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“What much of the World is now learning is that ISIS and all Mideast Terror groups are actually private mercenary armies that have been created, trained, supported and paid by Israel, USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the UK and much of NATO.

The Khazarian Mafia (KM) created a massive Worldwide Web of Debt which has oppressed most of humanity.  “

Has the Globalist NWO Plan become a Titanic headed for an Iceberg? 

 VIKTIG:  Artikkel av Preston James, Ph.D.

Vet dere ikke at det finnes de som kaller seg for satanister? Det finnes like mange guder som det finnes mennesker på jorda.

By Preston James, Ph.D on December 31, 2015

Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.

Utdrag fra Preston James sin artikkel:

We now know for certain that the KM is a large, Worldwide inter-generational secret Luciferian occult system of unimaginable evil based on ancient Babylonian Talmudism known as Baal Worship.

The KM is characterized by the use of private KM central banking with fake money. They have used these debt-notes to entrap the World into debt-slavery.

They have created an elastic unlimited source of funny money they have used to buy, bribe and own elected officials; wars engineered for increased power, profit and cheap access to resources accompanied by mass-murder and maiming of thousands and even hundreds of millions; drug trafficking; pedophilia; sex-slavery; and secret Satanic rituals including child torture and their blood sacrifice.

Les resten:

Has the Globalist NWO Plan become a Titanic headed for an Iceberg?

Has the Globalist NWO Plan become a Titanic headed for an Iceberg?

The Khazarian Mafia has now been checkmated by Putin and the Russian Federation,

and the Worldwide Internet. It is going to be disassembled piece by piece before it can institute

its age-old Globalist NWO Plan.

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#Satanisme #Baaltilbedelse #Mafia #Khazarer #IS #Okkultisme #Lucifersekt #Talmud #Talmudisk


 Satan’s Production line – When the Unacceptable becomes acceptable – Satans produksjonslinje – Når det uakseptable blir akseptabelt

Hvis dere lyttet til hva Texe Marrs denne uken forteller om Rotschild-bankene (bankmennene) som tar seg av Vatikanets penger, så vil dere skjønne hvor Vatikanet kommer inn i Lockerbie-terrorsaken. Det er bare ett av et utall eksempler på alt man aldri får høre om i media som eies av Gud vet hvem.

Det vi aldri fikk høre om Lockerbie-terroren om hvem som var bakmennene:

The Crash: Coming into Focus | Veterans Today

Why Still Only Silence Over The Lockerbie Frame-up …

Susan Lindauer: Lockerbie Diary-Gadhaffi, Fall Guy for CIA …

#Mafia #Vatikanet #Rothschild #Rotschildbankene #Lockerbie #Gadhaffi #CIA #USA #Skottland #Libya


False flag terror madness! Brussels, Paris under martial law


NEO – Who was Really Killing Paris and Why?

NATO Forces Russian Bomber Fleet into Atlantic to Hit ISIS

Monitoring Student Visa Holders in U.S. at No Extra Cost to the Tax Payers

An Appraisal on Paris Attacks

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Russia Releases Video of Missile Strikes on ISIL Targets From Caspian

Russia to send police pup to France after dog killed in Paris siege

Kiev Claims Ignorance of Weapons Sales to ISIS (updated)

Over 600 IS terrorists killed by cruise missiles in Deir ez-Zor – Russian defense minister

“Moderate” terrorister” og deres mindre moderate brødre fikk juling i Syria

Moderate’ Terrorists and their Less Moderate Brothers Whacked in Syria

Russia Flies 161 Sorties, 18 Cruise Missiles In Biggest Attack of the War

SouthFront: Instability in Southern Europe

Harmageddon på Golanhøydene. Det siste slaget.

Armageddon on the Golan Heights. The Final Battle.


The Globalist Plan to take-down the whole World 

Globalistplanen om å “legge ned” hele verden

Russia Continues to Knock Out Illegal Oil Trade in Syria and Iraq 

Russland fortsetter med å slå ned på ulovlig oljehandel i Syria og Irak

US Backed “Moderate Terrorists” Suffer Another Black Day in Syria

USA-støttede “moderate terrorister” lider enda et nederlag i Syria

3 ISIS field commanders in Aleppo province killed in Russian airstrikes

Suspected mastermind of Paris carnage killed in Saint-Denis police raid

Vladimir Putin: ISIS Will Taste Its Own Medicine and Syria Will Survive

Vladimir Putin: IS kommer til å smake sin egen medisin og Syria kommer til å overleve

SouthFront: Syria-Iraq battlespace – Nov. 19, 2015

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Putin Playing the Game.

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 Paris – This is a signal that we are going to have very bloody holiday season

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Is the Pentagon functioning as part of a RICO crime Syndicate ?

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Arthur Topham and Denis Rancourt on Trial

Still not paying attention to politics?

Veterans Day – America and its wars

God help the Palestinians!

The Invisible War Continues: Russian Fighter Jets Hit 277 Terrorist Targets

Israel is outraged over an EU move to label settlement goods

McCain Associate, Al-Nusra?s Saudi Commander Begs Terrorist Groups to Rush to Aleppo


Russia will not get involved in arms race, but has to eliminate shortfalls – Putin

Where abducted Afghan children are carried to

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter: Russia and China Challenges the New World Order

Yes, Jews ARE the victims – of Zionist propaganda

Salon du Chocolat 2015

9 things to know about Veterans Day

Veterans Day Is Not for Veterans

Divided Loyalties inside the Pentagon

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Brit Papers Claim Hotel Maids Downed Russian Airliner

Military veterans on death row deserve special consideration, says report

Americans become increasingly aggressive because of antidepressants and heavy metals

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Iran deal fallout clarifies the geopolitics of apartheid and genocide

Saudi’s Hit with their own TOW Missiles, Recovered From Al Qaeda

British Foreign Secretary Says “Bomb,” which means “Missile

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Stray Dog: PBS featuring new award winning indie film about a motorcycle-riding freedom-loving Vietnam veteran

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Has the Pentagon gone rogue?

The Veteran Next Door: History of the American POW

SouthFront: The Russia-US standoff in the Central Asia

The United Nations Climate Change Conference -2015

Russian Fighter Jets Hit Militants’ Positions near Lebanese Border

Toy Drone al Qaeda Footage of Syrian Army Operations

Moroccans celebrate 40th anniversary of historic Green March

Russia, US hold joint air force exercise over Syria

Syrian Troops Recapture Critical Road to Aleppo

Breaking: “IS insists it brought down Russian plane in Egypt

Jeff Smith on Sinai Crash Wreckage

Russia keeps watchful eye over Afghanistan

Scotland: CIA torture flights have landed at Prestwick at least 19 times

Yemen- Saudi Gets a Little Bit Of Help From Their Friends

Doctors Without Borders Accused of Espionage and Drug Smuggling

SouthFront: China’s Uyghur Problem. Threat of Destabilization

NEO – Georgia: Saakashvili’s Goose is finally Cooked

Russian, US air forces hold joint exercises in Syria

Russian Source: Saudi Intelligence Responsible for Airline Bomb

Israeli Army Colonel Captured in Iraq along ISIS Militants

Deliberately Stoked Chaos in Middle East

Captured Israeli Flag Officer Sequestered to Prevent Israeli Raid

Jim W. Dean interview: Saudi hush money avoids criticism on Yemen war

Al-Qaeda calls on all Muslims to unite against Russian and Western “threat” in Syria

Iraq Seizes 2 US-Led Coalition Aircraft Carrying Arms Cargoes to Kurdistan

RAG RADIO: World-Renowned Economist James K. Galbraith on Greece, the Austerity Movement, and ?The End of Normal?

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Russia Fail: Americans Killing 10 Times as Many Health Care Workers

Cameron Turns Down Plan to Bomb ISIL Positions in Syria

Confession: American Admission Over Sinai Flash Outs MH17 Deceit

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Veterans Are Not Applying For Discharge Status Upgrades, Pentagon Blamed

Assisting veterans on a path to employment

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Baghdad Not to Allow US Troops to Enter Iraq through Kurdistan Region

Erdogan Buddies Buying ISIS Oil

Pentagon Shelled Out $43M for $500K Gas Station in Afghanistan

Russia’s air group in Syria attacked 237 terrorist targets in Syria over two days

Den khazariske mafias globalist -NVO -agenda er å ødelegge enhver nasjons suverenitet

The Khazarian Mafia’s Globalist NWO Agenda to destroy every nation’s sovereignty

Exclusive Breaking Story: Bombing of Russian Plane “Highly Probable” (updated)

SouthFront: Crisis News 2.11.2015

Jemen – Saudi-Arabias Vietnam?

Yemen: Saudi Arabia’s Vietnam?

Confrontation in the South China Sea

Anti-Nye verdensorden vokser frem

Anti-New World Order Rises

Russian Jet Crash A321- A Bomb On Board?

Den kurdiske faktor i Syria-krigen

The Kurdish Factor of the Syrian War

NEO – Den saudi-israelske elefanten i rommet

NEO – The Saudi-Israeli Elephant in the Room

Trump Fires “Crazy Jew” Advisor for “Racisim

Uri Avnery – Bibi, Hitler og muftien

Uri Avnery – Bibi, Hitler and the Mufti

Dypstats -elefanter i luften

Deep State’s Elephants in the Sky

VetLikeMe Weekly October 30 2015

Fred Thompson, actor and senator who ran for president, dies at 73

Hvorfor den palestinske David kommer til å overvinne sionist-Goliat

Why Palestinian Davids will defeat the Zionist Goliath

Jim W. Dean Interview – US sending forces to Syria, window dressing


Putins neste trekk kan overraske mange

 CIAs rolle i den ulovlige narkotikahandelen

«Deep state» is Part 2 of a five part documentary by Scott Noble called Counter-Intelligence: Shining a Light on Black Operations. Historian and former diplomat Peter Dale Scott coined the term Deep State to describe the shadow government that operates outside our so-called democratic institutions to service the needs of America’s wealthy elite.

The CIA Role in Narcotics Trafficking | Veterans Today

2. nov. 2014 – “Deep State” also shines a light on current drug operations in Afghanistan and Colombia. At present Afghanistan is the world’s leading heroin …

Afghanistan War Archive | Veterans Today – Artikkelarkiv om krigen i Afghanistan

Embarrassing House Foreign Affairs Hearing on Afghanistan … By Zaki Khalid on November 26, 2013 afghanistan, cia, pakistan, india, Guantanamo Bay, US …

Amerikansk korrupsjon infiserer Afghanistan

American Corruption Infects Afghanistan | Veterans Today

21. aug. 2015 – There are countless northern alliance war lords, communist war criminals, drug traffickers and other Afghan CIA thugs on the U.S. payroll …

Pentagons skitneste hemmelighet

The Pentagon’s Biggest dirty secret | Veterans Today

17. okt. 2015 – By Preston James, Ph.D on October 17, 2015 …. certain that the secret RKM Opium Cartel used the Pentagon and the CIA to … the Army to guard the opium crop in Afghanistan and remote control USAF ….. Thanks Dr. James:::

Russlands hemmelige krig mot CIA i Syria

Russia’s Secret War on the CIA in Syria | Veterans Today

2. okt. 2015 – Russia Targeting CIA backed al Qaeda Group, America’s “moderate opposition” ….. Afghanistan and Syria, as well as truck routes to other supply points in Turkey. …. In fact the whole history of global drug trade would be nice.

Det er ikke noe IS i Afghanistan, de diktet det opp

No ISIS in Afghanistan, They Made it Up | Veterans Today

30. mar. 2015 – You will find that ISIS will start to invade Afganistan c/o the CIA as a way … This is required in order to continue the drug smuggling that George …

Afghanistan – Tag Archive | Veterans Today – Afghanistan-arkiv

By GPD on December 24, 2015 afghanistan, cia, ISIS, caught, helicopters, … By Masud Wadan, For Veterans Today The Islamic State speedily expanded over …

Nøyaktig definisjon på IS i Afghanistan, CIAs rolle

Defining ISIS in Afghanistan, the CIA’s Role | Veterans Today

18. des. 2015 – Defining ISIS in Afghanistan, the CIA’s Role … which consist primarily of communist war criminals, Northern Alliance, war lords, drug traffickers and other thugs. …. I strongly believe this war in Afghanistan must end now.

Heroin – Tag Archive | Veterans Today – Artikkelarkiv over heroin

Eugene Khrushchev on November 12, 2012 afghanistan, pakistan, drugs, Heroin Of … Eugene Khrushchev on June 5, 2012 afghanistan, cia, opium, usaid, …

Preston James, Ph.D – Veterans Today

By Preston James, Ph.D on December 17, 2015 gordon duff, mike harris, breaking …. Has the World’s largest Drug Cartel infiltrated and hijacked the Pentagon?

Splittet lojalitet på innsiden av Pentagon

Divided Loyalties inside the Pentagon | Veterans Today

10. nov. 2015 – By Preston James, Ph.D on November 10, 2015 …. The Pentagon has protected the opium crop in Afghanistan for the Khazarian Mafia and the …

Ubevisst okkupert

Unknowingly Occupied | Veterans Today

27. nov. 2015 – By Preston James, Ph.D on November 29, 2015 ….. Thank you Dr. James for including that wonderful song “Love will Hold Us Together”! … been largely dirtied up and provoked by the CIA drug trafficking for the KM is eventually ….. Arrest of Kurdish Political Opponents · Afghanistan: peace talks and conflict …

Har Pentagon blitt kriminelle?

Has the Pentagon gone rogue? | Veterans Today

7. nov. 2015 – By Preston James, Ph.D on November 7, 2015 … in is its secret role in trafficking huge amounts of opium from Afghanistan, using …. But in order to drive these World’s largest organized crime moguls … These folks are the same individuals who hijacked the Pentagon, run the drugs and also run the CIA as a …

THE SHORT END OF THE STICK with Mike Harris: Dr Preston James

THE SHORT END OF THE STICK with Mike Harris: Dr. Preston James is the guest. By Mike Harris on December 23, 2015. The guest is Dr. Preston James.

Mystery Solved – The Connection between NWO and the criminal underworld

23. des. 2015 – By Preston James, Ph.D on December 24, 2015 …. The NWO Globalists build up the drug Cartels in Mexico, Central and South America and all …
Washington Lied: Evidence Proves USSR Downed KE007 Plane by Accident


NEO – Minsk 2 – A Rotting Corpse | Veterans Today

NEOMinsk 2 – A Rotting Corpse. By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on August 24, 2015. With the US several years into the Syrian regime change debacle we …

Will Minsk-2 Checkmate the Warmongers? | Veterans Today

28. feb. 2015 – The rolling thunder of Kiev’s artillery attacks has grown more distant each …. The EU leaders foresaw the destruction of the best third of the Ukrainian army, which pushed them to Minsk2 …. great article, Jim. read it on NEO.

Ukraine Wars Archive | Veterans Today – Artikkelarkiv over krigen i Ukraina

NEO – Minsk 2 – A Rotting Corpse. jim W. Dean – As I type the Kiev forces have been clearing the defensive minefields in front of their positions on the contact …

NEO – US blockade of Syria – the first war crime | Veterans …

13. okt. 2015 – In Ukraine over a million people have fled the Kiev junta’s massive armed …. NEO – US and NATO Launch Disinfo Terror War · NEO – Minsk 2 – A …. to a stories on Gordon’s and my articles this week, a double header for us.

NEO – Please Pay Attention, There is No War | Veterans …

22. okt. 2015 – NEO – Please Pay Attention, There is No War … Today, pitched battles are being fought across Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, … there are no wars, no ISIS, no al Nusra, no failed Minsk agreement with daily shelling, no ….. Maha Labba October 29, 2015 at 2:09 pm …. treefrog October 24, 2015 at 2:39 am.

NEO: ISIS, a Partner America Can Live With | Veterans Today

15. sep. 2015 – In a Germany news article dated September 12, 2-15: … In this light, the ties between ISIS and Kiev, both political and military, are inexorable as …

1. nov. 2015

Man kan si mye stygt om Iran, men de er i det minste ikke med på å lede IS. Det blir litt vel hyklerisk å unnskylde Israel, Tyrkia (NATO), USA, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar og Storbritannia, og henge ut Iran som verre enn IS; de seks første. Det henger ikke på greip. Vekten er i ubalanse. Dessuten er det ikke bare Iran som praktiserer dødsstraff, det gjør også USA. Hvis man liker giftsprøyter og Guantanamo bedre. Rettferd skjer visst sjelden “fyllest” der i gården.

Nettavisen: Derfor truer de mektige islamske naboene hverandre

NEO – The Saudi-Israeli Elephant in the Room

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on November 1, 2015

The marriage between Saudi Arabia and Israel is at the heart of ISIS. The money and power of these two nations who, along with Turkey, rule the influence peddling industry that is at the heart of Washington DC, may well be not only wielding the CIA but is likely behind America’s phony bombing campaign and the continual “accidental” air drops of weapons to terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

When and if the first BUK missile in the ISIS arsenal, shipped from Ukraine under American military supervision, shoots down an American plane, you can be sure Russia will be blamed just exactly as they were over MH17.

One thing is clear, the term President Reagan coined, “axis of evil,” aptly describes something alive and well then as it is today, the unspoken, unreported but inexorable factor increasingly exuding its poisonous and malignant insanity across wider swaths of our planet.

Les resten:

NEO – The Saudi-Israeli Elephant in the Room | Veterans Today


…by  Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow


The ISIS-US Empire

By GPD on March 11, 2015

– Their Unholy Alliance Fully Exposed


…by Joachim Hagopian

Let’s be perfectly clear. The United States is not actually at war with ISIS. President Obama is simply waging “a fake war” against the Islamic State forces, putting on another propaganda show for mainstream media to keep his flock of American sheeple asleep in echo-chambered darkness.

With a mere cursory review of recent historical events, one can readily realize that virtually everything Big Government tells us is happening in the world, you can bet is a boldface lie.

For over three and a half decades the US has been funding mostly Saudi stooges to do its dirty bidding in proxy wars around the world, beginning in Afghanistan in the 1980?s to fight the Soviets with the mujahedeen-turned al Qaeda that later would mutate into ISIS. Reagan and Bush senior gave Osama bin Laden his first terrorist gig.

Our mercenary “Islamic extremists” for-hire were then on the CIA payroll employed in the Balkans during the 1990’s to kill fellow Moslem Serbs in Kosovo and Bosnia. For a long time now Washington’s been relying on the royal Saudi family as its chief headhunters supplying the United States with as needed terrorists on demand in order to wage its geopolitics chessboard game of global hegemony, otherwise known by the central banking cabal as global “Theft-R-Us.”

The Bush crime family were in bed with the bin Ladens long before 9/11 when that very morning George H W Bush on behalf of his Carlyle Group was wining and dining together with Osama’s brother at the posh DC Ritz Carlton while 19 box cutting Saudi stooges were acting as the neocon’s hired guns allegedly committing the greatest atrocity ever perpetrated on US soil in the history of this nation.

Ls resten:

The ISIS-US Empire | Veterans Today

Iraq: Captured Mobile Phone Ties Turkish Intelligence to ISIS

Polske ministre støtter også IS:

Is Refugee Suffering a Polish Joke? | Veterans Today

19. nov. 2015 – They have to be willing to return to Syria and fight alongside ISIS and al … His assumptions that refugees will flock to Poland in order to be …

Innse det, irakske kurdere er IS: 

Face It, Iraqi Kurds are ISIS (7177)

Defining ISIS in Afghanistan, the CIA’s Role

Who Owns ISIS? 

US Apache Helicopter Herding ISIS Toyotas? (updated

ISIL Created by US Interventionism, Saudi Money & Wahhabi Ideology – Assad

The Double Game – Franchised Al-Qaeda and ISIS?

Private Armies, Daesh, The CIA and the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Yemen: Saudi Arabia’s Vietnam? | Veterans Today

2. nov. 2015 – Saudi Arabia entered Yemen big-time after a regime change (the death of King … Saudi Arabia has dragged a similarly unenthusiastic and …

Saudi Arabia cuts diplomatic ties with Iran over embassy …

Saudi Arabia has cut diplomatic ties with Iran over the storming of its … LIVE UPDATES: Uproar in Middle East after Saudi Arabia executes top … sponsors, partners, technicians, or the Veterans Today Network and its assigns.

Gordon Duff, Senior Editor – Veterans Today

We can begin with the break in relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran. … Duff, Senior Editor on December 29, 2015 russia, spying, nsa, shot, todays, foot, gaff …

Saudi’s In ISIS Style Mass Beheading of Protesters and …

Iran’s parliament speaker says the execution of prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr will prompt a “maelstrom” in Saudi Arabia.

Truth about Sheikh Nimr’s Life; Activities, Arrest, Martyrdom …

Myth: Sheikh Nimr violently resisted arrest by Saudi government officials. … Today Saudi Arabia Executed Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr. …

COMMENT: What does Saudi Arabia know about respect …

5. nov. 2015 – Join George Galloway as he debates the Saudi Arabian leadership … People have taken to the streets in Saudi Arabia’s eastern province to …

CIA-Mossad Party Animal Caught in Iraq | Veterans Today

The report on al-Shishian’s capture comes as the Arab media outlets had …. Saudi Arabia cuts diplomatic ties with Iran over embassy storming …

SouthFront: Saudi Arabia and Iran race for power in the …

19. nov. 2015 – The ongoing standoff between Iran and Saudi Arabia is one of the most important factors shaping the military and political situation in the …


Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died

By Jim Fetzer on May 1, 2015

By Jim Fetzer (with Paul Preston as interviewed by Sofia Smallstorm)

“I have a lot of sources in regards to as to what’s going on with the president and the administration and so on, and every one of my sources said it was a false flag” –-Paul Preston

Sofia Smallstorm, who produced and directed the documentary, “Unraveling Sandy Hook”, which many regard as the best video study of the Sandy Hook event, recently interviewed a Los Angeles school expert, Paul Preston, about Sandy Hook and his knowledge of what had transpired.

Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died

Paul Preston


WHY did the framers of the Constitution choose the Word “INFRINGED” for the Second Amendment? 

Obama skjerper våpenlovene – tok til tårene da han snakket om ofrene—tok-til-tarene-da-han-snakket-om-ofrene-8305968.html

Veteraner sier trente hunder er til hjelp mot PTSD, men Veterans Affairs vil ikke betale for det

Veterans Say Trained Dogs Help With PTSD, But The VA Won’t Pay


 U.S. and Britain Scam: ISIS Internet Sites Registered to Government Offices (Mirror) – USA og Storbritannia -svindel: IS internett -nettsteder registrert hos regjeringskontorer (Mirror)

Selvsagt var jo ikke det noe interessant for norske nettaviser eller andre aviser. Man skjønner hvilket land man bor i.

“Kjent is…” IS-kjenninger


IS og islam: Den stygge sannheten (oppdatert)

ISIS and Islam: The Ugly Truth (Updated) | Veterans Today

27. sep. 2014 – But what the militants of the so called “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria …..

will that do (let’s say someone from the Green Party or the UFO party)?


10. aug. 2009 – The VA entered into this privileged agreement with Veterans Park ….

long green banner (the color of Islamic – Muslim religion) that hung on the …

Grønn er historisk sett islams farge. Marokko har en svært interessant historie,

som jeg tror få har fått med seg sannheten av. Den kan man få høre litt av her,

selv om det er begrenset hva man kan rekke å fortelle i bare én artikkel:

Marokkanere feirer historisk Grønn Marsj for førtiende år på rad

Moroccans celebrate 40th anniversary of historic Green March

4. nov. 2015 – Green is the color of Islam. … During this tragic period, what is today

Morocco was the only part of the Greater Maghreb that …. Special tribute to Vietnam

War Veterans – 40th Anniversary of the end of the War · TRUTH JIHAD: …

Organized Jewish Community Almost Unanimously Condemns American Hero Donald Trump (The Realist Report)

It’s Time for the Other 13 Candidates to Drop Out (Ann Coulter)

Alan Dershowitz Is A “Rape Culture” (Veterans Today)

Jew Confronts “Dirty Goyim” Christian on University Campus – Jøder konfronterer “Skitne hedninger (“Goyim”) på universitetsområde
(Renegade Tribune)

Trump hits a new high in national poll

NOAA weather satellite mysteriously destroyed after agency’s climate data manipulation exposed (Natural News) – NOAA værsatelitt ødelagt under mystiske omstendigheter etter at det ble avslørt av stasjonens klimadata var manipulert (trikset) med

A Muslim is Now in Charge of US Citizenship papers. (Joseph Botts)

It is Official, Jews Do Not Need Jesus Christ To Enter Heaven Says Catholicos (Noahide News) – Nå er det offisielt; jøder trenger ikke Jesus Kristus for å komme til himmelen, sier katolikker (Noaide-nyheter)

An establishment unhinged (WND) – Et utøylet etablissement

RINOs and Other Traitors in Congress Promote Immigrant Refugee Invasion (Washington Free Beacon) – RINOer og andre svikere i kongressen fremmer flyktningeinvasjon

Russia Today 911 (YouTube) – Russia I dag 911

Muslim Migrant Beats, Rapes North Dakota Woman While Chanting “Allahu Akbar” (Infowars) – Muslimske immigranter voldtar Nord-Dakota -kvinne mens de messer “Allahu Akbar” (Allah er stor)

If Americans Knew… What Every American Needs to Know about Israel/Palestine (If Americans Knew) – Hvis amerikanere visste… Hva enhver amerikaner trenger å vite om Israel/Palestina

Friend of Victim: Farook Threatened to Kill Jews, Said “Islam Will Rule the World” (Infowars) – Venn av offer: Farook truet med å drepe jøder, sa “Islam kommer til å regjere verden”

Fiorina Says Farook Gun Used to Kill Belonged to Police!!! (Infowars) – Fiorina sier at pistolen lFarooks brukte til å drepe tilhørte politiet

San Bernadino shooting story shot full of holes by patsies – San Bernadino skyteepisoden full av syndebukkhull

BUSTED! San Bernadino shooters were three white men – Avslørt! San Bernadino skytterne var tre hvite menn

Islamic terror threat, a hoax created by Israel | Veterans Today – Islamsk terrortrussel, lureri skapt av Israel

EuroParliament Prez: Christians ‘Not Safe In Our Continent’
(Breitbart) – Prez i Europaparlamentet: “Kristne er ikke trygge på vårt kontinent”

At least 386 minors were removed from harm’s way, said Inspector Joanna Beaven-Desjardins,

commander of the Toronto police sex crimes unit. 

Police deserve credit for taking Down an international pedophile-child porn ring with links to Jewish organized crime.

Is there something in Jewish culture or religion that results in disproportionate tendency to pedophilia? Is this tendency contaminating society at large? 

Minst 386 mindreårige ble berget, sa inspektør Joanna Beaven-Desjardins, leder for Torontos politiets sexovergrep -avdeling. Er det noe med den jødiske kultur eller religion som fører til en overdrevet tendens til pedofili? Forgifter denne tendensen samfunnet som helhet?

Salman Hossain: Jews are Prominent in Pedophile Bust (Henry Makow) – Jøder fremtredende i pedofiliarrestasjon

Poll: Majority of Voters Fear “Homegrown Jihadists,” Most Oppose Accepting Syrian Refugees (Breitbart) – Undersøkelse: Flertallet av velgerne frykter “Hjemmeoppdratte jihadister”, flertallet uenige å ta imot syriske flyktninger

Congress: More Than 179,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants Roaming Free in U.S. (Washington Free Beacon) – Kongressen: Mer enn 179,000 kriminelle immigranter vandrer fritt (på gatene) i USA

Congolese man pleads guilty to strangling girlfriend in Minnesota, taking selfie with corpse (The Republic) – Kongolesisk mann sier seg skyldig i å ha kvelt kjæreste i Minesota, og tatt selfie med liket

Jews Lead Refugee Invasion (The New Observer) – Jøder leder flyktningeinvasjon

How Israel and ISIS are joined at the hip (Radical Press) – Hvordan Israel og IS er festet til hverandre ved hoften

Beware The Media Industrial Complex (Activist Post) – Vær oppmerksom på det industrielle mediakomplekset

GOP Sells America Down the River – GOP selger Amerika nedover elva

Exclusive -Jeff Sessions Exposes Ryan’s, McConnell’s Plans to Fund Syrian Refugees: “It’s Going To Be Jammed Through” – Ekslusiv -Jeff Sessioner(-) avsløring av Ryans og McConnels planer om å sponse syriske flyktninger; “Det kommer til å bli presset igjennom.”


Chaka Khan – Please pardon me – Unnskyld meg at jeg stirrer, men ditt fjes virker så kjent




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