Sensurerte nyheter, del 1C

Video av USA-støttede “Moderate terrorister” viser bruk av giftgass på den syriske befolkning (igjen)

Opprydding av Amerikas rot, krigen, 6. des. 2015

Cleaning Up America’s Mess, the War, December 6, 2015

By GPD on December 6, 2015

Video by US Backed “Moderate Terrorists” Shows Use of Poison Gas on Syrian Civilians (Again)

TEHRAN (FNA)- The US and Turkish backed militants fighting against Syrian President Bashar Assad released a video showing them targeting certain locations and residential areas in Aleppo with poisonous gas shells fired by mortar launchers.

Unconfirmed Video by Militants Shows Use of Poison Gas against Syrian Army, People in Aleppo

John Kerry Unintentionally Exposes the New World Order in Syria

By Jonas E. Alexis on December 6, 2015

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that at least a faction in the Obama Administration has played a very dirty behind-the-scenes role in supporting IS in order to advance the removal of Syrian President Bashar al Assad and pave the way for what inevitably would be a Libya-style chaos and destruction which would make the present Syrian refugee crisis in Europe a mere warmup by comparison.”

John Kerry declared last March that the United States will have to negotiate with President Assad.[1] But Kerry’s views have always been in a state of flux when it comes to Syria.  

John Kerry Unintentionally Exposes the New World Order in Syria 

Monsanto avslørt som kilde til hvitt fosfor brukt i Gaza-massakren

Monsanto Exposed as Source for White Phosphorus Used in Gaza Massacre

Ministry of Health Doesn’t Exclude Viruses Being Spread Artificially

Ron Paul Slams Cruz And Hillary: They Are Both “Owned By Goldman”

Privatization Is the Atlanticist Strategy to Attack Russia – Paul Craig Roberts and Michael Hudson

Are The Payroll Jobs Reports Merely Propaganda Statements? – Paul Craig Roberts

Are America & Britain Preparing for WW III?

Not Russian op, but NATO’s incursion in Middle East to blame for Syrian crisis – Moscow

War games in Middle East could prepare UK for “potential” Russian war with NATO – report

US weapons used to target Russians in Syria: Report

ISIS in Crisis: Oil Routes Destroyed, Capital Now Vulnerable to Attack

Satanic Ritual Abuse: It’s Real, But It Can Be Healed

Report: Massive Number of Heavily Armed Paramilitary Operating in Burns, Oregon

How We Know the Earth is Round / Flat Earthers DEBUNKED: Exploring Science, Ep. II
Radiation In Groundwater Around ALL US Nuke Plants

Risk Of Uncontrolled Nuclear Reactions In Buried Waste

Japan NRA Cuts 70% Of Radiation Stns In Fukushima

Indian Pt Disaster Radiation Leak Now 120,000% Worse

Your Radiation This Week – No 43

1,100 Red Water Tanks At Fukushima And Counting

Nearly No Health Monitoring Of People Living Near NPPs

US Love Affair With Nuclear & Radioactive Weapons

Japan Environment Min Withdraws Asinine Remarks


Trump – I’m The Only One Who Can Beat Hillary

Trump Bashes RNC For Stacking Debate Audience

Trump Continues To Roast Cruz With The Truth

Trump – All Smart People Know Iraq Was A Catastrophe

Rubio Rips Cruz Over His Constant Lying

Drudge Poll – Trump Massive Debate Winner

TIME Debate Poll – Trump Huge Landslide Winner

Trump Truths Expose Liars – The Debate In Two MInutes

CBS BUSTED – Caught In Pro-Rubio Debate Set-Up

Hillary Donors Helping Chris Matthews Wife Campaign

Sellout Sanders Destroyed The Audit The Fed Bill

Br. Nathnael – How To Survive The Holocaust – Vid


Kasich, Clintons Worked On Law Doubling Severe Poverty

Scalia Dead ‘With A Pillow Over His Head’ – Yet No Autopsy

Did McConnell Give Obama A Supreme Court Win?

Obama’s Short List For Supreme Court?

Scalia’s Passing Brings Left-Lib Wolves To US Front Door

Now One-THIRD Of The High Court Will Be Obama

LA Times Awesome Quote About Feinstein And Firearms

CIA Boss Predicts ‘Inevitable’ Terror Attack On US

UK – Boycott Of Israeli Goods Soon A Criminal Offense

Einstein Inked Manifesto For Extermination Of White Race

Jeff & Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Einstein Exposed…Shocker

US Government To Track ‘Suspicious’ Internet Memes


The B-61 – The “More Usable” Nuke

Syrian Army Victories Make Saudis, Turks Desperate

Turkey Shells Syria For 2nd Day, Civilans Killed

Road To World War 3 – Turkish Army Enters Syria

Russia Sends New Cruise Missile Ship To Syria

Assad Will Be Removed By Force If No Peace

The Syrian Endgame

LG Smart TV Caught Collecting Data From USB Drives!

The Black Magic Of Donald Rumsfeld

Venezuela Is Out Of Food – Prepping Made Illegal

Fingerprints For Food In Venezuela – Bad Sign

Zika In Erie County New York ex-El Salvador

Hollywood Promotes Cultural Marxism Via Big Budget Films

Zionist Jeffery Sachs Policies In Russia Killed Millions

Muslims Already Outbreeding Whites In Sydney

Lockerbie Lies & Libya

Silent Revolution In World Of Currencies?

Spooky Hidden Tunnels, Vaults Beneath The UK

Brit Archeologists Find Long-Lost Roman Roads

$20,000 Dream Homes Being Built In Georgia Town

Safe Drinking Water Strategies For Preppers

Is There Archaeological Evidence of Bigfoot?

How Mozart Unlocked A Galactic Secret

Atheist Doctor Witnesses Telepathy

Honest Abe Wasn’t Honest About Drinking

Trump’s Conservative Heritage Clear Back In 1988

Kirwan – The War We Have Feared Is Here


Financiers Linked To Soros Give To Kasich Campaign

Concerns Over Imminent Hillary Document Dump

Hillary – The War Machine Candidate (scary Comments)

Urgent Calls For Scalia Autopsy – He’s Already Embalmed!

Was Justice Scalia Murdered By Obongo?

ALIPAC Calls For Immediate Scalia Autopsy

War Over Scalia Replacement – Crucial Loss For America

Antonin Scalia’s Passing

Deconstructing John Kerry’s Latest Big Lies

Sovietizing Of American Society

Govt Wants Cash To Become Illegal


Russia Ended US Lawlessness In The MidEast

Futile Diplomacy To Resolve Syria’s Conflict

Is US-Dominated NATO Planning War On Russia?


Atzmon – Meet The New Sniper Golem

Atzmon – Jewdas…A Glimpse Into Jewish Left Duplicity

Gilad Atzmon In NYC This Weekend

Atzmon – Cameron, The Holocaust And Forgetfulness

Atzmon – Charlie Hebdo – One Year

Atzmon – Sarah Colborne…A Solidarity Campaigner – Or A Traitor?



WHY did the framers of the Constitution choose the Word “INFRINGED” for the Second Amendment?

TRUTH JIHAD: Traveling Terror Troupe did Paris, San Bernadino, and other false flags


Crimea turns on gas supply to freezing Ukrainian town – Krim skrur på gassforsyning til frysende ukrainsk by

What is real adversity and hardship? – Hva er ekte motgang og lidelse?

RAG RADIO: All-Star Musical Jam with Powell St. John, Spencer Perskin, Maryann Price – All-Star Musical jammer med Powell St. John, Spencer Perskin og Maryann Price



The Big Lie Versus The Great Truth That Shall Set Everything Ablaze


Tracking ISIS To DC’s Doorstep

Turkey – The Country ISIS Uses As A Home Base Tyrkia, landet IS bruker som hjemmebase

Hack of Netanyahu Chief of Staff Shows Israeli Control of ISIS

Hacking av Netanyahus sjefsstab viser at Israel kontrollerer IS

Hot off the Press – Netanyahu is a History Revisionist …

Netanyahu er en historierevisjonist

Netanyahu: Napoleon of Global War on Terror | Veterans …

Netanyahu: Den globale krig mot terrors Napoleon

NEO – Israel Punishing Syria for Russian S300 Sale

One hundred percent of Israel’s military capability against Iran was wiped off the face of the earth with these upgraded S-300s

NEO – Israel Punishing Syria for Russian S300 Sale …

Help Nail Netanyahu! | Veterans Today

Times of Israel: President No Longer Speaking to Netanyahu

Netanyahu’s farcical fear mongering | Veterans Today

Netanyahus farseaktige fryktskaping

How World War Three Could Start Tomorrow – Hvordan tredje verdenskrig kunne starte i morgen

US Apache Helicopter Herding ISIS Toyotas? (updated …

Amerikanske helikoptre gjeter IS-Toyotaer

Now its Israel’s turn…!”, Zarif wrote in Guardian | Veterans …

“Nå er det Israel sin tur”, skrev Zarif i The Guardian

Afghanistan: Profiteering in America’s Longest War …

Afghanistan: Lønnsomhet i Amerikas mest langvarige krig

No, Thanks! Iraq Rules Out Need for US Ground Operation …

War News, US Delivery of TOW Missiles to ISIS Seized by Iraq

Krigsnyheter: USAs leveranse av TOW-missiler til IS beslaglagt av Irak

Putin is Defeating More than ISIS in Syria | Veterans Today

Putin bekjemper mer enn IS i Syria

Legal Notice | Veterans Today

NEO – Washington has now Lost the Middle East | Veterans …

New Eastern Outlook – Washington har nå mistet Midtøsten

VT Exclusive: Warning for those who have ears to hear …

Her er litt mer om hvem som er hvem i “Det hellige land” eller blant de som “Stoler på Gud”.

Blitzer Website Accuses Israel and ISIS of Organ Trafficking …

Blitzer-nettsted anklager Israel og IS for å drive handel med menneskeorganer

1. jun. 2015 – Israel-Islamic State Trafficking In Human Body Parts? … It is also the case that

Palestinian prisoners in Israel have sought to sell their kidneys …

Is Israel Marketing Human Organs to Fund ISIS? | Veterans …

Markedsfører Israel mennneskeorganer for å sponse IS?

20. aug. 2015 – Brutal ISIS ‘selling organs of sex slaves to bankroll terror acts’ …

…. in this article is that Israel has a sordid history of trafficking in body parts.

Israeli Guilty of First Organ Trafficking Case in US History …

30. okt. 2011 – For many years, Israel has been at the top of organ trafficking. …

The practice of buying and selling organs is illegal in almost every country in …

Daesh opens center in Mosul to trade human organs …

Daesh åpner senter i Mosul for å drive handel med menneskeorganer

18. sep. 2015 – Some of the residents are forced to sell their body parts so that they don’t …

… The israel’s showed up in nepal after the quake to harvest body …

Real War News, Israeli Commando’s Fight Alongside ISIS in …

Ordentlige krigsnyheter: Israelsk befal kjemper side ved side med IS

29. sep. 2015 – Last year, the Israeli forces struck the Syrian army at the UN Ceasefire …

The ISIL terrorists killed at least 20 ISIL terrorists in the Eastern parts of ….


81 Congressmen To Visit Israel in Coming Weeks | Veterans …

8. aug. 2011 – You might note that they are freshmen Congressmen going to Israel as …

Hopefully some will have their body organs extracted and sold on …

The Russian Crash in Sinai, ISIS Claims “Shoot Down …

1. okt. 2015 – Today Russian investigators will be flooding into Cairo. … According to

Russian news agencies, the aircraft was an Airbus A-321 operated by …

Russia: Plane Shot Down MH17 | Veterans Today

16. jul. 2015 – Russian Experts Excluded From MH17 Crash Investigation

Envoy to UN …. In todays airline world that would be a massive disruption, and …


Russian Source: Saudi Intelligence Responsible for Airline …

3. nov. 2015 – Russian Source: Saudi Intelligence Responsible for Airline Bomb …

The key to our investigation was location of the video crew’s position. ….

French Claim MH17 Was MH370 | Veterans Today

18. jul. 2015 – There was exactly one year, the disaster of flight 17 from Singapore ….

suspicious haste) accused the pro-Russian rebels and which, oddly, …

Israeli F16’s Falling from the Skies over Yemen | Veterans …

25. mai 2015 – Investigations …. With two Israeli planes downed this week, fresh Saudi

markings painted on … The aircraft shot down today had reportedly conducted a number of …

supplied by Russia – Yemen is well-equipped with modern Russian … or it is a recently

surplus ex-NATO aircraft either from Italy or Portugal.

Michael Shrimpton – Veterans Today

Just a short column this week, as I have trial preparation to attend to. … in WWII

for Dr. Josef Mengele on the German Ebola program was a Portuguese doctor,

Jose Ferreira, … MH17 Shootdown – The Investigation Continues …

By Michael Shrimpton on July 31, 2014 china, Flight MH17, malaysia, russia, Ukraine Of Interest.

Wikiweasel Coverup As Saudi Contact With Israel Censored …

27. jun. 2015 – Investigations …. Similarly, Israeli pilots are flying operations in Royal Saudi Air Force …

F16 A-B models,, painted Saudi but belonging to Israel or Portugal, and we … activities tied to the

current war do seem to be carefully coordinated. …. country is a military coup like the one that

toppled the Soviet Union.

Archive for November, 2015 | Veterans Today | Page 2

The Syrian and Iraqi forces’ advances supported by the Russian … Special Assistant

to VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald, to fly home … By GPD on November 20, 2015

bombers, crush, isil, longrange, russia, Syria Investigations … a government to the

coalition headed by Portuguese Prime Minister Pedro [ …

Benjamin Fulford – Veterans Today

Attack Against Japan. Serious capital flight has already begun in Spain, Portugal and

elsewhere as savers there take their euros out before they are seized.

NEO – Media War Over Ukraine is a War Against Everyone …

16. mar. 2015 – Investigations …. The ongoing media war between the United States and

the Russian is pretty much official … media and Intel front NGOs with the ease of a magic

flying carpet. …. even in Western Europe (think Portugal and Spain 1930s to 1970s), …

It is facts which people have to live with in their daily lives, …


Hvis man leser om “de to vitner” i Bibelen, så er det noe evig som står foran Guds trone, og så lang fartstid har ikke Storbritannia og USA.

Yes, Putin: They’re Going To Realize What They’ve Done

By GPD on January 4, 2016

East:West Chess Game of War…by Hannah Michaels (submitted by John Anthony Hill)

Just as a bell starts another round in a boxing match, the Sixth Trumpet of the seven described in the Book of Revelation brings in the Sixth Time Period. During it, World War 3 breaks out.

This is what they’ve done! It’s what they’ve wanted. And like boxing, war is a little more brutal than a game of chess. Try to tell a Syrian, THE WAR hasn’t started.

Les resten her:

Yes, Putin: They’re Going To Realize What They’ve Done


Dette har de gjort:

Turks Fuming as Russians Obliterate Their WMD Convoy to ISIS

By GPD on November 26, 2015

TOW missiles and Sarin gas supplies for al Qaeda and ISIS destroyed, Turkey may demand reparations

Turks Fuming as Russians Obliterate Their WMD Convoy to ISIS

Russia: No more talk of “moderate rebels”, the gloves are off – Russand: Ikke noe mer prat om “moderate rebeller”, hanskene er av

French MP Proposes Sanctions Against Turkey Over “Siding With Extremists” – Fransk parlamentsminister foreslår sanksjoner mot Tyrkia for at de “Tar parti med ekstremister”

Breaking: Russian Pilot Rescued by Iran’s General Soleimani – Russisk pilot reddet av Irans general Soleimani

SouthFront: Syria Battlespace, Nov. 26, 2015 – Syrisk kampområde, 26. nov. 2015

NATO-Member Turkey Supporting ISIS While Killing Kurds – NATO -medlemmet Tyrka støtter IS mens det dreper kurdere

NEO – Tracking ISIS to DC’s Doorsteps – New Easter Outlook – IS sporet til Washington D.C.s trappetrinn

 US Backed “Moderate Terrorists” Fleeing Syria – USA-støttede “moderate terrorister” flykter fra Syria

Tyrkia innrømmer å ha skutt ned jetfly innenfor Syrias grenser – Tyrkisk fremgangsmåte

Turkey Admits to Shooting Down Jet Inside Syria, “Turkish Policy

– USA vil løfte Oslo Børs til nye høyder


Hemmelig USG-handel og diplomatiske avtaler du ikke får lov til å vite om

Secret USG Trade and Diplomatic Agreements you are not allowed to know about

SouthFront: 2015, Year of Crisis Escalation. What expected in 2016?

Apartments In Ohio Being Remodeled For Homeless Veterans

Halvkriminelle Pentagon-talsmenn forpurrer Det hvite hus’ forsøk på å stenge Guantanamo

Rogue Pentagon Officials Thwart White House Efforts to Close Guantanamo

Tre måneder med russiske luftstyrkers Syria-operasjoner i detaljert oppsummering

Three Months of Russian Aerospace Forces Operation in Syria in Details

Syriske grupper trekker seg tilbake fra koalisjon for å fokusere kamp mot Assad

Syrian group withdraws from coalition to focus on fighting Assad

Politstaen Tyrkia: Erdogan forsøker å arrestere kurdiske politiske opponenter

Police State Turkey: Erdogan Seeks Arrest of Kurdish Political Opponents

Afghanistan fredssamtaler og økt konfliktnivå

Afghanistan: peace talks and conflict escalation

En veloverveid (fornuftbasert) svar til lesene om Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Robert Spencer og Pamela Geller

A Reasoned Response to a Reader About Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Robert Spencer, and Pamela Geller

Om den dere “håp-om-forandring” -tingen

About that Hopey-Changey Thing

Hvem stjal Dubais gull?

Who Stole Dubai’s Gold?

Saudi-Arabia kutter diplomatiske bånd til Iran pga storming av ambassade

Saudi Arabia cuts diplomatic ties with Iran over embassy storming

Saudiske halshuggere er verre en IS

Saudi head-choppers are worse than ISIS

Det forventes at IS kommer til å angripe strømforsyningsanlegg (globalt)

ISIS Expected to Attack Power Grid

Amerikas kriminelle rettssystem er svindel

America’s criminal justice system is a hoax

Vil Kievs nye utenrikspropagandanettverk være i stand til å avverge tragedie?

Will Kiev’s New Foreign Propaganda Network be Able to Stave Off Disaster?

Finnes det et hemmelig USA-Russland -kompromiss om Syria?

Is There a Secret US, Russian Compromise on Syria?

Kiev-juntaen selger stålen hollandsk kunst

Kiev Junta Peddling Stolen Dutch Art

Studie viser at Maidan-snikskytterne var opposisjon støttet av Vesten og en falsk flagg -operasjon

Study Proves Maidan Snipers Were Western-Backed Opposition’s False Flag

Terrorist TOW-missiler ødelagt, Raytheon skynder seg å erstatte de

Terrorist TOW Missiles Destroyed, Raytheon Rushes to Replace Them

Bio-terrortrussel i Storbritannia – IS-doktorer går inn i landets nasjonale helsevesen

Bio-terror Threat in UK, ISIS Doctors Join NHS

Barzani, kurdisk uavhengighet og slutten på Sykes-Picot

Barzani, Kurdish independence and the end of Sykes-Picot

Jødisk kabbalah inntar Hollywood

Kabbalah Goes to Hollywood

Innse det, irakiske kurdere er IS

Face It, Iraqi Kurds are ISIS

“Demoralisering” av USA-ledde styrker og IS-terroristene

Demoralization” of the US-led Forces and the ISIS Terrorists

Russia Defense Report – Jan. 3, 2016: Tank Fleet Modernization

Star-Crossed Lovers’ Tale Banned from Israeli Schools

Rouhani orders Iran’s missile program accelerated


Meet Nadine, the world’s most human-like robot
(The Telegraph)

Man charged with setting Houston mosque afire says he was a devout attendee (Houston Chronicle)

Russian Defense Ministry accuses Pentagon of imitating fight against Islamic State (TASS)


Denne artikkelen bør Hege Storhaug også lese, for å få et bredere perspektiv på ting, noe særlig kristne og jødiske kretser kunne trenge. Muslimene kjenner det allerede på kroppen, og det har de gjort lenge:

The Academy’s Complicity in the Global War of False Flag Terrorism

By Anthony Hall on January 2, 2016

by Prof Tony Hall

Co-Host, False Flag Weekly News

“No Lies Radio”

Coming to Terms with the Global War of False Flag Terrorism

I met Dr. Kevin Barrett as planned at a small bookstore near the Notre Dame Cathedral landmark in Paris France. On that day, December 11, 2015, the Paris bookstore was the site of a significant academic conference entitled “Islamophobia and the Erosion of Civil Society.” 

Hours earlier I had exited the last class of the fall term in my third-year Globalization Studies course at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada. I had driven to Calgary, hopped a flight to Dallas, and then transferred onto a big American Airlines 777 for the trans-Atlantic flight to the City of Lights now under martial law.

For the second time in 2015 Paris had been rocked by violent episodes attributed to the independent actions of Islamic terrorists. After the first event last January, Dr. Barrett had coordinated the emergency responses of a team of analytic observers, myself included.

Together we uncovered the outlines of an outlandish fraud of an externally-engineered false flag terror event. Dr. Barrett assembled the revelations in his edited book entitled We Are Not Charlie Hebdo. Now a sequel volume was in the making as Kevin and I met up in the Paris bookstore where the inner workings of the “Islamophobia Industry” were the subject of scholarly investigation.

Les resten:

The Academy’s Complicity in the Global War of False Flag Terrorism

Akademiets delaktighet i den falske flagg -terrorkrig

“Islamofobi og ødeleggelsen av det siviliserte samfunn”

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 5.14.09 AM



Veterans Today: Arkiv over falske flagg -operasjoner

02.01.16. Rasisme innen jødedommen

Talmuds lærde mann foraktet tyrkere og mongoler som apekatter, nå har DNA-forskning stilt hans egne i et merkelig lys

Rabbinere underviser ut fra Talmud, og her er en av bokens lærde:

In book III, chapter 51 of Guide for the Perplexed, the incomparably wise rabbi tells readers that two categories of people are so miserably inferior that, in his opinion, they are below human and are not much higher as a species than the monkey

“Some of the Turks (i.e. the Mongol race)… and the Blacks… their nature is like the nature of mute animals… they are not on the level of human beings, and their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey, because they have the image and the resemblance of a man more than a monkey does.

The frontispiece to Maimonides’ Guide for the Perplexed.

Now the humorous thing about Maimonides’ view is that it has now been discovered that virtually every “Jew” alive today comes from the Turk/Mongol family. The ancestry of those who claim to be ‘Jews’ today can be traced directly back to Khazaria, a Turkic/Mongol nation.

Les resten:

Famous Rabbi, Maimonides: A Racist and a “Self-loathing Jew 



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