. 2015 – Syrian Army troops killed a top commander of al-Nusra Front Takfiri …

to restore security to the above-mentioned road today or finally on Monday. …

the militants from the Free Syrian Army, Harakat Nour Al-Deen Al-Zinki, …

Syria War News – the Real and Surreal | Veterans Today

29. okt. 2015 – On Tuesday, a leader of a Syrian opposition group confirmed to

Sputnik that representatives of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) had visited Moscow.

Turkey fired a number of mortar shells toward Syrian army positions, the Syrian

army spokesman said Saturday. “Last night, there was intense mortar fire on …

Syrisk hær tar kontroll over Israel-støttet base på Golanhøydene

Syrian Army Seizes Israeli backed Base on Golan Heights …

24. okt. 2015 – TEHRAN (FNA) – The Syrian Armed Forces on Saturday morning

stormed the 4th Battalion Base of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the Golan …

ISIL Trapped in Palmyra as Syrian Army Prepares for Final …

In addition to their advance at Al-Hayyal, the Syrian Armed Forces

Syrian Army Kills over 100 Terrorists Southern Aleppo … Over 100 Takfiri

terrorists were killed in the Southern parts of the Aleppo province today, the Arabic-language ….

Breaking: Russian Pilot Rescued by Iran’s General Soleimani

On Tuesday, a Russian Su-24 bomber jet crashed in Syria. … various types of

terrorist groups for tens of kilometers was unknown until today. … fire power of

FSA (or the so-called moderate opposition, the Free Syrian Army, …. .

Syria Advances as Russia Strikes ISIL: Another Week in …

23. okt. 2015 – In Aleppo, the Syrian army began an offensive against ISIL,

with the aim … controlled by the Free Syrian Army have signed ceasefires with the … .

Turkish or American F16s Down Russian Fighter Over Syria

He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for …

of Syria, where groups including the Free Syrian Army are active but Islamic …

Turkey’s move today is a clear sign of the weakened condition of the …

Den syriske hær: IS-militanter transportert fra Syria til Jemen

Syrian Army: ISIL Militants Transported From Syria to Yemen …

27. okt. 2015 – …Syrian Army: ISIL Militants Transported From Syria to Yemen …

ISIL Trapped in Palmyra as Syrian Army Prepares for Final Attack on Ancient …


Titalls terrorister drept i den syriske hærs offensiv i Latakia -provinsen

Dozens of Terrorists Killed in Syrian Army Massive Offensive …

16. okt. 2015 – … Goodnight … TEHRAN (FNA) – The Syrian army launched a

full-scale offensive in the … According to the Syrian army spokesamn, air

strikes killed and ….

Syrian army advances under Russian air cover, sparks …

12. okt. 2015 – The Free Zone area in Aleppo province is also under the

command of the … Syrian Army, Russian Air Force Preparing for Joint Liberation …

16. okt. 2015 – The sources said that, the Syrian Army, in coordination with …

(Ahrar Al-Sham Movement), and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) this morning, killing …

Den syriske hær frigjør 5 byer i Hama med støtte fra russisk luftforsvar

Syrian Army Liberates 5 Towns in Hama With Support of Russian aviation…

11. okt. 2015 – The Syrian Armed Forces have liberated another five towns in the … sparks

fiercest clashes ever · Free Syrian Army Blinks, Enters Talks to Join … .

Hvor er Israel i Syria-konflikten?

Where is Israel in Syria conflict? – Veterans Today

9. okt. 2015 – What is Russia for the Syrian army, seems Israel to be for the

IS-close al-Nusra. The US publication Veterans Today reports on how the “Free …

Syrian Army, Russian Air Force Preparing for Joint …

28. okt. 2015 – TEHRAN (FNA)- An intelligence source disclosed on Wednesday

that the Syrian Army, popular force and the Russian Air Force are …

Real War News: Mass Surrenders, Tide May Be Turning in …

6. okt. 2015 – Over 1,000 Militants Surrender to Syrian Army in Daraa … were

under the control of al-Nusra Front and the Free Syrian Army (FSA), but they ….

Iran på bakken i Syria på en kraftfull måte

VT Exclusive: Iran on the Ground in Syria in a Big Way …

14. okt. 2015 – He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW

issues … known as the Free Syrian Army along with the terrorist groups now ….





Den russiske pilotens drapsmann identifisert som tyrkisk etterretningsoffiser

Murderer of Russian Pilot Identified as Turkish Intelligence Officer

USA ber Tyrkia om å stenge grensen, nevner ikke noe om å stoppe delaktighet i terrorisme

US Asks Turkey to Close Border, Doesn’t Mention to Stop Complicity in Terrorism

Bilderbergernes hemmelige agenda er avslørt

Bilderbergers’ Secret Agenda Revealed



By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on January 13, 2010

screenhunter_27_jan._13_18.54_150THERE IS ONLY ONE DEFINITION OF “BELIEF”


By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor


Texe Marrs har fortalt dere hva dere skjuler for folkene, men dere tror det er hemmelig?

Bilderbergers’ Secret Agenda Revealed


Russland fortsetter å triumfere over fiendene 

By Jonas E. Alexis on November 27, 2015

The prevailing lie in the New York Times and elsewhere now is that “Turkish forces had warned the Russian plane 10 times in five minutes to steer away.” The media will never tell viewers that Turkey did warn Russia not to bomb ISIS!

http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/11/27/russia-continues-to-triumph-over-adversaries/ (flere nyheter under foto)

"We must exterminate the murderous gang known as ISIS in Syria."

Tyskland: Vi må utrydde «den morderiske gjengen» kjent som IS i Syria

German MP to Ankara: Exit NATO and Forget About EU Membership – Tysk parlamentsmedlem til Ankara: Gå ut av NATO og glem EU-medlemskap


Flyktningeguru synes løsningen er en enda mer “åpen” flyktningepolitikk, så det blir akkurat like mange jenter som gutter i Sverige. Han følger samme politikk som Obama.


Texe Marrs om hvilken politikk det er:


De sterke karene fikser biffen. Men hvem er “fienden”?:


Jeff Rense & Joel Skousen – The Globalists & WW3





Russians Wipe Out US Protected ISIS -Erdogan Oil Depot – Russland utraderer USA-beskyttet IS-Erdogan oljelager

Terrorists in Su-24 search operation area killed – Russian Defense Ministry – Terroristene i SU-24 søkeoperasjonsområdet drept: Russisk forsvarstjeneste

RT: Russia-Turkey relations sour after Su-24 do-ned at Syria borderLIVE UPDATES

SouthFront: Syria Battlespace, Nov. 26, 2015

S-400 Air Defense System Now Controls Skies of Turkey and Syria – S-400 luftforsvarssystem kontrollerer nå luftrommet over  Tyrkia og Syria

US Backed Terrorists Pummeled by Russia in Response to Pilot Murder – USA-støttede terrorister pepret som svar på drapet av russisk pilot

Og Washington Times rapporterer sannheten?

Feds plan new guidelines on toxic algae in lakes, rivers – Føderale myndigheter planlegger retningslinjer angående giftige alger i innsjøer og elver

By John Seewer – Associated Press

Dette er det egentlige “algeproblemet” som ingen forteller om i norsk media. Der handler det om andre verdenskrig, Amundsen (eller Anundsen) og pupper.

Kjernefysisk forurensning i USA etter atomkatastrofen i Fukushima, som det ties i hjel om:

Groundwater Wall Leaning, Cracking Up Along Entire Length

Fukushima Protective Groundwater Wall Now Leaning

OR, WA Postpone Crab Season Due To ‘Toxic Algae’ (Lie)

TEPCO Using Giant ‘Vacuum’ To Remove Debris A Fukushima

Groundwater Pressure At Fukushima Daiichi Damages Steel Wall

Zio-Guardian Pushes Mini-Nuke Reactors For Cimate Hoax

Den vestlige Stillehavskyst dør – Seler sulter… “Skinn og bein”

Pacific West Coast Dying – Seals Starving…’Skin And Bones’




NY Times Joins Kunduz Cover Up, as Army “Suspends” War Criminals

New York times blir med på Kunduz dekkoperasjon, mens hæren “utviser” krigsforbrytere

USA-støttede “moderate terrorister” flykter fra Syria

US Backed “Moderate Terrorists” Fleeing Syria


Private Armies, Daesh, The CIA and the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Private hærer, Daesh, CIA og Den transatlantiske partnerskapsavtale


Chile, Barrick And The TPP | Veterans Today

Chile, Barrick And The TPP. By Katherine Frisk on November 9, 2015. As I have

pointed out many times before, this is NOT a capitalist system, this is a corporate …

Private Armies, Daesh, The CIA and the Trans Pacific …

22. nov. 2015 – The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is similar to it’s European ….

(TPP), BRICS and the South African Connection – Veterans …

28. mai 2015 – Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, BRICS and South African

Connection …by Katherine Frisk for Veterans Today. TPP: This is legislation that is about to …

The implications and the outcome of the TPP and the TTIP will give …

TPP, Weather Warfare And Naval Buildup In The South …

19. okt. 2015 – The TPP, western corporate fascism, has taken the Corporate Roman …

The TPP takes the concept of a free trade zone to the next level. ….

Putin Playing the Game | Veterans Today

18. nov. 2015 – Least of all those who have been subjected to this terrorism in order

to force them into agreeing to TPP free trade agreements. Or to host US …

Veterans Today | Military Veterans and Foreign Affairs …

Latest; Top 10; Comments … U.S. Small Business Administration offers help to veterans

Privacy Violations Rising At Veterans Affairs Medical Facilities.

TTIP Behind Paris Massacre? – Veterans Today

15. nov. 2015 – A major block to the One World Government, the New World Order

and the corporate, fascist, TPP and TTIP agreements has been the Silk …

US using terrorism to destabilize states: Political expert …

13. okt. 2015 – Editor’s Note: It was nice to get a call to do the top story on Press

… Jim W. Dean, managing editor of the Veterans Today from Atlanta, to get for …


Gerald Celente: Threatening Western Freedoms With Trans …

28. des. 2014 – Let’s talk about your Top Trends for 2015. …. Gerald Celente:

They’re selling the TransPacific Partnership and its European sister, the …

Trans Pacific Partnership: Corporate Escape From …

2. jul. 2012 – Information has been leaked about the Trans Pacific Partnership

(TPP), which is being negotiated in secret by US … Gerald Celente ·


Obama is losing all credibility on Syria

November 22, 2015, US and Saudi’s Suffer Defeats in Syrian Proxy War

ISIL Created by US Interventionism, Saudi Money & Wahhabi Ideology – Assad

The Double Game – Franchised Al-Qaeda and ISIS?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on November 22, 2015

Dobbeltspillet – Lisensinnvilgete Al-Qaida og IS

Alle vet at Al-Qaida og det afghanske Taliban ble skapt av det amerikanske CIA for å kjempe mot Den tidligere Sovjetunionen i Afghanistan. Med dette i tankene uttalte den tidligere britiske utenriksminister, Robin Cook, at: “På 1980-tallet, ble han (Bin Laden) bevæpnet av CIA og sponset av saudi-araberne for å kjempe Jihad-krig mot den russiske okkupasjonen av Afghanistan.”

Everyone knows that Al-Qaeda and Afghan Taliban were created by the American CIA to fight against the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan. In this regard, former British Foreign secretary, Robin Cook stated, “Throughout the 1980s, he [Bin Laden] was armed by the CIA and funded by the Saudis to wage jihad against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan.”

The Double Game – Franchised Al-Qaeda and ISIS?


by  Sajjad Shaukat,  … for Veterans Today


Publisert 8. jan. 2015

Webster Tarpley on the Jeff Rense program 1/7/2015

French President Francois Hollande declared on Monday January 5 that US-ordered sanctions against Russia had to end. On January 7, Paris was rocked by the worst terror attack in many decades, carried out by ostentatiously Islamist operatives against the political satire weekly Charlie Hebdo. Are these events somehow related? And is the real issue more geopolitics than free speech?

Webster Tarpley is an American historian, economist, journalist, lecturer and a critic of U.S. foreign and domestic policy.

Webster Tarpley on Rense radio 01/07/2015 Charlie Hebdo massacre


Webster Tarpley: The Skull & Bones Death Cult.




The Bundy clan claims to have between 100 and 200 armed militia on the scene …

to the American people and their transfer into the control of private interests. …..

of fascism which appeared in Webster G. Tarpley, The Unauthorized Biography …

World Crisis Radio

– ‎Speeches and Lectures

– ‎Against Oligarchy

– ‎Online Books

How the Venetian System Was Transplanted Into England …

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D. … Then, in 1066, two armies converged on England. …. T

he private armies of oligarchs along with other bandits and pirates were …

Madman Erdogan of Turkey, Facing Short-Term Military …

25. nov. 2015 – TARPLEY.net … @WebsterGTarpley … terrorist rebels, who function as

a kind of irregular army or private militia for Turkish President Erdogan.

Meria With Webster Tarpley on Romney and the Mormon …

11/1/12 Meria interviews investigative journalist Webster Tarpley on his latest book …

convicted multiple times of TERROR and Treason; Mormon private armies; …

Anti-Semitism is Zionism’s Bread and Butter – henrymakow …

26. aug. 2014 – Israel is the Rothschild’s private fiefdom; their private army, secret service

…. Webster Tarpley joked recently, “if the Obama Administration really …

Jeff Rense & Richard Sauder – The Fall of The American Empire


#TPP #TransPacificPartnership #Bricks #Daesh #CIA #WeatherWarfare #PrivateArmies #Geopolitikk #DetVenesiskeSystem #PrivateHærer #Mormonerhærer


Polen bevæpner og lærer opp syriske flyktninger. Krav: «Dra til Syria, kjemp sammen med IS mot Assad!»



– Er lidende flyktninger er polsk vits?

Polsk minister krever at syriske flyktninger må dra tilbake til Syria – etter å ha gitt dem opplæring i Polen – for å kjempe sammen med IS mot Assad.

Is Refugee Suffering a Polish Joke?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on November 19, 2015

The government of Poland has offered to train and arm hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees who have come to work, but there is a catch.  They have to be willing to return to Syria and fight alongside ISIS and al Nusra to “free Syria” according to a statement from Withold Waszcyzykowski, Polish Foreign Minister.

“Tens of thousands of young men are now in our country. They can go to fight to liberate their country with our help.”  (flere nyheter under foto)

Is Refugee Suffering a Polish Joke?


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

NEO – Ending the Business of Terror New Eastern Outlook – Få slutt på terrorforretningsføringen

Sanders: US Must Put Aside Differences and Work With Russia to Defeat ISIL

Military, veterans charities split $1.5 million donation

Irrational and Troubling: Don’t Blame Syrian Refugees for Paris Attacks

Breaking: SouthFront: Syria-Iraq battlespace – Nov. 19, 2015

Clinton: Assad Stays



Veldig bra og viktig intervju med Gordon Duff i Veterans Today, som vil hjelpe enhver til å forstå amerikansk politikk og hva som foregår bak kulissene i USA, og hva som egentlig skjedde med MH17 og MH370 bedre:


MH 17 Cover Up Blasted Open by New Video, So much to …

17. jul. 2015 – Full video clip (censored) reputed to claim a plane shot down MH17. … erupted along with

massive denial of service attacks on Veterans Today. … New evidence supports two planes being shot

down, MH 17 and the fighter …

Media Control and a Rigged Report, MH17 | Veterans Today

13. okt. 2015 – Kiev shot MH17 down and the Dutch, part of the NATO gang … In the below article,

based on live interviews on Russia Today, pilots debunked …

It is what the Dutch MH17 report does not say that is important

14. okt. 2015 – Editor’s Note: Well the MH17 shrapnel has hit the geopolitical fan this week. … So the Russian

request today to have the UN open a new …. sponsors, partners, technicians, or the Veterans Today Network and its assigns.

Russia: Plane Shot Down MH17 | Veterans Today

Russia: Plane Shot Down MH17. By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on July 16, 2015. Donbass Militia Did Not

Down MH17 – Russian Radars Data …

Israeli-made air-to-air missile may have downed MH17

26. des. 2015 – A report on Malaysian Airlines MH17 air disaster in Ukraine last year by a … The aircraft

disintegrated in the air and the debris of MH17 were …. sponsors, partners, technicians, or the Veterans Today Network and its assigns.

A Year Without Truth, West Propaganda War over MH17 …

19. jul. 2015 – The RT investigation including analysis provide by Veterans Today. … “I’d like to know the real things

about the disaster of MH17, because in …

Confession: American Admission Over Sinai Flash Outs …

2. nov. 2015 – America’s total silence on MH17 is admission of complicity, all or in … sponsors, partners, technicians, or the Veterans Today Network and its …

Dutch Ask RT For Help After Watching MH17 Documentary …

4. aug. 2015 – The RT Documentary film, titled “MH17: A year without truth,” … READ MORE: Russia vetoes MH17 tribunal draft at UN Security Council … sponsors, partners, technicians, or the Veterans Today Network and its assigns.

French Claim MH17 Was MH370 | Veterans Today

18. jul. 2015 – What connection is there between the blue sky, yellow safety vest regulatory and disaster

MH17 flight? Physics. I know, it is not obvious; but that …

August 2014, VT Had it Right on MH 17 | Veterans Today

August 2014, VT Had it Right on MH 17. By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on July 17, 2015. MH17: Another

Israeli Cover Up?


MH370: New Evidence Shows Additional Israeli Connections

9. mai 2014 – This paper provides important updates to an article published on Veteranstoday.com on

April 26, 2014, entitled: “MH370: Evidence of a False …

French Claim MH17 Was MH370 | Veterans Today

18. jul. 2015 – There was exactly one year, the disaster of flight 17 from Singapore Airlines over Ukraine

fed the media hungry for sensational (and less …

MH370: Evidence of False Flag | Veterans Today

26. apr. 2014 – MH370: Evidence Suggests a Naval Intelligence / Israeli. False Flag Operation was Exposed

Before Execution of an Attack. By Keith Maart.

Malaysia Airliner Missile Strike: Was it MH-17 or MH-370 …

22. jul. 2014 – Or take-off (a complicated procedure) was executed by live pilots, who then …

Today we are told that the fate of Flight MH-370 is known, not yet … sponsors, partners, technicians, or the Veterans Today Network and its assigns.

‘MH370 call exposing 9/11 cover-up?’ | Veterans Today

16. apr. 2014 – Did Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370’s co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid make a cell phone call a

fter the plane altered course and “disappeared?”

MH370: Fire / Decompression theory | Veterans Today

11. des. 2015 – Now that the ATSB report of 3 December 2015 reaffirms MH370’s flight ended with

double engine flame out, hypoxic flight south must be …

MH 17 Cover Up Blasted Open by New Video, So much to …

17. jul. 2015 – … erupted along with massive denial of service attacks on Veterans Today. … hand in t

he downing of MH17 and quite probably MH 370 as well.

MH370 – Tag Archive | Veterans Today

Now that the ATSB report of 3 December 2015 reaffirms MH370’s flight ended with double

engine flame out, hypoxic flight south must be considered.

‘MH370: 9/11-style false flag gone awry?’ | Veterans Today

31. mar. 2014 – “Fears of a cover-up over the fate of flight MH370 grew yesterday after claims that a photo

of two passengers was tampered with. Images of two …


Homoseksualitet har blitt brukt som del av religiøs seremoni/innvielsesrite i synagoger opp gjennom historien

Jeff Rense & Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Einstein The Liar & The Zionist Plot  


Jeff Rense & Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Einstein Exposed…Biggest Physics Fraud Ever?

#MH17 #MH370


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