Politikere og den skaden de gjør, 16.5.2016

Politicians and the damage they do

OSCE’s Group manages to reaffirm observance of Karabakh ceasefire under 1994/95 accords

Indyk, Lowenstein, and a ‘Softened’ Quartet Report on Illegal Israeli Settlements

NEO – Is Macedonia up a Soros creek without a paddle?

Despite $10B Fix, Veterans Are Waiting Even Longer To See Doctors

Turkey bribe Athena to release a ship carrying smuggled weapons

Netanyahu Is Satisfied With Improvement of Egypt-Israel Relations

RAG RADIO: Mystical Artist and Storyteller Luis Guerra on ‘Repopulating the Huichol Deer’

SouthFront: Syria & Iraq battlespace, May 16, 2016

To Trump or Not To Trump (Part I)

Payback? PKK Downs Turkish Helicopter (disturbing video)

Military Humor, Ukraine’s New Weaponry

How Islamic State Gets German Weapons

9/11 judge and prosecutors should step down over ‘destroyed evidence’, defense demands

New York Times: Al Qaeda Setting Up Parallel Emirate in Syria

Busted: Wiretaps Cite Turkish Coddling of ISIS, NATO Terrorist Against Syria, Iraq

Ukraine: Fighting continues, civilians continue to die

SouthFront: Erdogan Consolidates the Power in Turkey


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