Sensurerte nyheter del 13

Catastrophic Pacific Die-Off – Military Assault On Web Of Life

Radioaktivitet dreper fisk i den nordvestlige del av Stillehavet

Worst Ever”: Alarm over shocking crash of salmon population in Pacific Northwest “Very frightening… Pathetic… Grave… Disastrous… Non-existent” — Official calls for immediate government action — “Something majorly wrong is happening in our oceans” (VIDEOS)

Rad Killing NW Salmon – ‘Frightening, Pathetic, Non-Existent’

Water Quality Data Of Tokyo Bay Withheld For 2 Mos

382 Banks Financing Global Nuclear Weapons Racket – pdf

Feds Add $339b To Debt First Day After Budget Deal

Obama skal møte «adelen» for å lure amerikanere angående TPP

Obama to meet with experts on Pacific trade deal: White House

President Barack Obama will hold a meeting at the White House on Friday with experts from both political parties to discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on Friday.

The meeting will include four former Secretaries of State -Henry Kissinger, James Baker, Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright – among others.

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Obama To Meet With ‘Nobility’ To Con Americans On TPP

With No Warning – The next cyber attack could start a war – using our own weapons…

With No Warning

SS Agent Arrested For Sexting With ‘Teen’ While On WH Duty

Syria Israel Fake And Real News – Morris

Fascistisk israelsk MK tar til orde for å opprette palestinske konsentrasjonsleirer

Stephen Lendman:

Far-right, former IDF colonel, racist MK Moti Yogev wants family members of Palestinians accused of attacking Jews (true or false) placed in internment camps. (Les resten:)

Fascist Israeli MK Calls for Palestinian Concentration Camps

Jøder strever hardt for å få flerkulturelle samfunn, men vil ikke tillate det i Israel

Jews Push Multiculturalism But Won’t Allow It In Israel

87 år gammel dame får 10 måneder i fengsel for å betvile Holocaust

87 Yr Old German Lady Gets 10 Mos For Doubting Holocaust

Ultraortodoks rabbiner forteller at færre enn 1 million jøder ble drept under andre verdenskrig

‘Fewer Than 1 Million Jews Killed in Holocaust,’ ultra-Orthodox Outreach Rabbi Says (Haaretz)

Europa kan gjøre det å «linke seg» til en annen webside ulovlig (galskap)
Europe May Make Linking To Any Other Site Illegal (Insane)

Marxist-galskap i Missouri

Marxist Madness In Missouri 

Obama – Refugees No Bigger Threat To US Than ‘Tourists’

Carson Campaign Put US States In Wrong Places On Map

Hillary Clinton – Demokratenes Dick Cheney

Hillary Clinton – The Democrats’ Dick Cheney

Obama og FN innførte Agenda 21 på steroider, og ingen merket det

Obama, UN Passed Agenda 21 On Steroids, No One Noticed

Real Reasons Obamacare Premiums Are Rising Fast

Clinton Email Companies Rebuff Senate Investigators

UT Prosecutor Investigating US Sen. Harry Reid

Tidligere CIA-sjef George Tenet: – Bush og Cheney visste om at 11.sept. -terrorhandlingen var nært forestående

A new report from POLITICO corroborates a suspicion long held by critics of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. It affirms the former president and vice president not only had intelligence warning the terror attacks of 9/11 were imminent, but that they repeatedly ignored the CIA’s warnings. The most shocking assertion is that Bush and Cheney actively attempted to hide the paper trail documenting the fact that the evidence was presented to them.

Ex-CIA Chief – Bush & Cheney Knew 9/11 Was Imminent

Throngs Of Children Trying To Cross TX Border Again

NBC Exec’s ‘illegals’ Remark Angers Hispanic Lawmakers

Droneoperatører knytter Obamas dronekrig til terror

Drone Operators Link Obama Drone War To Terror

8 Syrians Caught At Texas Border In Laredo

6th Syrian w/Fake Passport On Way To US Caught

IS mot verden (bortsett fra Israel)

ISIS vs The World (Except Israel)

IS Magazine Warns 9/11 Scale Attack Coming

Russia’s Awesome Backfire Supersonic ISIS Killer Bombers

Russian Jets Destroy 3 Major Oil Facilities In Syria

US Anti-ISIL Coalition ZERO Results Compared To Russia

McCain Calls For 10,000 US Ground Troops In Syria

Obama Advisor – Ground Forces In Syria Not Sustainable

22 Islamic Terror Training Camps Now In The US – Vid

1,070 Iraqis Let Into US In First Last Six Weeks

De fire ryttere bak oljekrigene

The Four Horsemen Behind The Oil Wars

Bekreftet: – Masseskytterøvelse like før Paris-terror

Confirmed – Mass Shooting Drill Right Before Paris

Mizzou Student Body Pres Dares Students To Impeach Him

Third World America – Americans Turn To Squatting

Smart-TV ser på DEG og selger så data videre

Smart TVs Watch YOU Then Sell The Data

Atzmon – Arthur Topham vs Theodore Nathan Kaufman

Million-studentmarsjopptøyene har Soros skrevet over hele seg

Million Student March Uprising Has Soros Written All Over It

Private Atty-Inmate Phone Talks Recorded By Prisons

Sidney Blumenthal, Vince Foster And The Deep State

Disorder If We Don’t Change How Money Is Made, Spread

Føderale myndigheter sjal 4,5 millarder dollar fra amerikanere i fjor

Feds Steal $4.5 Billion Taken From Americans Last Year

Get Ready For Crazy

Statene mislykkes i integrering

States Fail At Integrity

Bilderbergerne sverter russiske atleter

Bilderbergers Smear Russian Athletes

The Debate – Cameron’s EU Reform Demands

Capitalists Use Lufthansa Strike To Set Example

The Girl Who Could Recall 10 Past Lives

Studenter knebler asiatisk kvinne som sier at mørkhudete kan være rasistiske

Students Silence Asian Woman Saying Blacks Can Be Racist

Bill Maher – Quentin Tarantino Interview – Vid

Lydbølger – Hvordan de kan skade deg og hvordan du kan beskytte deg selv

Sound Waves – How They Can Hurt And How To Protect Yourself

World’s First 3-D Printed Jet UAV Revealed

FL Man Felony Arrested For Asking Cop To Drive Safer

Leptospirosis In South Florida

Dreier – Goodbye…We Really Love You

The Attack Of Australia’s Rock Throwing Ghost

Mother Nature – Healing What Ails You

1 In 5 New Yorkers Have Mental Health Problems

Amerikas rystende epidemi av politiovergrep

America’s Disturbing Epidemic Of Police Abuse

United States Military Deployed To 147 Countries In 2015

‘Support The Troops’ As Propaganda Weapon?

Disse regjeringene ønsker å se dine Facebook-data

These Governments Want To See Your FB Data

El Niño Conveyor Belt Storms Coming

Green Slime Invades World’s Deepest Lake

About Being Organized vs Being Messy

Bruk av kobber for å forhindre spredning av respiratoriske viruser

Using Copper To Prevent Spread Of Respiratory Viruses

Mystery Object Dazzles Skies Over Siberia

Dubai Is Giving Its Firefighters $200,000 Jetpacks – Vid

Lake Tahoe’s Blueness, Quantified

17 Eerie Photos Show How Polluted China Air Is – Pics

Your Cat Doesn’t Really Want To Kill You

Mystery Object WT1190F Blazes The Night Sky – Vid

UFO Over Santa Tecla, El Salvador – Vid

Digital Image Of The Roswell Ramey Memo

Formerly Secret Inventions Awarded Patents

Hollande Orders France Borders Closed After Deadly Attacks

Trump – Deportation Will Be Done Humanely, Keystone – Vid

Trumps immigrasjonsplan er helt vilt populær

Trump’s immigration Plan Is Insanely Popular

Er Pentagon en del av et kriminelt RICO-syndikat?

Is The Pentagon Part Of A RICO Crime Syndicate ?

Egypt To Send Russia Jet Recording For Analysis

Russian Tourists Gone, Tens Of 1,000s Now Jobless In Egpyt

Russia May Up Safety In Foreign Airports After A321 Crash

US Bombers Ignore ‘Get Away’ Orders, Fly Near China Islands

Secret US Spy Planes Have Been Flying Pacific For Years

Russia Deploys Powerful S-400 Air Defense System To Syria

Russia Denies S-400 Air Defense Systems Deployment In Syria

Syrian Army, Resistance Take 2 Strategic Alleppo Province Towns

Putin – FSA deler IS sine mål via etterretningstjenester – USA vil ikke samarbeide

Putin – FSA Shares ISIS Target Intel – US Won’t Co-Operate

Russia Flies 107 Sorties, Eliminating 289 ISIL Targets, 2 Days

US Airstrike – 99% Sure Executioner ‘Jihadi John’ Dead

Did Russia Just Gently Threaten The US?

Why Russia Bombing Is So Effective In Syria

Russian Awesome New Secret Nuclear Torpedo

Moskva irettesetter Reuters for forutinntatt (ensidig) journalistikk (propaganda)

Moscow Slams Reuters For Biased Journalism

Splittet lojalitet innen Pentagon

Divided Loyalties In The Pentagon

Dette er de som er ansvarlite for Sveriges krise

This Is Who Is Responsible For Sweden’s Crisis – Vid

Hva som er galt med media

What’s Wrong With The Media

Facebook – Regjeringen krever mer og mer brukerdata

FB – Govts Demanding More And More User Data

Fighting White Genocide At US ‘Holocaust’ Memorial Museum

DHS Memo – Obama Might Circumvent DAPA injunction

Takling av betalt patiotisme – Hvem lønner hvem for hva?

Tackling Paid Patriotism – Who’s Paying Who For What?

The Supreme Court could soon deliver a crushing blow to the Sixth Amendment
SCOTUS May Soon Land A Crushing Blow To Sixth Amendment

Anti-White Messages In The Mainstream Media 24/7/365

Topham Trial…Guilty – Not Guilty

SPLC gir homoseksuell fargebøker til fireåringer

SPLC Gives Homosexual Coloring Books To 4 Yr Olds

Hva som er galt media

What’s Wrong With The Media

Mizzou Fraud Fest – KKK Alerts, ‘Swastika’ Tales Implode

Mizzou Student Body President Admits False KKK Rumor

Politibetjenter ser på dine sosiale, politiske og religiøse synspunkter som «mistenkelige»

Cops Views Your Social, Pol, Religious Views ‘Suspicious’

Paramilitære politibetjenter får passasjerer til å forlate fly med geværermunningene rettet mot seg

On Monday evening, an American Airlines flight from Miami, Florida to Barbados was boarded by a paramilitary police unit wielding assault rifles, who demanded that passengers put their hands on their heads as they were forced off the flight.

Paramilitary Cops Make Passengers Exit Plane At Gunpoint

Mann arrestert for å mikrobølge ID-kortet sitt for å beskytte sitt privatliv

Man Arrested For Microwaving ID To Protect His Privacy

How Michael Jon Hand, who founded an Australian bank with ties to American military and intelligence officials that defrauded depositors and investors, was tracked to Idaho.

Funnet etter 35 år: CIAS bankrømling

FOUND After 35 Years – CIA’s Fugitive Banker

Fun With Crypto – Vid

Welsh Town Moves ‘Offshore’ To Avoid Business Tax

Why Babies Should Sleep In Cardboard Boxes

Kan ditt statspoliti spore din telefon uten tillatelse?

Can Your State’s Cop Track Your Phone w/o A Warrant?

A Stunning Anti-War Polemic

Edward Snowden forklarer hvordan du kan gjøre krav på ditt privatliv igjen

Edward Snowden Explains How To Reclaim Your Privacy

No Excuse, Obama Can Still Close Guantánamo

U.S. Baffled by Russian Jet ‘Bombing

Senate Votes To Legalize Space Mining

‘November Witch’ Nasty Weather In Mid US – Vid

Verdens Helseorganisasjon skal klassifisere aldring som en sykdom – Mange nye medisiner

WHO To Classify Aging As Disease – Many New Drugs

Inside Virginia Creepy White-Power Wolf Cult

Young Offenders Risk Early Death

Forferdelig grisefabrikk – Video

Horrifying Pork Factory Video – Vid

McNuggets With A Side Of Weed, Please

Experience The Blue Angels In 360 Degree Video

Why Humans Care For Bodies Of The Dead

Archaeologists Look For Goth Treasure Sought by Nazis

Rhine Falls To Lowest Level In 40 Years

What If All Of Earth’s Insects Keeled Over?

Hullet i jordens atmosfære nå større enn Nord-Amerika

Earth Atmosphere Hole Larger Than North America

Vast Underground River System In Western Sahara

Part Of Pluto’s Heart Was ‘Born Yesterday?

Mars Gravity Is Slowly Shredding Its Moon Phobos

Hvorfor det er så mange katolikker innen Sci-Fi

Why Sci-Fi Has So Many Catholics

Ingen UFO-spørsmål til GOP (republikanerne/de konservative), er De snill!

No UFO Questions For GOP Please

Mystery UFO To Impact Earth, Friday The 13th – Watch Live

Inbound Space Object Prompts No Fly Zone, Fishing Ban

The Clarenville UFO Experience – Vid

So Says Grandmother

Mysteriet om de 9 ukjente menn

The Mystery Of The Nine Unknown Men

Jeff & Benton L. Bradberry – The Myth Of German Villainy – Vid

Trump Likens Carson Pathology To Child Molester – Vid

Trump Stands By Ike’s ‘Operation Wetback’ Model – Vid

Rubio’s Immigration Mess – Vid

Hillary Leads Sanders By 19% – Newest Poll

Lindsey Graham: «Ville ha skutt ned russiske fly over Syria»

Lindsey Graham ‘Would Shoot Down Russian Jets Over Syria’

After Killing Your First, Everything Else Becomes A Fraud – Vid

Kirwan – PC Is America’s Third Party

Pentagram Confirms B-52 Flew Over S China Sea

China Missile Test Reignites ‘Satellite Killer’ Fears

Broder Nathanael: TPP er et jødisk anliggende

Br Nathanael – TPP Is A Jewish Affair

Obama Refuses To Recognize Israeli Rule Over Golan Hts

Israelsk offier forkledd som arabere dreper palestinere

Israeli Officers Disguised As Arabs Kill Palestinian

Israelske bosettere dreper ung palestiner på sykehus

Israeli ‘Settlers’ Kill Young Palestinian In Hospital

Israelske jetfly bomber nær flyplassen i Damaskus (video)

Israeli Jets Strike Near Damascus Airport? – Vid

IS truer Russland i ny video

ISIS Threatens Russia In New Video

USA avviser Russlands forslag til oppnåelse av fred i Syria

US Rejects Russia’s Syrian Peace Proposal

Syria ikke invitert til samtaler om hvordan få slutt på endeløs krig

Syria Not Invited to Talks On Resolving Endless War

USA gir over 700 milliarder dollar til syrisk opposisjonsgruppe

US Gives Over $700m To Syrian Opposition Groups

WH Considers Giving ‘Genocide’ Label To ISIL

USAs militære fraksjon presser på for mer krig i Midtøsten

US Militaristic Faction Pushes For More Middle East Wars

Spring, overgi dere eller dø – Kurdere jager IS fra nordre Irak

Run, Surrender Or Die – Kurds Boot ISIL From Northern Iraq

Daesh myrder Mosul-professor for å nekte å lage biologiske våpen

Daesh Murders Mosul Prof For Refusing To Make BioWeapon

Iraq’s Peshmerga Retakes Syria-Iraq Main Highway From ISIL

Notorious ISIL Executioner Killed in Aleppo

USA flinke til å gjøre verden til et farligere sted

US Good At Making World A More Dangerous Place

NATO skal utvide sin tilstedeværelse i Norden for å gå imot Russland

NATO To Expand Nordic Presence To Counter Russia

Ultra Modern New US Battleship To Sail Next Month

Pentagon ønsker å gjennomdynke Europa med våpen?

Pentagon Wants To Saturate Europe With Weapons?

Over 500,000 Sign Petition Over US Kunduz Bombing

Russian TV Leaks Secret ‘Nuclear Torpedo’ Design

De fleste av USAs våpensystemer er verre enn Russlands

Most US Weapons Systems Are Worse Than Russia’s

Russland utvikler unikt system mot avlytting

Russia Develops Unique System Against Wiretaps

Muslimer er nå den nest største gruppe i Finland

Muslims Now 2nd Largest Religious Group In Finland

Cost Crisis In Germany Doubles Amid Rows Over Strategy

Angela Merkel har mistet kontrollen over sin regjering

Merkel Has Lost Control Over Her Government

Slaveri – Tyske barn tvunget til å rengjøre ulovlige innvandrerers sentere!

Slavery – German Children Forced To Clean Illegals Centers!

Huge Anti-Invasion Rally In Poland – Biggest Ever – Pic

The Takeover Of Upstate NY By Satmar Hasidics

Er den europeiske sivilisasjon i ferd med å bli utryddet?

European Civilization On The Brink Of Extinction?

Kraftig ild brenner opp norsk flyktningeleir

Fierce Blaze Burns Norway Refugee Shelter – Vid

Tyskland kommer kanskje til å innkalle pensjonerte soldater midt oppi krisen

Germany May Call Up Retired Soldiers Amid Crisis

Muslimsk nedslakting av USA – Videoen viser vår fremtid

Muslim Onslaught Of The US – This Video Shows Our Future

Europa kommer til å ta imot ti millioner ulovlige innvandrere innen 2020 – Polsk jøde Angela Merkel

Europe To Get 10 Million Illegals By 2020 – Polish Jew Merkel

Ulovlige innvandrere i Tyskland viser tegn til å ha Ebola – krisen forverres

Illegal In Germany Shows Signs Of Ebola – Crisis Worsens

Palestinere myrdes i kaldt blod – Rapport

Palestinians Being Executed in Cold Blood – Report

 Ingeniørskapt vinterbedrag – Kjemisk is -nukleasjon

Engineered Winter Deception, Chemical Ice Nucleation

Admin To Tenured Faculty – Drop Dead

Tony Blair Heading To Handcuffs, War Crimes Indictment

Den skjulte meningen bak Starbucks logo

The Hidden Meaning Of The Starbucks Logo

Sannheten om vaksiner

The Truth About Vaccines

Selvkontroll – En guffen 80-tallsvideo om tankekontroll

‘Self Control’ – A Creepy 80’s Video About Mind Control

Moonwalkers – The Trailer – Vid

New Stealth Material Breakthrough Unveiled By China

3 Mysterious Objects Have Fallen From The Sky – Vid

Stort ozonhull over Antarktis igjen

Huge Ozone Hole Over Antarctica Is Back

Homoseksuelle Obama, den første sittende president på forsiden til LGBT-magasinet

Homosexual Obama First Sitting Pres On Cover Of LGBT Mag

Kamerat Hillary – Trumps deportasjonsplan er «absurd, umenneskelig»

Comrade Hillary – Trump Deportation Plan ‘Absurd, Inhumane’

Hillary Reacts To Joke About Carly Fiorina – Vid

Hillary – Children Of Illegals Must Be Sent Home

PNAC-medlem Jeb Bush konfrontert om «det nye Pearl Harbor»

PNAC Member Jeb Bush Confronted On ‘New Pearl Harbor’

Have You Asked Your Doctor About Voting? – Vid

Populist Upsurge – Lib Prof Finds Common Ground Tea Party

Klimagærninger krever krigstidsinnskrenkninger, rasjonering og kontroller

Climate Lunatics Demand Wartime Austerity, Rationing, Controls

Anke til retten: – NSA kan fortsette å tråkke på den 4 Amendment (lovendring)

Appeals Court – NSA Can Keep Trampling 4th Amendment

There is no justice system, and never will be – Det finnes ikke noe rettssystem, og det kommer aldri til å finnes

The Just Us System

European Civilization On Brink Of Extinction

3rd Night Of Violence Between Calais Cops, Illegals – Vid

World To US – Get Your Sh*t Together

Felles russisk-armensk forsvarssystem skal dekke Midtøsten
Joint Russian Armenian Air Defense To Cover Mideast

Syrian AF Pilots Compete With Each Other For Missions

FN irettesetter Israel på grunn av barneprostitusjonsepidemi

UN Slams Israel Over Child Prostitution Epidemic

John Barbour’s Last Word On ‘The Garrison Tapes’

Sheriffen beskytter ikke Halbig (som avslørte at Sandy Hook bare var en øvelse og at ingen ble drept under skytingen)

Sheriff Not Protecting Halbig Because Of His Sandy Hook Probe

DOJ May Give Firms A Pass On Foreign Bribery If They Confess

SCOTUS-dommer refser politibetjenter for deres «Skyt først, tenk etterpå» -modus

SCOTUS Judge Slams Cops For ‘Shoot First, Think Later’ Mode

The Next Jade Helm? – Coming Soon

Smart TVs Watching You Back – Vizio Spyware Never Blinks

Triple Green Meteor Over Siberian Skies – Pic

Idiot Calls 911 Over Man Walking With Confederate Flag

Raider LB Allegedly Taunted K-9, Faces Felony Charge

 Last Thursday, a federal judge in California dismissed two lawsuits claiming the Food and Drug Administration illegally approved a dangerous drug for use in animal feed.

Judge OKs FDA Feed Additive Banned IN 150 Countries

SF Becomes First City To Ban Plastic Bottle Sales

Dunkin’ Donuts Cups Say ‘Joy’ With Wreath

Solen kommer til å gå i dvale rundt år 2030

Sun To Go Into ‘Hibernation’ About 2030

Pålitelige finansielle indikatorer virker ikke lenger som de brukte

Reliable Financial Indicators No Longer Work Like They Did

Russland og Kina kommer til å skape et helt totalt annet gullmarket

Russia, China To Create Entirely Different Gold Market

Chinese Companies Starting To Default On Debt

On Learning How To Die

Suicidal Shrimp To Spiked Tap Water

Apekatter medisinerer seg selv

Monkeys Self-Medicate

 Kirwan – Det største tabu

Kirwan – The Ultimate Taboo

IS-løgnen avslørt: Hvordan president Obama og Hillary Clinton skapte IS

Exposing the I.S.I.S Lie: How President Obama & Hillary Clinton Created I.S.I.S.

Publisert 20. jul. 2015

Story (NEVADA CITY, CA) Speaking at the third Liberty Tour, sponsored by Paul Preston’s Agenda 21 Radio on July 11, 2015 former Army intelligence officer and once private contractor to CIA financier Booze, Allen, Hamilton Scott Bennett the author of the book ‘Shell Game” a Military Whistleblowing Report to Congress. stated he gave Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings information about Swiss bank accounts which directly implicated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama in the formation of I.S.I.S. just prior to Hastings being killed in a suspicious auto accident.

Scott explains the true story about the report which prompted Edward Snowden to go public with information about unconstitutional abuses against Americans by the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Justice and the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton Provided Material Assistance To Terrorists And Lied To Congress

On FOX Business News July 5, 2015, FOX News chief legal correspondent Judge Andrew Napolitano told FBN host Charles Payne a “conspiracy existed” among President Obama, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Treasury Department and various Congressional leaders to have arms sent to rebels in Syria and Libya. Napolitano came to the conclusion after going through several hundred pages of documents with FOX News’ intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge.
“A conspiracy existed between the president, and Mrs. Clinton, and Congressional leaders from both parties in both Houses others in the State Department, the Treasury Department and the Justice Department to get arms shipped to rebels in Syria and in Libya,” Napolitano said.
“Some of those rebels are members of organizations that are on the terror list and providing them with material assistance is a felony,” Napolitano explained. “So the arms dealers applied for and received permission from State and Treasury lawfully to sell arms to the government of Qatar and they lawfully did so.”
Qatar then sold, delivered, bartered or gave these arms to the terrorist organizations with the knowledge and consent of Hillary Rodham Clinton when she was Secretary of State.

The fact is Fox News has had this information for a long time. Former Army psyop officer Scott Bennett, author of “SHELL GAME” Military Whistleblowing Report to Congress” was on Agenda 21 Radio May 12, 2015 and reported that extensive information he had which outlined in detail the felonious acts committed by Hillary Clinton, President Obama and numerous members of congress who knew and were involved in arms shipments from Qatar to Libya to Turkey and into Syria where the arms were given to ISIS. The arms shipments were provided by the U.S. government under a plan devised by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Scott pointed out that he had given Hannity, O’Reilly, Kelly and Van Sustern detailed information regarding Swiss bank accounts and the money that was transferred from the CIA into ISIS accounts by way of Booz, Allen Hamilton. Additional e-mails were also given to FOX. Scott has contacted almost everyone in Congress and made them aware of the information he has that Fox News is now talking about. Better late than never.
Files to print CARD:……

Her er videoen:

Flere nyheter:

Trump Promises ‘Deportation Force’ To Eject At Least 11 MIllion

Trump Still Supports Russia Anti-ISIL Military Op

Carson Would Not Kill Baby Hitler

Carson & Mannatech – 7 Things You Need To Know

Hillary ved makten kan føre til Tredje verdenskig

Hillary Could Start WW3

Sanders Champions #FightFor15 Protest

Surprising New Strategy For GOP Insurgent Campaigns

Barack Obama – Den første jødiske president?

Barack Obama – The First Jew President?

Hvorfor terroriserte USAs marine Los Angeles med ICBM?

Why did US Navy choose to scare the bejeezus out of Los Angeles with a sub-launched nuke-capable intercontinental missile?

Why Did US Navy Terrorize LA With ICBM?

Den amerikanske måte – Endeløs krig

Stephen Lendman

 America is addicted to endless direct and proxy wars of aggression. Peace is anathema, social justice discarded to devote national resources to warmaking and militarizing the homeland. – See more at:

The American Way – Endless War

Pentago ønsker å gjøre sine kjernefysiske våpen i Europa mer «brukbare»

Pentagram Wants To Make Its Nukes In Europe More ‘Usable’

Galningen McCain krever at Pentagon gjør klart hva målene med det sørlige Kina-hav er

Senator John McCain called on the Pentagon to spell out its legal intent for sailing a US warship within 12 nautical miles of an island China has built in the disputed South China Sea.

Madman McCain Demands Pentagram Tell S China Sea Goals

Vet’s Day Began To Honor Peace Not To Honor War, Warriors

A Vietnam Grunt’s Guardian Angel

Psykoptat Nestlé – Vann er mat…Privatisér det…Det er ikke en rettighet!

Psychopath Nestle – Water is Food… Privatize It…It’s Not A Right

US Attacks RT, Now Its Founder Discovered Dead In DC

Snowden forsvart – Dommer slår ned på ukonstitusjonell NSA-spionasje

Snowden Vindicated – Judge Rips Unconstitutional NSA Spying

Den syriske hær presser IS ut av nøkkelområder

Syrian Army Pushes ISIL Out Of Key Areas

Over 1 millioner syrere har kunnet vende tilbake etter Russlands ankomst

Over 1 Million Syrians Back Home Since Russian Arrival

Russiske jetfly treffer 277 terroristmål på to dager

Russian Jets Hit 277 Terrorist Targets In Two Days

Israelsk jetfly bomber nær syrisk lufthavn – rapport

Israel Jets Strike Near Syria Airport – Report

Syrian Opposition Helped Russia Hit Terrorists, Syria Airbase

Br Nathanael – Will Turkey Invade Syria?

Russia Won’t Be Sucked In, But Must Catch Up In Arms Race

WH Can’t Keep Pentagon In Line On Russia, China

«Potensiale der» for et kappløp for å få tak i arktiske ressurser – John Kerry

Potential There’ For Race To Arctic Resources – Kerry

Arctic Ice Breaker – Russia Leads America, 27-1

Upgrades To Keep Trident ICBMs Operational Thru 2042

Urapporterte grusomheter om Israels krig mot Palestina

Unreported Horrors of Israel’s War on Palestine

Israel ønsker palestinske barn fengslet

Israel Wants Palestinian Children Imprisoned

Most Izzies Want All Pal ‘Attackers’ Executed On The Spot

Israelske offiserer avhører palestinsk mindreårig på en røff måte

Israeli Officers Harshly Interrogate Pal Minor – Vid

Israel tegner lovforslag som vil tillate fengsling av palestinske barn under 14 år

Israel Drafting Bill To Jail Palestinian Kids Under 14

Palestinsk etterforskning beviser at Israel myrdet Yassir Arafat

Pal Probes Proves Israel Murdered Yasser Arafat

Jøder går i bresjen for å imøtekomme en invasjon i EU av ulovlige innvandrere

Jews At ‘Fore Of Welcoming’ Illegals Invasion Of EU

 Jøder SKRYTER av at de står bak homofili- og transvetittbevegelsene

Jews BOAST They’re Behind Gay, Tranny Movements

Israel bedrev militære øvelser da russisk jetfly krasjet

Israel Running ‘Drills’ As Russian Jetliner Crashed

EU godkjenner merking av israelske bosetterprodukter

EU Approves Labeling Israeli ‘Settlement’ Products

Bibi oppfordrer Obama innstendig om å tenke om igjen angående jødisk annektering av Golan-høydene

Bibi Urges Obama – Rethink Jew Annexation Of Golan Hts

Over HALVPARTEN av USAs militærassistanse (budsjett, styrke) går til Israel

Over HALF Of US Military Assistance Goes To Israel

Israel og Egypt får 75% av hele USAs militærhjelp

Israel & Egypt Get 75% Of All US Military Aid

Israel To Spend $2 Million To Advertise Resorts To Russians

Saudi-arabiske jetfly har sykehus i Jemen som bombemål

Saudi Jets Target Yemen Hospitals

Tyskland – Sykdomsbringende innvandrere og den offentlige helsekrisen

Germany – Disease-Bearing Migrants & Public Health Crisis

Bavaria To Secede From Germany?

German Ministers Preparing ‘Putsch’ vs Merkel

Tyskland bruker 22 milliarder dollar på flyktninger i 2015

Germany To Spend $22 Billion On Refugees In 2015

Tyske nattklubber nekter flykninger å komme inn, for å beskytte kvinner

German Nightclub Refuses Refugees Entry To Protect Women

Norge åpner landets største flykningemottak nær den russiske grense

Norway Opens Largest Refugee Camp On Russian Border

Millioner av ukrainske krigsflykninger EU har glemt

Millions Of Ukrainian War Refugees EU Has Forgotten

NATO skal holde Ukraina utenfor, men modernisere Kiev-militæret

NATO to Keep Ukraine Out, But Modernize Kiev Military

Kievs Proposes $4.4b Military Spending On Defense In 2016

Den (fenglede forskeren) Dana Durnford er ikke alene om å være bekymret for den Fukushima-radioaktiviteten her

Durnford Not Alone Worrying About Fuku Radiation Here

Forskere og professorer og andre advarer mot å spise mat fra Stillehavet

Scientists, Professors, Others Warn Not To Eat Pacific Seafood

USA skal sponse og promotere kjernefysiske våpen over hele verden

US To Subsidize & Promote Nuclear Power Worldwide

FBI Thwarts Plot To Attack Black Churches, Synagogues

Politiskyteepisoder fordoblet i 2015

Police Shootings In LA Double In 2015

Politimann som drepte ubevæpnet mann blir ikke stilt for retten

No Probe Of Civil Rights In Cop Murder Of Unarmed Man

VA-mann ble lagt i kjettinger og beskutt med «taser»-pistol av politiet, døde

VA Man Tasered, Shackled By Cops Dies

Bizarre CA Missile Test – Pentagon Just Weaponize Twitter?

The $607-billion “defense policy bill” contains troubling provisions that threaten Americans’ constitutional rights, says an analyst and former Senate candidate in Texas.

Americans Should Worry Over 4 Scary Items In NDAA

Best, Worst States To Have Your Assets Seized

The Limitations of Culture

Thanks For The Memories

Defending The Imperative For Real Food & Real Farmers

New Study Reveals Most People Want To Ban Killer Robots

Strange Anomaly Discovered Inside Great Pyramid

While Goldman Profited, Dispersants Failed In BP Gulf Disaster

Spanish Sue In Constitutional Court vs Catalan Resolution

Nyheter hentet fra (som oppdateres hver dag)


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