Sensurerte nyheter, del 1G



Neocon hissy fit over Trump: US hawks are afraid of becoming irrelevant

Bataclan security team – accused by Eagles of Death Metal – linked to Israel

Was Putin’s former press minister murdered in Washington?

Is this the most important suppressed news story of our time?

Global Aspirations: China Mulls Network of Overseas Naval Bases

Syrian FM red line – Only Syrians will decide Syria’s future

The Incredible Turk – 1958 documentary

Turkey Pays Kurds $200m But For What?

Reverse Speech: What people are really thinking

The snake nurtured in UAE’s bosom, stings its master: ISIS declares war on Abu Dhabi

Guardian: Monsters Among Us, the Real Ronnie and Nancy

11.03.2016 Crisis News

Key powers discuss possibility of Syria federal division: Diplomats

Iraq trying to bring home $20billion of stolen money

Barzani Media: Iraqi militia leader derides US forces, saying his men better against ISIS

Obama: New World Order Created a “Shit Show” in Libya

Spy Humor: SIMORGH; Iran Named His Version of US Captured Spy Drone RQ-170

Russia to show tough response to USA’s new nuclear bombs in Europe


SouthFront: Syria battlespace, Mar. 1, 2016

Oppdatert informasjon om mordet på Scalia

Scalia Murdered After Obama Meeting (updated)

Viktig informasjon fra Ukraina:

Donbass advertises to the world – Stop Fascism!

Megyn Kelly Is a New World Order Prostitute and Political Slut

Jeff Rense & Jim Marrs – Primary Update & Voting Fraud–Reidar-Karlsen-8376075.html


Talk Nation Radio: Mary Anne Grady Flores From Jail on Why She Protested Killer Drones

Talk Nation Radio: Holly Sterling On The Unjust Imprisonment Of Her CIA Whistleblower Husband

SouthFront: Syria battlespace Feb.29, 2016

SouthFront: 29.02.2016 Crisis News

Did Turkey Murder 1000 Syrian POWs at Raqqah?

Scalia, the Illuminati, the Jesuits and the Vatican

By Katherine Frisk on February 29, 2016

And Mocking Bird Media Rupert Murdoch’s Boss

…by Katherine Frisk

Opus Dei Influence Rises to the Top in the Vatican by Betty Clermont is a long and informative article that connects many dots and is worth bookmarking for future reference.

Here are some key points, keeping in mind that the Vatican is the biggest pedophile all boys club on the planet, that the Illuminati was founded by a Jesuit, and that the P2 lodge is one of the most powerful Illuminati Lodges and Mafia central:

1. “Their goal is the same as other plutocrats – unbridled power – except they use the influence of the Catholic Church and its worldwide network of institutions exempt from both taxes and financial reporting requirements to advance rightwing parties and governments.” 

Scalia, the Illuminati, the Jesuits and the Vatican

Is Sisi plotting with Israel to have Dahlan replace Abbas?

Psychopath George Soros: Don’t Ever Mess With Vladimir Putin


Ukraine Falls Victim to US Neocons’ ‘Regime Change’ Experiment

“Blackwater” teams operating in Ukraine

Brains Over Brawn: Russian Armed Forces More Powerful Than NATO

Hjerne over muskelkraft: Russiske bevæpnede styrker mer mektige enn NATO



Scalia’s death boost legal chances for Obama’s climate plan

Deborah Tavares har satt seg inn i hva “klimaplanen” egentlig handler om, les mer om det her:


Stopp kriminaliteten


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