Sensurerte nyheter, del 15

Suicide Kills Almost 5X As Many Troops As Combat

Porky nekter fortsatt å holde  Minsk-avtalen

Porky Still Stalling Implementing Minsk

Føderale myndigheter ønsker HJEMME-besøk, de er “likeverdige partnere” med foreldre

Feds Seek HOME Visits, They’re ‘Equal Partners’ w/Parents

David Rockefeller – «Én verdensorden» -konspirasjon er sant (den finnes)

David Rockefeller – ‘One World Order’ Conspiracy Is True

Why Mega Banks Are Promoting Cashless Society

Something Disturbing In A Morgan Stanley Presentation

Investors Have Lost $1.78 Trillion So Far This Year

1,400 Employees Learn They’re Losing Jobs To Mexico

Cop Gives Ticket – ‘It’s Against The Law To Offend Someone’

Nyliberal utdanningsmaskin

Neoliberal Education Machine

WHO Zika Situation Report February 12

Local Transmission of Zika Virus Puerto Rico – MMWR

Congress – Permanent Ban On Internet Access Taxes

Court Orders ‘Fast And Furious’ Documents Opened

The First Children Who Led Sad Lives

Canada selger våpen til statssponset terrorisme

Canada Sells Weapons to State Sponsor of Terrorism

New Yorks politidepartement benyttet seg av mobiltelefonspionasje over 1.000 ganger

NYPD Used Cell Phone Spying Over 1,000 Times

NFL’s New Domestic Violence Policy Is A Joke

CIA har løyet til sine egne i årtier

The CIA Has Been Lying To Its Own For Decades

Cops Use Dangerous Anti-Terror Tactic In Pursuits

Americans Say No To “Designer Babies

Lead Contamination in Your County?

Road-Testing Life In A Martian Colony

Check Whether Spacetime Is Foamy

Kappløpet for å få tak i arktisk olje

The Race For Arctic Oil

Moskva kvitter seg med aerosoler

Moscow Gets Rid Of Aerosols

91% av vekttapsprogrammer følger ikke medisinske regler

91% Weight Loss Programs Don’t Follow Medical Rules

Stater rasjonerer Heptatitt C-medisinbehandling

States Ration Hepatitis C Drug Treatment

Life In The Killing Fields

Sean David Morton And Wife Jailed

Police Probe UFO Lights Over Nanaimo, Canada

UFO Sightings In North Wales

Conway Teenagers Saw A ‘Flying Saucer’

Gravitasjonskrefter og ET

Gravity Waves And ET

Australias stjålne generasjoner

Australia’s Stolen Generations

The Secret Anti-Languages

Nature Notes – Exploring The Great Sleep

Trump Threat To Sue Creep Cruz Over Canada Birth

Trump – Pope Doesn’t Get US-Mex Immigration Crisis

Trump Predicts Revolutions in Europe

Dem Debate Moderators Hide Hillary Criminal Email Probe

Hillary Clinton’s Pay-for-Play Reality

Sanders – “People Aren’t Dumb” About Hillary’s Anti-Wall St BS

The Left Needs To “Own” Bernie Sanders

Muslim Killer Attacks OH Restaurant Patrons With Machete

Russian Warns Against Syrian Conflict Igniting WW 3

Constitutional County Sheriff’s are supposed to defend the people of their counties from the government: They are never supposed to take orders from this criminally imposed corporation or any of its lackey’s, like the FBI, the BLM or the Forest Service—all of which have virtually created themselves, to steal the lands which are at the center of this privatized war throughout the West. –

Kirwan – ‘What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate?

Investors Flooding Into Gold – Crisis Rush

Investors ‘Bananas’ For Gold Bars As World Stocks Dive

Lines Around The Block To Buy Gold In London

JPM – Ting er ute av kontroll – Folk vil ha gull, ikke papir

JPM – Things Out Of Control – People Want Gold Not Paper

Canada Sells Nearly Half Of All Its Gold Reserves

Krigen mot kontanter – Sentralbankenes overlevelsesstrategi

War On Cash – Central Banks’ Survival Campaign

Authorities Want To Ban High Denomination Currency

Hvis Den tyske bank kollapser, tar den euroen med seg i dragsuget

If Deutsche Bank Collapses, It’s Taking The Euro With It

Two-Thirds Of US Shale Rigs Shut Down

China Goes On Online Global Brand Buying Frenzy

Shut It Down

The organized Jewish community has long sought to partner with social media giants like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in an effort to combat “online hatred” and “anti-Semitism,” i.e., making basic, factual statements about Jews and their power, influence, and subversive agenda in the West. It is simply outrageous that companies like Twitter and Facebook, as well as various federal, state, and local governmental and law enforcement agencies, continue to partner with tyrannical organizations such as the ADL whose sole purpose is to advance explicitly Jewish interests.

Twitter Partners With ADL To Fight ‘Online Hate’

Dave Martin – My Mahoney-Murder Threat

Bioteknologiens mørke løfte – Ufrivillig kannibalisme for ALLE

Biotech Dark Promise – Involuntary Cannibalism For All

10,000 Driven From Their LA Homes By Methane Leak

Do  you really believe the day when UN troops will patrol our streets will never arrive?

Are you ready for foreigners to “protect” you from “whatever”?

Did you know that a majority of UN peacekeepers are from Muslim countries?

Les resten:

UN ‘Peacekeepers On Our Doorstep?

DOJ To Step Up War On ‘Domestic Extremists’

WHY US vs TX Is Most Important Case Court Will Hear

US Demands Halt To Russia’s Real War On Terrorism

Kerry Calls For Peace As NATO Proxies Losing In Syria

Syria Ceasefire Deal in Munich? Hold the Cheers

Lavrov – Turkey Supplies Most All Terrorists Syria

Ceasefire In Syria Within A Week – Lavrov

UK Rejects Russia Offer For Strikes Against ISIS

Russia – US Warplanes Bomb Aleppo CITY

Russians Made Peace Possible” – Ex-NATO Military Chief

Russia, Syria Foiling Obama’s Imperial Agenda

Saudis, UAE To Send Commandos To Syria – Carter

Turkey Plans Joint War Games With Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Backs Out Of Invasion Of Syria

US Oks $154.9m More In Weapons To Saudi Butchers

Saudi Urges UN, Aid Workers To Leave Yemen

NATO May Join US Coalition In Syria, Iraq – Carter

IS har brukt og kan lage kjemiske våpen – CIA-sjef

ISIS Has Used, Can Make, Chem Weapons – CIA Boss

Kurdisk lovgiver: Erdogans angrep drepte 458 sivile

Kurdish Lawmaker: Erdogan Crackdown Killed 458 Civilians

Russia Leaves Turkey A Helpless Spectator In Syria

Iraq Opposes Foreign Intervention From Any State

Aleppo Terrorist Besiegers Will Now Be Besieged

Syriske kristne jenter forsvarer hjemmene sine mot USA-rebeller

Syrian Christian Girls Defend Homes From US Rebels

Israel ødelegger over 40 palestinske hjem til

Israel Destroys Over 40 More Palestinian Homes

It’s A Con Job – & Expelling Palestinian MPs – Morris

Obama Signals Move To ‘Overtly Hostile’ China Policy

US Missile Defense In S Korea To Cost US $1.25 Billion

Russian Jets Take To Air Over Crimea In Snap Drills

One-Pager On Latest Developments In Russia

Obama NATO Agenda For EU Worse Than Cold War

Biden, Porky ‘Concerned’ About E Ukraine (they caused it)

OSCE Observers Should Check Kiev Military Buildup

Rock-Bottom Ratings…Germans Want Merkel Gone

EU Immigration Policy Failure, Biggest Mistake – Medvedev

Erdogan Threatens To Expel Syrian Refugees From Turkey

EU ‘Migration’ Policy In Chaos – Turkey Rejects Deal

EU Pressures Greece Over ‘Immense’ Refugee Crisis

LA Declares Its Schools ‘Safe Zones’ For Illegals

German Farmers Demand Payment For Lost Russian Mkt

GOP Asked Tehran To Keep US Prisoners Until Elections?

USAs dekkoperasjoner brukes til å gi tillatelse til invasjoner

US Covert Ops Used To Create Excuses for Invasion

USA skal begynne å plassere biometriske systemer på flyplasser i 2018

US To Begin Putting Biometric Systems In Airports 2018

MI Governor Withholding Critical Info In Flint Crisis?

Severed Feet In Shoes Keep Washing Up On NW Beaches

The Independent To Stop Print Editions – Go Only Online

UK Snoopers Charter Will Lead to ‘Race to the Bottom?

The Independent To Quit Print Editions After 30 Yrs

London’s FT Slammed By UN Over Russian Smear

Seven Mind-Blowing Facts About Gravitational Waves

WHO Issues Zika Warning For Pregnant Travelers

WHO Definition Of Zika Case

Confirmed Zika Cases In New York Increase To 16

Zika Confirmed In Putnam County New York

WHO Update On Zika R&D

Microcephaly In Honduran Baby – Mother Zika Infected

WHO Zika Open Site For Sharing Early Data

Darwin, Subconscious Drives, Cancer, Slave To Money

Weathering The Coming Storm – Clif High

Våpenprodusenter forlater stater som tuller med Den andre lovendring

Gun Makers Leaving States Messing w/2nd Amendment

New Book on UNC Scandal Slams Admin

Er det fluor i ditt favorittflaskevann?

Is Fluoride In Your Brand Of Bottled Water?

2 Tricks To Get to Sleep in Under One Minute

Trump – My Special Interest Group Is The American People

Trump – African Americans Will Support Me In General Election

Cruz Hung Up On Rubio -And Cash

Cruz Campaign Ad With Adult Film Actress Pulled

CNN – Hillary Embraces Obama, Beats Sanders In Debate

NeoCon Loon Hillary – Russia Not Fighting Syria Jihadists

Clinton Coin-Toss Shows The Immaturity Of Political Race

Ehrenburg, muslimske voldtektsgjenger og jødiske antifascister

Ehrenburg, Muslim Rape Gangs, Jewish Anti-Fascists

Celletårn, Elektromagnetiske områder kan forsterke smerte

Cell Towers EMF Can Amplify Pain

2016 Must Be The Year Of Understatement

Minority Voters Refuse To Be Token in Clinton Strategy

What?! EPA Rule Will Ban All Car Modification

German Judges Slap TTIP Down

Feds Admit ‘Internet Of Things’ Is For Spying On You

Diplomaten og morderen

The Diplomat And The Killer

Pentagon Kills Its Killer Drone Fleet

Krigen mot kontanter – Årsak og kur

The War On Cash – Causes And Cures

Sentralbanker er trojanske hester, de raner sine vertsnasjoner

Central Banks Are Trojan Horses, Looting Host Nations

Luftfartsakademiets «Kjemikaliereiser»-manual online

Air Force Academy “Chemtrails” Manual Available For Download 79

Chemtrail, Global Warming

Air_Force-Academy-Welcome-Photshop-bDownload the 220 page Chemtrails manual in PDF Format HERE or HERE (Large 28 MB file. Use right-click method to download)

Details or original DoD Chemtrails Document:

Air Force Academy ‘Chemtrails’ Manual Online

Illegal Teens Charged In Gruesome Murder Came In As Kids

Did Medvedev Give A Bad Interview? – Morris

BBC-reporter bekrefter at hemmelige rettssaler finnes, men får ikke rapportere om det

BBC Reporter Confirms Secret Courts But Can’t Report It

City Says – ‘Let Us Inspect For Dirty Dishes, Or Else’

Cola har en Ph-styrke som er 1 grad sterkere enn batterisyre

Coke Has A Ph Rating 1 Pt Higher Than Battery Acid

The Nuclear Era’s Homegrown Fallout Shelters

Top 5 Targets Of A Gravity Wave Observatory

Watch – Elephant Tramples 100 Homes in India Village

Internet’s Barrage Of Images Is Changing How We Think

What Caused This Weird Crack in Michigan?

Resonant Frequencies Can Kill Cancer Cells (Royal Rife)

A Million Dollar Haul Of Ocean Gold

Let The Past Inspire Your Romantic Plans

Elongated Skulls Of Peru – Not The Only Ones

Den okkulte definisjonen på regjering

The Occult Definition Of Government

Clever Device Eliminates Ocean Trash

Candida Diet – The Foods & Supplements To Eat

Marble Bar, Australia’s Hottest Town

The Great Flood – Real Or A Myth?

The Grand Old Party girer opp til blodbat i Sør-Carolina

GOP Gears Up For Bloodbath In South Carolina

Where Will Christie, Fiorina Backers Go?

Trump BLASTS Mexican Pres Over Wall

Trump Speaks About South Carolina And ‘Evil Hillary’

Trump On Fixing The Trade Deficit With China

Cruz Is NOT A ‘Dual Citizen’ – Not A Legal US Citizen At All

USA-politikken betaler gjeld med renter til (eies av) mektige koropasjoner

US Politics ‘Mortgaged To Powerful Corporate Interests’

82% Of Young Women In NH Voted For Bernie

Henrettelsen av AMerika

Kirwan – Assassinating America

Ron Paul – Why I Have Hope

Oil Drops To $27?13 Year Low

Lovløshetens inkarnasjon

Kirwan – Lawlessness Incarnate

Encryption Battle – Is NY Trying To Ban iPhones?

Video Of China’s Lethal Carrier Killer Missile Scares US

Hvite hus -opprop tar til orde for rettsforfølgelse av «krigsforbryteren» Obama

Whitehouse Petition Calls For Trial Of “War Criminal” Obama

Discovery Proves Einstein Prediction Re Space-Time Ripples

Gravity Waves Proved

LISTEN – The Stunning Truth About Einstein

Zika Confirmations In FL ‘Travelers’ Up To 18

Zika Confirmed In Maryland ‘Traveler’

Full Zika Sequence From Microcephalic Fetal Brain

Zika Sequence From Bahia Microcephalic Brain

Zika Confirmed In Two Louisiana Residents ex-Caribbean

CDC-Oxford Death Gene Is Key To Brazilian Babies ‘Riddle’

Zika – Genmanipulasjonen som kommer til å få luten til å gå ut av deg

Zika – The Gene-Editing Fix That Will Blow You Away

Anglo-Saxon Strategy – Stop Russian-Euro Entente

German Businesses Calling To Stop Russia Sanctions

Hvordan USA skaper tåpelige beviser for å ramme Russland

How US Creates Phony Evidence To Bash Russia

«Hybrid-krigføring?» – Nytt anti-Russland moteord

Hybrid Warfare?”- New Anti-Russia Buzzword

NATO Ignores Russia, Boosts E Europe Force

Is US-Dominated NATO Planning War On Russia?

NATO Mission Creep In E Europe Fomenting Cold War 2

NATOs opprustning i Svartehavet er et brudd på Montreux-konvensjonen

NATO Buildup In Black Sea Violates Montreux Convention

USA åpner Padoras boks med våpen i verdensrommet

US To Open Pandora’s Box With Weapons In Space

NATO Eastward Build-Up Alarms Potential ‘Aggressors’

Britain To Up Naval Deployment In Baltic To Help NATO

EU, NATO Sign Agreement To Boost Cybersecurity

Russland oppgraderer kjernefysiske våpen som svar på NATOs opprustning

Russia Upgrading Nukes In Response To NATO Buildup

Cashless Economy Call In Morgan Stanley Presentation

Peking angående enorm gullhandlingsrangel

Beijing On Massive Gold Buying Spree

Flight To Safety Sends Gold Above $1,200

Khodorkovsky Put On Interpol’s Intl Wanted List

Russland svartelister amerikansk mais og soyabønner

Russia Bans American Corn And Soybeans

New Russian Battlestation Can Control 10 Drones At Once

Israelske lovgivere besøker Krim

Israeli Lawmakers Visit Crimea

French Lawmakers To Visit Crimea, E Ukraine Again

Groteskt! Kiev beordrer Krim til å omdøpe navn på byer

BIZARRE! Kiev Orders Crimea to Rename Towns

Revolusjonens masker, Maidan-dokumentar – Video

‘Masks of Revolution’ Maidan Documentary – Vid

USA har ikke råd til å la Kiew oppfylle sin del av Minsk-fredsavtalen

US Can’t Afford to Let Kiev Fulfill Minsk Peace Deal

Ukrainian Army Expects “Timely” Tripling of West Assistance

IMF Warns Ukraine: Fight Corruption Or Lose Funding

Nyheter hentet fra i dag


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