Sensurerte nyheter, del 17

You are urged to visit his site and understand the danger we are ALL in from such political, legal, evil thuggery. Please view THIS VIDEO as soon as possible and consider supporting him (and supporting yourself) by making a gesture to help defend this incredibly brave man. Go to and look at his staggering contribution in revealing the truth of Fukushima RADIATION on the West Coast which has killed most life in the North Pacific in just 4.5 years. Fukushima is pouring radiation into the sea NON-STOP 24-7-365. We are facing an extinction event…

See The BC Coast Before & After Fukushima – Shocking Photos

Woods Hole Hides Fukushima Pacific Radiation Data

CA Shuts Crab Season Indefinitely Over ‘Natural Toxin’ (radiation)

The BC Coast Before & After Fukushima – Shocking Photos

USA begravde kjernefysisk avfall nær lekeplass, tusenvis av mennesker har kreft

US Secretly Buried Nuke Waste Near Playground, 1,000s Have Cancer

US To Push Reactor Life To 80 YEARS – Nevermind Cutting Ours

Enormous Spikes In Cancers Already In Japan

Your Radiation This Week – No 29

Milloner av laks bare “forsvinner” fra USAs vestkyst

Millions Of Salmon Just ‘Vanish’ Off US West Coast

Fukushima Nuclear Chain Reactions May Be Underway

Anti-Nuke Activist Dana Durnford Arrested – Free Speech Taken – Vid

Trump On Immig – ‘We Either Have A Country Or We Don’t’ – Vid

Trump Bombshell – ‘Hillary Is Running – To Stay Out Of Jail’

Hillary Acolytes ‘Trying To Shut Down FBI Email Probe’

Carson Mocks GOP Base – Supports Obama’s TPP

TPP er et middel for “Global regjeringsmakt” – gjør “den nye verdensorden” offisiell

Sessions – TPP Is ‘Global Governance’, Makes NWO Official

Carson’s Mother Says Carson Is LYING

Carson & Mannatech – Yet More Contradictions – Vid

Fact-Checking GOP Debate – Vid

Hillary Senator Campaigner Pushed On Supporting ISIS – Vid

Judges Use Obama’s Words To Halt Deportation Amnesty

The Sad Truth About ‘Veterans Day’

Br Nathanael – TPP Is A Jewish Affair

US Apache Attack Helicopter Follows Behind ISIS Convoy

USAF Wants US Troops To ‘Occupy, Govern’ Iraq & Syria

Russian S-400 Has No Equal In The World

IS har andre mål enn Syria i tankene

ISIL Has Other Goals Than Syria In Mind

Syria Forces Break Daesh Siege At Aleppo Air Base

Russia In Syria Drives Up World Demand For Russian Arms

Russia, Kuwait Calls For Start Of Political Process In Syria

Militant Rocket Attack In Syria’s Latakia Kills At Least 23

Br Nathanael – Will Turkey Invade Syria?

Paul Craig Roberts – “Krigen mot terror” er bare svindel

Roberts – The ‘War On Terror’ Is Nothing But A Hoax

Bok viser hvordan Brzezinskis “Store sjakkbrett” falt

Book Lays Out How Brzezinski’s ‘Grand Chessboard’ Fell

Pentagons spionsatelitter ser bare det Washington DC ønsker at de skal se?

Pentagon Spy Satellites See What DC Wants Them To See?

Bachmann Pleas For Jews To Convert To Christianity

Holocaust-benektelse “ikke beskyttet under loven om ytringsfrihet”

Holocaust Denial ‘Not Protected Under Free Expression Laws’

Israelsk minister anklager EU for “antisemittisme”

Israeli Minister Accuses EU Of “Anti-Semitism

Detentions Can’t Suppress Anti-Israeli Intifada – Hamas

Israel Seeks US Weapons To Strike Iran – Schoenman

Judges Use Obama Words To Halt Deportation Amnesty

Obama To Seek SCOTUS Ruling On Immigration Actions

Ungars leder – Innvandring er en “forrædersk” sammensvergelse

Hungarian Leader – Immigration A ‘Treasonous’ Conspiracy

Innvandringskrisen kan etterlate EU uten europeere

Migrant Crisis May Leave EU Without Europeans

A321 Crash Another ‘Attack Against Russia’ – US Veteran

Putin – US Missile ‘Defense’ Aimed Russia Nukes

WADA Call for Russia’s Olympic Ban Isn’t “Random Act?”

US Gen – Russia Can Block NATO From Entering Baltic Sea

Kremlin Refutes Reuters Report On Putin’s Daughter

Putin – Russia Soon To Able To Pierce Any Missile Shield

Possible TWA Flight 800 Missile Rising Up – Vid

Members Of Congress, Brass, Watch SoCal Trident Launch

Klima-“alarmerere” er i panikkmodus – fordi offentligheten ikke er det

Climate Alarmists Are in Panic Mode – Because Public Isn’t

Rising Cost Of Living Absolutely Killing US Middle Class

10 Members Of Congress Missed 100s Of House Votes

Rejecting The Keystone Pipeline

Nazi ‘Treasure Train’ Search Begins – Vid

Iraq Forces Readying To Fully Liberate Ramadi

Abbas Rejected Morsi Offer For Annexing Sinai To Gaza

Trump Insider Exposes Bushes & Clintons

Ukraine To Build New Wall With Russia – On The Sea

First Global Trade Collapse Outside A Major Recession

Potential Ebola Drug Gains European Designation

Airstrike Diplomacy Is Kissinger’s Legacy

Walmart, Other Stores Use Facial Recog To Watch You

Professor Caught Bullying Student Journalist

Offended Yale Students Struggle With First Amendment

“Politistaten USA”:

Los Angeles Cops Shoot, Kill Man For “Acting Bizarrely

Local Cops Shouldn’t Have ‘Federal’ Prosecution Immunity

MSF Rejects Pentagon’s Hush Money In Kunduz Slaughter

Saudi Billionaire Gets Diplomatic Immunity In Britain

Apple Chief Says UK Snooper’s Charter Bad News

Passwords Stolen, Company Blames Customers

DNA-data fra nyfødtes blodprøver i California lagret og solgt

DNA Data From CA Newborn Blood Samples Stored, Sold

Sexting Becoming ‘The Norm’ For Teens – Experts

Scientists Say Staying Away From FB Makes You Happier

Lower Rung GOP Debate – Hillary Is The Real Danger – Vid

USA Survey Poll, Trump Gets 31% Of The Hispanic Vote

Devvy – Dr. Ben Carson Won’t Get My Vote

FBI Said Expanding Hillary Email Probe – Vid

Hillary Clintons vaksinepropaganda

Hillary Clinton’s Vaccine Propaganda

Sanders Supporting ‘Fight For $15’ Minimum Wage

Reform Group Strategy To Oust Pro-Amnesty GOP Incumbents

Kongressen eid av Israel, godkjenner å sende våpen til “rebeller” i Kiev og i Syria

Congress Owned By Israel, OKs Arms To Kiev & Syrian ‘Rebels’

Kirwan – Global Death & The Future Of The Human Race

FN -politi 21 – bindene klimaforandringslover – på verdensbasis

UN COP 21 – Binding Climate Change Laws – Worldwide

First-Ever Muslim Majority Council Elected In MI Town

James – Divided Loyalties Inside The Pentagon

Gale USA sender F-16-fly til Tyrkia for å gjøre motstand mot Russland

Insane US Sends F-16s To Turkey To Oppose Russia

Ron Paul – USA fører verden inn i global økonomisk krise

US Leading World To Global Economic Crisis – Ron Paul

Iran To Build, Buy Overseas Oil Refineries To Ensure Oil Sales

Iran To Get Russian S-300 Missile System By Year End

Russia May Supply Iran w/Defensive Ground Electronic Sys

Iran, Russia Taking Alliance To New Level

Russia Minister Denies ‘Baseless’ Doping Accusations

Moderne teknologi forhindrer mediasensur – Rossiya Segodnya

Modern Tech Prevents Media Censorship – Rossiya Segodnya

Br Nathanael – GOP Warmongers Shill For Israel – Vid

One Dead After Blast In Russia’s Biggest Supercomputer Bldg

Newest Russia Bashing – Alleged State-Sponsored Doping

Bibi Lyver – Han har aldri støttet en palestinsk stat

Stephen Lendman:

Longstanding US/Israeli imperial partnership overrides how both leaders feel about each other – undisguised loathing no matter how they tried hiding it Monday in a media photo op. Business as usual alone matters. Both nations partner in each other’s high crimes – endless Middle East wars, raping one country after another, wanting all independent governments removed, vassal ones replacing them, regional resources stolen, populations exploited. No nations threaten peace and stability more than America and Israel – fascist rogue states pretending to be democracies. Regimes wanting world dominance may end up destroying it.

Les resten:

Obama And Netanyahu Plot Next Moves

Bibi Lyver – Han har aldri støttet en palestinsk stat

Bibi Lies – He Has Never Supported A Palestinian State


Gilad Atzmon’s Index And Topics

Skoledata-utvinning rett fra kommunistisk lekehefte

School Data Mining Straight From Communist Playbook

Jesuits – Owners Of The 500 Yr Old Flat Earth Con-Piracy

Frackingen og manipuleringen av vår vannforsyning

Fracking And The Manipulation Of Our Water Supply

GeoEngineering And The Ozone Layer Recovery Lie

NASA And Common Core – Partners In Crime – Vid

A Word From Our Sponsor – Vid

JPMorgan’s 2014 Hack Tied to Largest Cyber Breach Ever

7 Ways Social Security Will Change In 2016

Educayshun And Political Correctness – Vid

The Glen Ridge Rape Case Was Faked pdf

The Law Of Attraction vs The Law Of Awareness

Slutt på foreldre-staten? Uetisk HPV-vaksinepress

Parents Stop State?’ Unethical HPV Vax Push

Mechanical Device Found On Mars Proves Ancient Life – Vid

George Filer Tells Of Chasing UFOs Over England – Vid

Best GOP Candidate For UFO Disclosure – Vid

Homeland Security Reads ‘The UFO Trail’

Dozens Of Gov Offices Regularly Visit – Vid

Trump Talks About Being Republican Conservative – Vid

Trump – Maybe We Should Boycott Starbucks – Vid

Jeb To Shed His ‘Nice Guy’ Image – Vid

Jeb – ‘Hell Yeah, I’d Kill Baby Hitler’ – Vid

How Obama & Hillary Created ISIS – Vid

Obama, Bibi Lay Down The Gloves For Now

US Worried About Airport Security

Det tvungne kollektive drapet på Europa

The Forced Collective Murder Of Europe – Vid

Paul Craig Roberts har alltid noe klokt å si:

Roberts – The Re-Enserfment Of Western Peoples

Navy Fires Second Missile Off SoCal Coast

Syrian Army In Major Offensive Near Aleppo

Hollywood, Big Pharma, Wall St Love The TPP

TPP Most Brazen Corporate Power Grab In US History

House Bolsheviks Want MDs To Quiz Patients On Guns

EPA Paid Leave To Drug And Child Sex Offenders

DHS og politiet betaler skolene og barna for å spionere på andre

DHS & Cops Paying School Kids To Spy On Others

The Data The UK Govt Will Have On You In Real Time

Cops Use Google Timeline To Track Your Every Move

Global Economic Growth Worse Than It Looks

There Has To Be A Collapse Way Bigger Than 2008 – Vid

Cowconspiracy – Factory Farming Is Destroying Earth – Vid

American Adults More Miserable Than Ever Before

Afghansk historie undertrykket – Islamister, heroin og CIA

Afghan History Suppressed – Islamists, Heroin & The CIA

Establishment Rule Still In Control

US Inmates Charged Per Night In Jail

How Corrupt Is Your State?

Monsanto visste om farene med glyfosat for 30 år siden

Monsanto Knew Dangers Of Glyphosate For 30 Yrs

Det finnes INGEN RETTFERDIGHET i “rettssystemet”

There Is NO JUSTICE In The ‘Justice System’

Overheated Planet Entering ‘Unchartered Territory’ FAST

New Reports – Oct Jobs Blowout Exception Not Norm

Trains Derail Shortly After Buffett Beats Railroad Regs

Journalist John Friend Receives Free Speech Award

American Hero Jim Traficant Memorial Tribute – Vid

Why Belief Blinds Us To Alternative Points Of View

Mangoes To Vietnam By Motorbike – Vid

JoeTalk – Showdown – Vid

Is Binge Watching TV Why You’re Feeling Depressed?

Popcorn’s Dirty Little Secret

Exotic Goods And Foreign Luxuries

Big Brand Winter Drinks Are Calorie Bombs


The Gene Hackers

IV Vitamin C kommer til å slutte veksten av agressiv kreft

IV Vitamin C Will Stop Growth Of Aggressive Cancer

Drugs = More Deaths Than Motor Vehicles, Firearms

On Pot, Can We Keep Up With The Neighbors?

Kraftig rysting langs hele “ildringen” fortsetter

Violent Shaking Along The Ring Of Fire Continues

A Roundup Of All Those College Rankings

2 Jet Packers Fly Next To Super Jumbo Jet – Vid

Milky Way Has Mysterious ‘Great Dark Lane?

Tips And Tricks For Priming Off-Grid Light Sources

How To Avoid Starvation On A Budget

Yale Student Body PC Melt After Halloween Email

14 Soldiers Before, During, After They Went To War – Pics

No ET Signals In Space Anomaly

More Amazing Close-Ups Of Pluto – Pics

Ronald Reagan’s Obsession With Aliens

‘UFO Clouds’ – Here’s How They Happen

Roswell Ramey Memo ‘Victims Of The Wreck’

Infrared Scans Show Hidden Chamber Tut’s Tomb?

The Grandparent Test

Couple Ditched City For 40′ Fire Lookout

Cooking w/Veg Oils Releases Cancer Chemicals

The Heart-Healthy Benefits Of Commuting

IHOP Cave-In Swallows Several Cars In Mississippi – Vid


Jeff & Gerald Celente – Power, Politics & Scoundrels – Vid

Kirwan – The United States Of Nothing

Handicappers Look At FBN GOP Debate

The BC Coast Before & After Fukushima – Shocking Photos

Kirwan – Rebalancing The DWO – The Dying World Order

Paul Craig Roberts – Verdensmakten har ugjenkallelig havnet i Russlands hender

Roberts – World Power Has Irrevocably Shifted To Russia

Court Finds NSA Spying Violates Civil Rights

Zionister, Israel, USA, Canada og Storbritannias psykisk krigføring

Psych Warfare Of Zionists, Israel, US, Canada & Britain – Vid

Orwellian Agents Want New UK Police State Measures

Letter To Fox Re Bill O’Reilly And George Will

The Limitations of Culture

Thanks For The Memories

Defending The Imperative For Real Food & Real Farmers

New Study Reveals Most People Want To Ban Killer Robots

Strange Anomaly Discovered Inside Great Pyramid

While Goldman Profited, Dispersants Failed In BP Gulf Disaster

Spanish Sue In Constitutional Court vs Catalan Resolution


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