Sensurerte nyheter, del 14

Ron Paul fordømmer tvungen depresjonsscanning for ALLE

Ron Paul Condemns Forced Depresssion Screening For ALL

This powerful video explains the truth regarding Microwave weaponry and other exotic weapons (psychotronic, electromagnetic, Radio Frequency, HAARP, GWEN towers, ELF waves) used by The UNITED STATES & other Nations worldwide, leaving NO DOUBT to all that is being used against unknowing people everywhere. If EVER you sought 1 video that tells it like it really is – THIS IS IT! It ALSO explains WHY the Police State mentality seemingl Worldwide. (TESTRA).

Dr Barrie Trower in a sit down interview tells all to ICAACT. Today many are guilty of the same type sinister crimes many Scientists were hanged for after World War II’s Nuremberg trials. TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION. Well worth time spent to watch & LEARN the Truth

Se – Mikrobølge-våpenutrustning forklart av Dr. Barrie Trower

Watch – Microwave Weaponry Explained By Dr Barrie Trower

Rapport USA Blackwater skal trekke tilbake sine soldater fra Jemen

Report: US Blackwater To Withdraw Mercs From Yemen

Saudi Says Its Ready To Send Troops To Syria

Saudi King Salman To Visit Russia In March

Moscow – ‘Impossible To Negotiate’ With US, Saudis

Deplorable NYT Anti-Syrian Propaganda

Militants Fleeing To Turkey Disguised As Aleppo Civilians

Russia Sends Humanitarian Aid To Syrians Blocked By ISIS

Syrian Army Storms Daesh Terrorists In Raqqa

US A-10s Bomb Aleppo On Wed, Shifted Blame To Russia

Thug Erdogan – US Creating “Pool Of Blood” In The Region

Erdogan Renews Call For No Fly In Syria

US Warmongers Still Calling For Syria No-Fly Zone

Pro-Erdogan Media Preps Turkey For Invasion Of Syria

Erdogan’s Policy vs Kurds Deepens ‘Refugee’ Crisis

Turkey Running Out Of Time To Invade Syria

Libya Attracting African Islamists, ISIS “Like A Magnet

Egypt Blocks West Intervention In ISIS-Ridden Libya

Engdahl – USA undervurderte igjen det iranske sinn

Engdahl – US Again Underestimated The Iranian Mind

Engdahl – Iran Completes Eurasian Golden Triangle

Ingen fred med palestinerne – Israelsk opposisjonssjef

No Peace With Palestinians – Israeli Opposition Chief

Sara Netanyahu Abused Her Houseman – Court

Israeli Forces Steal Cattle In Southern Lebanon

Passenger Disputes JPSO Story Of Dead Eric Harris

USAs lufthavnsbase forurenser Okinawas vannforsyning

US Air Base Polluting Okinawa Water Supply

New Cambodia Law Helmets Must Have

Londoner Who Doesn’t Miss Home

Italy’s PM Likens EU To Sinking Ship

Poland – BBC Is Biased Saying Poland being “Putinized

Politisk korrekthet = Språk og tankekontroll

Political Correctness = Language & Thought Control

Kubrick advarte om fluor i 1964

Kubrick Warned Us About Fluoride In 1964

In this special Dark Journalist episode he welcomes back Bestselling author of Alien Agenda Jim Marrs for a fascinating rundown of his latest cutting edge research on UFOs, Remote Viewing, Stargates. Genetic Engineering and Alien DNA.

Akhenaten, Alien DNA And Remote Viewing UOFs

7 Teen Girls Rescued From Super Bowl Sex Ring

Vannkrisen i Flint – Regjeringen nekter igjen å vitne

Flint Water Crisis – Gov Declines Again To Testify

WikiLeaks Beats Up Cameron Over Assange Claims

Over Half Of Scots Support Indy From UK In Brexit

UK Deports Child Refugees To War Zones

TV Watching You – BBC To Try Face-Scan Technology

UFO Now Believed To Be H2O

Ex Lawmaker Staked Out Her Position On ET Affairs

Hillary Top Aides Also Handled Top Secret Emails

Cliven Bundy Arrested In Portland

’15 Million More Refugees Are Heading To Europe’

USAs etterretningssjef Clapper – Genmanipulering er et masseødeleggelsesvåpen

US Intel Director Clapper – Gene Editing Is A WMD

Russian AF Hits 1900 Terror Targets In Syria In Week

Erdogan bruker Al-Qaida-Nusra -front til å omringe kurdere

Erdogan Using Al Qaeda-Nusra Front To Encircle Kurds

Poll Proves Britain Wants Out Of Eurozone

Black Mold Found In ISS Cargo – Resupply Delayed

USA innrømmer at Smart-Hjem -apparater spionerer på oss

US Admits Smart Home Devices Are Spying On Us

Rothschilds Bank of Amerika

Rothschilds’ Bank Of America

Hong Kong Stocks Plunge 4%

Miscarriages In 3 American Women With Zika

Lehigh University Student Is PA Zika ‘Traveler’

Zika Confirmed In Yolo County CA ‘Traveler’

DCHHS Special Edition Zika Newsletter

Bayer og USAs regjering ga HIV til 1.000 barn med vilje via vaksiner

Bayer, US Govt Gave HIV To 1,000s of Children

White House Proposes $19 Billion NASA Budget

Hvordan politibetjenter slipper unna rettsforfølgelse etter å ha vært brutale mot offentligheten

How Cops Get Away With Brutalizing The Public

Kristen i Flint – Grådighet har drept offentlig vitenskap

Flint Crisis – Greed Has Killed Public Science

Retired Carpenter Abducted By ET?

ET Megastructure Mystery To Be Settled

USAs spionsatelitter på nytt hemmelig oppdrag

US Spy Satellite Begins Secret Mission

Are Cage-Free Eggs All They’re Cracked Up To Be?

Facebook Deleting Pages For Legal Medical MJ

New Cause Of Strong Earthquakes

Cosmic Ray Intensification Trend Continues

2015 Had Record Number Of Shark Attacks

Mysterious Mummified Predator Baffles Experts

Hva er «barne-Alzheimers»?

What Is “Childhood Alzheimers

The Most Dangerous Strains Of Deadly E. coli

Sleep Deprivation Linked To False Confessions

Ny software redigerer skuespilleres ansiktsuttrykk

New Software Edits Actors Facial Expressions

Why Leonardo Da Vinci Was A Genius

Hundreds Of Galaxies Found Behind Milky Way

How The World Will Look 10,000 Years In The Future

The Odds Of Dying

The Mysterious Lost City Of The Jaguar

10 Day No Fly Zone Declared Over Burns OR Refuge

Trump Knows – Illegals Send Mex More $ Than Its OIL Earns

Grand Old Panic – Trump Blows Away The Establishment

How The Establishment Is Rigging The Election

Loopy Liberals Blow Gasket Over Trump NH Victory

Trump Slams Merkel’s ‘Refugee’ Policy – “The End Of Europe”

Alle Hollywoods jøder er ute etter å ødelegge Trump – Kommer til å ha motsatt effekt

Hollywood Jews All Out To Destroy Trump – Will Backfire

Holy Cow – HILLARY Actually WON In New Hampshire!

Hillary, China, Russia, N Korea And Oregon

«Svartelistet» Hillary Clintons stab reportere?

Did Hillary Staffers ‘Blackmail’ Reporters?

Hillary Aides Also Handled Top Secret Data On Sever

Hillary Campaign ‘Not In Crisis Mode’ (yet)

Assange – A Vote For Hillary Is A Vote For Endless War

Fees To The Clintons For Every Speech Since 2013

What Hillary Said In Her Paid Speeches

Kirwan – Hvem eier verden?

Kirwan – Who Owns The World? (flere nyheter under bilde)

Banksters Transforming Baby-Boomers Into Baby-Busters

Superbowl Commercials As Bad As The Game

Sears Shutting Down 50 Stores…Quickly

Macys Closings To Leave Trail Of Dead Malls

The Impossible Math Of The Holocaust

France Begins Crackdown On ‘Conspiracy Theories’

US City Banishes Founding Fathers – Unbelievable

Big Brother prøver å komme deg inn ditt barns hode

Big Brother Seeks To Get Into Your Child’s Head

Most Dangerous US Nuke Plant Leaking Tritium Into The Water

Bibi planlegger å bygge et gjerde rundt Israel for å stoppe «muslimske villdyr»

Bibi Plans Fence Around Israel To Stop Muslim ‘Wild Beasts’

Merkel’s Solution To ‘Refugee’ Crisis Not Working

Swede Cops Arrest 14 For Planned Attack On Muslim Housing

Pope Sees Putin As ‘Only Man’ To Defend World Christians

Zika – Den beryktede Bill Gates

Zika – The Notorious BG – Bill Gates

PANG – Ikke Zika – Brasiliansk-Argentisk doktor sier «Plantevernmiddel (middel mot skadedyr)»

BANG – Not Zika – “Brazil-Argentine MDs Say ‘Pesticides’

Zika Psyop Fruition – UN Calls For World ‘Command Center’

Global Scientific Community To Share Zika Data

Zika-virus forbundet med Microcephali

Zika Virus Associated With Microcephaly – NEJM

Everyone Is Catching It – Zika In Venezuela

Evidence Of Zika In Brain And Placental Tissues In Brazil

Zika Confirmed In Oregon ‘Traveler’

Zika Confirmed Morgan Co, AL ‘Traveler’

Zika Confirmed In Two More In Bexar County, TX

China Records First Zika Virus

Iran Air Force Equipped With Nasr Cruise Missiles

Did Kissinger Deliver A NWO Ultimatum To Putin?

Stopping Endless US Wars Could “Sink The Ship Of State

Pentagon er kjempelei av Obamas liberale eventyrferd

Pentagon Fed Up With Obama’s Liberal Adventurism

Pentagon ber om 146 millioner dollar mer til innkjøp av nye israelske missiler, etc

Pentagon Asks $146m For New Israel Missiles, Etc

Det nye USA-budsjettet inkluderer 4.3 milliarder dollar til NATO-medlemmer

New US Budget Includes $4.3 Billion For NATO Members

Containing Russia’s Arctic Presence “Imperative” For US

West’s Military Superiority On World Stage Withering Away

Iraqi Forces Take Key Road Linking Ramadi To Baghdad

Iraqi Army Deploys 1,000s Of Troops To Liberate Mosul

Russia Offers US Concrete Plan To End Syrian Crisis – Lavrov

Moscow Hopes US Coalition Will Stop Turkey Invasion Of Syria

Turkey Will Defend Its ‘Aleppo Brothers’ – Turkey PM

Turkey, Saudi Troops Will Support ISIS In Syria

Daesh og tyriske ledere holder hemmelig kontakt – Lavror

Daesh, Turkey Leaders Holding Secret Contacts – Lavrov

Merkel Wants To Send NATO Forces To Turkish Coast

Lavrov – ISIS Remains In Very Close Contact With Turkey

Russia’s Kurdish Gambit – US Ally In Syria On Moscow’s Side

Oil Trade Remains Daesh Main Income Resource

ISIS Positions Crushed By Syrian Army Near Palmyra

Syrian Army Ready To Fight Saudi Aggressors

Pentagon – Russia’s Airstrikes Change Syria Calculus Completely

Top US Lawyer – ISIS Born In US Detention Facility

House Of Saud Losing Its Head Over Syria

Military Moves Of 350,000 Troops Planned In S Arabia

US Spy Chiefs – Saudis, UAE Lack Ability To Fight ISIS

Saudis Want US To Fight Their War In Syria For Them

Yemeni Forces Capture Saudi Town, Villages

N Korea Military Chief Reportedly Executed

US Vows To Defend S Korea, Japan After NK Rocket Launch

US, S Korea Discuss Air Defense System Deployment

Russia Puts Troops On High Alert Ahead Of Military Drills

Kiev Can’t Keep Skirting Minsk Obligations – Lavrov

Danmark til Kiew – Følg Minsk-avtalen eller så dropper vil kanskje Russlands-sanksjonene

Denmark To Kiev – Follow Minsk Or May Drop Russia Sanctions

Madman Saakashvili – Ukrainians Could Conquer Russia With…

NATO & Euro Ldrs Hysteria Over “Myth” Of Russia Nuke Threat

US F-15s to Join 1st Finland Drill, “Increased Russian Activity

US Intel Chief – “Paranoid” Russia Pushing US Into Cold War

First Big Bank Collapse Likely To Be Deutsche Bank

If Deutsche Bank Goes Under Will Be Lehman X FIVE!

Goldman Closes Out 5 Of 6 Top Trades With A Loss

22 Signs World Turmoil In 2016 Is Just The Beginning

Euro Banking Slow Motion Crisis Increasing

Libyan Civil War Funded By Country’s Own Central Bank

UK Treas Officials Wined, Dined By Arms Giants, Rogue Banks

Iran Needs $200b Investments In Oil Industry Development

Insanity – San Diego Banishes The Term ‘Founding Fathers’

Annoying, Insulting Speech In Email Now Illegal In AZ !

Celente – Bank Bounce-Back Is BS – Gold Will Glow

Varoufakis Starts Grassroots Move To ‘Democratize Europe’

Pope Retreats On Europe Comments After ‘Angry’ Merkel Call

Haiti Crisis – US “Empire” Undermining Progress Abroad

UN Initiative To Protect Schools In War Zones VETOED By Britain

Klima-ingeniørmanipulasjon & Militæret fortsetter å påvirke været

Climate Engineers & The Military Continue To Disrupt Weather

FBI Sets Up Yet Another American On ‘Terrorism’ Charges

A Whiff Of Methane :And The Odor Of Corruption

100 Budget Friendly Items For The Frugal Prepper

Beklager, vi kan ikke bannlyse alt som fornærmer der

Sorry, We Can’t Ban Everything That Offends You

Resident Photographs UFOs Over Albuquerque

Astronaut Ed Mitchell & Immunity For UFO Insiders

‘Man Killing Metorite’ Report Trouble For NASA

Man Dies Of Swine Flu In Northern Ireland

Ny lymfesykdomsbakterie oppdaget i USA

New Lyme Disease Bacteria Discovered In US

Smoke Pot & Lose Some Verbal Memory, Middle Age

1930s Offshore Gambling Shipwreck On SoCal Beach

Emails Suggest Hillary Aide Manipulated Coverage 

Assange – A Vote For Hillary Is A Vote For Endless War

UK Press – Trump And Sanders Storm To Victory

Sanders Loves This $1 Trillion War Machine

Humor – Shape-Shifting Reptiles Dominate Dem Primary

SCOTUS Says NO To Obama On Climate

Japan Openly Suppresses Free Political Speech

Erdogan Threat To Flood Europe With ‘Migrants’

Dutch Voters – No Thanks, We Don’t Want Ukraine

Russia Forcing US To Rethink Syria Policy

Rocker Ted Nugent Blames Jews For Gun Control

Israel’s International Conspiracy

Netanyahu vil ha et araberfritt Knesset

Netanyahu Wants An Arab-Free Knesset

Superslut Gaga And The ZioBowl

Mali, Al-Qaida og Rothschildene

Mali, Al Qaeda & The Rothschilds

Central Banks Are Out Of Ammunition

Diktatorene som elsker Amerika

The Dictators Who Love America

Zika In Two Suffolk Co, NY ‘Travelers’

Zika Confirmed In Stark County, OH ex-Haiti

Pete Santilli Phone Call From Jail Monday Night

FBI Tells Enterprise To Report Santilli’s Rental Stolen

«Hvit skyld» -video vist til elever ved VA videregående

‘White Guilt’ Video Shown To VA High School Kids

6.4 Quake Hits Off Chilean Coast

Has El Niño Abandoned LA?

360 Degree View Of Mars Dunes

Drugs Cause 2 Million “Adverse” Reactions Yearly

How A ‘Little’ Ice Age Shaped Civilization

Make Your Rental Feel More Like Home

Southern Britain Hit By Storm ‘Imogen’

Hiding Your Backup Supplies

Why Roaches Are So Hard To Squash

New Species Of Bacteria Can Cause Lyme Disease

The First Fast-Acting Anti-Suicide Drug?

Hvorfor det er livsviktig med hvile etter hjernerystelse

Why Rest Is Critical After A Concussion

Smart-gun -vitenskapen

The Science Of Smart Guns

When A Word Is On The Tip Of Your Tongue

FDA Allows Unlabeled, Dangerous Chemicals In Food

Meet The Sugar Baby University Students

Fly The Friendly Skies On Cheap Fuel

Stockholm-syndromet – En amerikanske epidemi

Stockholm Syndrome – An American Epidemic

Ond grønn maskin – Klimaforandringspropaganda

Mean Green Machine – Climate Change Propaganda

Granny’s Favorite Home Remedy for Bioweapons

This Is Why You Can’t Afford A House

Contemplating Death Changes How You Think

Trump, Sanders Win New Hampshire

Latest New Hampshire Vote Count HERE

Exit Polls Shows NH Independent Vote To Trump

Hvorfor Florida støtter Trump og avviser Bush, Cruz og Rubio

Why FL Backs Trump – Rejects Bush, Cruz & Rubio

Rubio’s Reported Involvement In Gay Porn Business

Pro Rubio Radio Celeb Now Mocks ‘Marco Robot’

Madsen – «Sanders og Trump vil ikke betale Israel mer»

Madsen – “Sanders, Trump Won’t Pay Israel More

Iowa Vote Fraud! – Caucus Results Altered For Hillary

Rumors Of Hillary Campaign Shake-Up

Hillary’s Big Natl Lead Over Socialist Sanders Gone

FBI Says Hillary Email Investigation Still ‘Ongoing’

The Urgency Of Opposing A Hillary Presidency

How The Media Is Covering The Presidential Race

Establishment Candidate Choices On Shaky Ground

Kirwan – Oregon er borte

Kirwan – Oregon Is Gone

Obama EO To ‘Retire Outdated Government Systems’ ?

Obama Traded Security For Political Correctness

Relentless Russia Bashing Continues

6 Created Problems Pushing 6 Globalist Agendas

Large kill radius:

Bevæpnede celletårn og Googles onde planer

Watch – Weaponized Cell Towers And Google Evil Plans

Top Intel Official – ISIS Likely To Try US Attacks This Yr

LaVoy’s Daughters Speak Out – Powerful

Russia Consistently Blamed for US-Led Imperial Crimes

Zika Like Ebola…Manufactured And For Sale

Zika Confirmed In Two PA ‘Travelers’

Zika Confirmed In Jiangxi China ex-Venezuela

Zika Confirmed In Delaware ‘Traveler’

Ocular Findings in Zika Infants w/Microcephaly Brazil

Zika Confirmed East TN ex-South America

New Zika Hot Spot – Venezuela

New Zika Hot Spot – Colombia

Zika Confirmed Cleveland Ohio ex-Haiti

Zika Confirmed Indiana ex-Haiti

Confirmed Zika Cases In Mexico Rise To 65

Russia Tells Relatives Dutch Refused MH-17 Radar Data

Guardian – Scary Things To Happen If Putin Takes Aleppo

NYT – Syria A Disgrace For The US’A Victory For Putin

France TV Uses Russian Vids To Claim Own Successes

Assad Gains See Kerry Now Pushing For Syria Ceasefire

UN Investigator Supports Russian Airstrikes In Syria

Iran Blasts Wahhabism As Mother Of ISIL

Iran – S. Arabia Main Culprit Behind Global Extremism

Iran – Saudi Talk Of Invading Syria Reflects US Failure

Saudis Now Offer To Send Special Forces To Syria

Erdogan Threats To US ‘Decoded’

Vesten vender et blindt øye til Erdogans store krimalitet

West Turns Blind Eye to Erdogan’s High Crimes

Erdogan Threatened EU With Flood Of Refugees

Turkey Deports Russians Suspected Of ISIS Ties

Why Erdogan Probably Will Not Invade Syria

Israel’s International Conspiracy

Israel – Palestinere må begraves om natten

Israel – Palestinians Must Be Buried At Night

50 Cops Hurt In Hong Kong Protests

US Expanding Military Buildup In Asia

North Korean Satellite Said ‘Tumbling In Orbit’

Russian Cutting-Edge Fighter Jets Going Global

Paul Craig Roberts – Et forrædersk forsøk på å ødelegge Russland

Roberts – A Treasonous Attempt to Destroy Russia

Russia Working With Brazil On Olympics Security

France Puts ‘State Of Emergency’ In Its Constitution

Ex Foreign Legion Chief Arrested For Anti-Migrant Rally

ISIS – Rallies Of France National Front ‘Prime Targets’

Hjelp til med å forsvare ytringsfrihet i Califonia

Help Defend Free Speech In California

Trip To Israel, ‘Vampire Breast Lift? In Oscar “Goody Bag

Pentagon Offers To Freeze Troops Sperm, Eggs

Ville USAs grunnleggere ble «innenlandsekstremister» nå?

Would US Founders Be ‘Domestic Extremists’ Now?

Fanger som blir frarøvet søvn har lettere for å bekjenne hva som helst

Sleep-Deprived Detainees LIkely To Confess To Anything

Iran Signs Oil Deal With Total Deal Done With Euros

Russia To Be World’s Largest Wheat Exporter In 2016

Germany’s TTIP Room ‘Smacks Of Totalitarianism’

Agreement on TTIP Unlikely to Be Reached This Year

Chicago Cop Seeks $10M From Family Of Teen He Shot

USAs politibetjenter lyver, bedrar og forfalsker politirapporter

US Cops Lie, Cheat And Forge Police Reports

Eagles Capturing Drones ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Stupid’

Beware Of Stupid – Don’t Expect Much After FBI Hacked

What’s Wrong With Hiring Whores For College Recruits?

Diet Coke’s New Smoke And Mirrors Campaign

What’s Killing US Life Expectancy

Nyheter hentet fra i dag


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