Sensurerte nyheter, del 24

Abadi angriper Erdogan for bløffekrig mot IS

Breaking: Abadi Blasts Erdogan for Phony War on ISIS

Tyrkia er i panikkmodus etter å ha fått øye på russiske ingeniører ved syrisk grense

Breaking: Turkey in Panic Mode After Spotting Russian Engineers on Syrian Border

Sørfronten: Syrisk kampområde, 22. jan. 2016

SouthFront: Syria battlespace, Jan. 22, 2016

Seksuelle traumaer øker risikoen for selvmord blant veteraner

Sexual trauma raises suicide risk among veterans

Kjøper VITOL olje fra IS?

Is Vitol Buying Oil From ISIS?


Rape Jihad

“Let’s treat white women as our sex slaves!”

Rape Jihad







Editor’s note:  UK justice advocate JAH weighs in on what is a major European issue, one often under reported in the West, which makes both controversial and inflammatory reading.  Proceed at your own risk. g 

Rape as a weapon of war against the white race

As a follow-up to my article proving that there are NO real Muslims, I’m now going to address their molesting and raping of white women, and the ONLY way to deter and stop it.

The reports of wide-spread raping of white women by immigrants into Europe is reaching epidemic proportions, and being fuelled by the false teaching of false imams and leaders and their encouragement to do so.

Les resten:

Rape Jihad

FFWN covers False Flag Paradigm Shift

Superinsekt-gen har nådd minst 19 land

Superbug Gene Has Reached at Least 19 Countries

Turkey’s Praetorian Guard and its Mission

Alliansen mellom USA ogSaudi-Arabias er et synkende skip

The Sinking Ship of the US-Saudia Alliance

The Pyramids: Egyptian Genesis (Film)

Putin til agentene for den nye verdensorden: Tenk!

Putin to New World Order Agents: Think!

Nøkkel- (de viktigste) huskelapper for den afghanske fredsprosess

Key Reminders about Afghan Peace Process

Oklahoma er den siste staten som vurderer begrenset politmakt

Oklahoma Is the Latest State to Consider Curbing Police Power

Russlands forsvarsrapport, 22. jan. 2016: Robotkriger

Russia Defense Report – Jan. 22, 2016: Robot Wars

Misery Loves Company: Second Newest US Navy Ship Breaks Down in One Month

Syrian government forces launch offensive in 10 directions due to Russian operation

Saudi-Arabias hemmelige “eierskap” i USAs gjeld er plutselig en stor sak

Saudi Arabia’s Secret Holdings of U.S. Debt Are Suddenly a Big Deal

Georgia cop indicted for fatal shooting of an unarmed, naked Air Force vet

Storbritannia hadde flere motiver for å drepe Alexandr Livinenko enn Russland, påstår bror

Britain had more motivation to kill Aleksandr Litvinenko than Russia, brother claims

Russia Today: Tyrkere skyter kurdere mens de veiver med hvitt flagg

RT: Turks Shoot Kurds Waving White Flag (video

US Special Forces join Iraqi troops to flush out remaining ISIS from Ramadi

Erbil: America and Russia setting up bases in Syrian Kurdistan

Mike Harris on Press TV: US continues sanctions against Iran

The Debate – Jim W. Dean and Lawrence Korb on the Iran deal fallout

The Veterans Next Door – Hypnotize Vets

False flag paradigm shift: X Files, Dan Brown expose 9/11 truth!

Tusk advarer om at Schengen-sonen kommer til å kollapse under flyktningestrømmen

Tusk warns Schengen zone will collapse under refugee flood

The Veteran Next Door: James Lusby D-Day

The Veteran Next Door: Hypnotize Vets

Synagoger og fengsler

Synagogues and Prisons

By Richard Edmondson on January 21, 2016

Jewish Leaders Keep the ‘Jewish Rabble’ in Line By Stoking Fears of Gentiles


Synagogues and Prisons


Bedrageri og råttenskap, det skitne spillet for og mot IS

Deception and Rot, the Dirty Game For and Against ISIS

With the Syrian Justice Minister, getting ready to show us ISIL's order of battle - Sept. 2015

[ Editor’s Note: Once again, VT has to break a story that all the well-heeled media cannot seem to get, or refuses to publish for some reason. Of course, you must have good sources on the ground, and their trust that you can get the story out and not be bought off or shut down.

Some might say we are working for the Syrian regime, but that is a cheap shot. The people who say that would in the next breath agree that the public has a need to know about what its government is really doing, to take action when learning they are lying. Our democracy becomes a bad joke when it lacks the tools to catch and expose them doing this at least some of the time.

As Gordon describes below, there is a lot of smoke-and-mirrors action going on here. American forces are in the region for one stated reason, but are doing things in addition to what the public is told. VT readers have followed the evolution of the large-scale terrorist units launched to try to bring down Assad via attacks on all fronts, and dismembering the country piece by piece until the military would stage a coup to save something for themselves.

Les resten:

Deception and Rot, the Dirty Game For and Against ISIS


Israel and “Kagan” Counted


Talk Nation Radio: Colin Beavan On How To Be Alive

Syria battlespace, Jan. 21, 2016: Turkey Prepares Invasion

RAG RADIO: Aldon Morris, Author of Groundbreaking Work About African-American Sociologist W.E.B. Du Bois

Giftige America

Toxic America

Planet 9 fra det ytre rom kan godt være virkelig

Planet 9 From Outer Space May Well Be Real

Short End Of The Stick with Mike Harris: Jim Dean and Nahed Al Housani

Litmus Test for 2016 Presidential Election

Seymour Hersh: Den nye verdensorden har ingen logiske grunner i Syria og vet at Russland vinner

Seymour Hersh: New World Order Has No Logical Reasons in Syria and Knows Russia Is Winning

Private militære selskaper i Irak: Falcon Sikkerhet

Private Military Companies in Iraq: Falcon Security

Dumskap er det som dumskap gjør, Pentagon planlegger laserdroneforsvar

Stupid Is as Stupid Does, Pentagon Plans Laser Drone Defense

Can Islamic meditation cure PTSD?

Hvor kommer ondskap fra?

Where Does Evil Come From?

Al-Marqab citadel; the most important Medieval- built citadel in the region

SouthFront: Yemen battlespace – Jan. 20, 2016


Nyheter hentet fra


First Global Trade Collapse Outside A Major Recession

Potential Ebola Drug Gains European Designation

Airstrike Diplomacy Is Kissinger’s Legacy

Walmart, Other Stores Use Facial Recog To Watch You

Professor Caught Bullying Student Journalist

Offended Yale Students Struggle With First Amendment

Los Angeles Cops Shoot, Kill Man For ‘Acting Bizarrely

Local Cops Shouldn’t Have ‘Federal’ Prosecution Immunity

MSF Rejects Pentagon’s Hush Money In Kunduz Slaughter

Saudi Billionaire Gets Diplomatic Immunity In Britain

Apple Chief Says UK Snooper’s Charter Bad News

Passwords Stolen, Comcast Blames Customers

DNA Data From CA Newborn Blood Samples Stored, Sold

Sexting Becoming ‘The Norm’ For Teens – Experts

Scientists Say Staying Away From FB Makes You Happier

Lower Rung GOP Debate – Hillary Is The Real Danger – Vid

USA Survey Poll, Trump Gets 31% Of The Hispanic Vote

Devvy – Dr. Ben Carson Won’t Get My Vote

FBI Said Expanding Hillary Email Probe – Vid

Hillary Clinton’s Vaccine Propaganda

Sanders Supporting ‘Fight For $15’ Minimum Wage

Reform Group Strategy To Oust Pro-Amnesty GOP Incumbents

Congress Owned By Israel, OKs Arms To Kiev & Syrian ‘Rebels’

Kirwan – Global Death & The Future Of The Human Race

UN COP 21 – Binding Climate Change Laws – Worldwide

First-Ever Muslim Majority Council Elected In MI Town

James – Divided Loyalties Inside The Pentagon

Insane US Sends F-16s To Turkey To Oppose Russia

US Leading World To Global Economic Crisis – Ron Paul

Iran To Build, Buy Overseas Oil Refineries To Ensure Oil Sales

Iran To Get Russian S-300 Missile System By Year End

Russia May Supply Iran w/Defensive Ground Electronic Sys

Iran, Russia Taking Alliance To New Level

Russia Minister Denies ‘Baseless’ Doping Accusations

Modern Tech Prevents Media Censorship – Rossiya Segodnya

Br Nathanael – GOP Warmongers Shill For Israel – Vid

One Dead After Blast In Russia’s Biggest Supercomputer Bldg

Newest Russia Bashing – Alleged State-Sponsored Doping

Bibi Lies – He Has Never Supported A Palestinian State

Obama And Netanyahu Plot Next Moves

Gilad Atzmon’s Index And Topics

School Data Mining Straight From Communist Playbook

Jesuits – Owners Of The 500 Yr Old Flat Earth Con-Piracy

Fracking And The Manipulation Of Our Water Supply

GeoEngineering And The Ozone Layer Recovery Lie

NASA And Common Core – Partners In Crime – Vid

A Word From Our Sponsor – Vid

JPMorgan’s 2014 Hack Tied to Largest Cyber Breach Ever

7 Ways Social Security Will Change In 2016

Educayshun And Political Correctness – Vid

The Glen Ridge Rape Case Was Faked pdf

The Law Of Attraction vs The Law Of Awareness

Parents Stop State’s Unethical HPV Vax Push

Mechanical Device Found On Mars Proves Ancient Life – Vid

George Filer Tells Of Chasing UFOs Over England – Vid

Best GOP Candidate For UFO Disclosure – Vid

Homeland Security Reads ‘The UFO Trail’

Dozens Of Gov Offices Regularly Visit – Vid

Trump Talks About Being Republican Conservative – Vid

Trump – Maybe We Should Boycott Starbucks – Vid

Jeb To Shed His ‘Nice Guy’ Image – Vid

Jeb – ‘Hell Yeah, I’d Kill Baby Hitler’ – Vid

How Obama & Hillary Created ISIS – Vid

Obama, Bibi Lay Down The Gloves For Now

US Worried About Airport Security

The Forced Collective Murder Of Europe – Vid

Roberts – The Re-Enserfment Of Western Peoples

Navy Fires Second Missile Off SoCal Coast

Syrian Army In Major Offensive Near Aleppo

Hollywood, Big Pharma, Wall St Love The TPP

TPP Most Brazen Corporate Power Grab In US History

House Bolsheviks Want MDs To Quiz Patients On Guns

EPA Paid Leave To Drug And Child Sex Offenders

DHS & Cops Paying School Kids To Spy On Others

The Data The UK Govt Will Have On You In Real Time

Cops Use Google Timeline To Track Your Every Move

Global Economic Growth Worse Than It Looks

There Has To Be A Collapse Way Bigger Than 2008 – Vid

Cowconspiracy – Factory Farming Is Destroying Earth – Vid

American Adults More Miserable Than Ever Before

Afghan History Suppressed – Islamists, Heroin & The CIA

Establishment Rule Still In Control

US Inmates Charged Per Night In Jail

How Corrupt Is Your State?

Monsanto Knew Dangers Of Glyphosate For 30 Yrs

There Is NO JUSTICE In The ‘Justice System’

Overheated Planet Entering ‘Unchartered Territory’ FAST

New Reports – Oct Jobs Blowout Exception Not Norm

Trains Derail Shortly After Buffett Beats Railroad Regs

Journalist John Friend Receives Free Speech Award

American Hero Jim Traficant Memorial Tribute – Vid

Why Belief Blinds Us To Alternative Points Of View

Mangoes To Vietnam By Motorbike – Vid

JoeTalk – Showdown – Vid

Is Binge Watching TV Why You’re Feeling Depressed?

Popcorn’s Dirty Little Secret

Exotic Goods And Foreign Luxuries

Big Brand Winter Drinks Are Calorie Bombs

The Gene Hackers

IV Vitamin C Will Stop Growth Of Aggressive Cancer

Drugs = More Deaths Than Motor Vehicles, Firearms

On Pot, Can We Keep Up With The Neighbors?

Violent Shaking Along The Ring Of Fire Continues

A Roundup Of All Those College Rankings

2 Jet Packers Fly Next To Super Jumbo Jet – Vid

Milky Way Has Mysterious ‘Great Dark Lane?

Tips And Tricks For Priming Off-Grid Light Sources

How To Avoid Starvation On A Budget

Yale Student Body PC Melt After Halloween Email

14 Soldiers Before, During, After They Went To War – Pics

No ET Signals In Space Anomaly

More Amazing Close-Ups Of Pluto – Pics

Ronald Reagan’s Obsession With Aliens

‘UFO Clouds’ – Here’s How They Happen

Roswell Ramey Memo ‘Victims Of The Wreck’

Infrared Scans Show Hidden Chamber Tut’s Tomb?

The Grandparent Test

Couple Ditched City For 40′ Fire Lookout

Cooking w/Veg Oils Releases Cancer Chemicals

The Heart-Healthy Benefits Of Commuting

IHOP Cave-In Swallows Several Cars In Mississippi – Vid

Jeff & Gerald Celente – Power, Politics & Scoundrels – Vid

Kirwan – The United States Of Nothing

Handicappers Look At FBN GOP Debate

The BC Coast Before & After Fukushima – Shocking Photos

Kirwan – Rebalancing The DWO – The Dying World Order

Roberts – World Power Has Irrevocably Shifted To Russia

Court Finds NSA Spying Violates Civil Rights

Psych Warfare Of Zionists, Israel, US, Canada & Britain – Vid

Orwellian Agents Want New UK Police State Measures

Letter To Fox Re Bill O’Reilly And George Will

Russians Jets Destroy 448 Terrors Sites In Syria In 3 Days

Russian SAMs Can Create Virtual No-Fly Zones Over Syria

ISIL Frontman Who Put Bomb In A321 Killed By Egypt

NYT Fears Greater Putin Resolve Against Terrorism

Russia’s Anti-ISIL Strikes In Syria May End War – Walesa

Aleksandr – Dugin Escalate The War – Morris

US Could Deploy More Troops To Syria – Carter

Feinstein – US Troops In Syria Won’t Bear Results

UK Wants Syria Action To Regain Grip Over Middle East

UK Lawmaker Brands Syria ‘West’s Fourth Major Failure’

China’s Latest Missile Test A Threat To US Satellites?

EU Offers Africa $2 Bln To Take Back Migrants

Frosty – ‘UC Stabbing Suspect Had Smile, Was Having Fun’

50% Poles Against Hosting Middle East, African Refugees

Schaeuble – German Capacity To Take In Migrants Limited

US Increasing Troop Strength in Europe

US Military To Expand Europe Presence Over Russia

Russia To Top New UK Security Threat List

Tuesday’s Bizarre US Senate Hearings About RT

De Niro Next To Seek Russian Passport?

DC Think Tank Blasted For Sponsoring Bibi Speech

Israel Airstrikes In Gaza After Bottle Rocket From Palestine

Israel To Get Less US Military Than Bibi Wanted

Most Israelis Support Instant Execution For Pal Attackers

Most Israelis Favor Killing Palestinians

Atzmon Expert Witness Testimony At Arthur Topham’s Trial

Justin’s Band Cleans Up Harper Holocaust


Hollywood Celebs Raise $31 Million For IDF Soldiers

BDS Plans Wider Boycott To Back Palestinian Resistance

Yemen – Saudi-Backed Militants Retreating

2 US Soldiers Shot Dead In Jordan

Extremism In Mideast Big Threat To Entire World

Saudi Arabia Execution Rate Reaches 20 Yr High

US Cyber Cmnd – New Creative Ways For ‘Collateral Damage

Russia, Iraq Steal Saudi Oil Market Share

Gulf States To Lose $275 Billion In Oil Exports This Year

Drying Arab Cash Cow Hurts Western Corporations

Sukhoi Sees Iran Order For 100 Superjets

TPP ‘Worst Thing Harper Did To Canada’

TPP – Canada Facing Big Job Losses, ‘Collapse’ Of Farming

Greece Struggles To Meet Latest Bailout Demands

Fragmented Lives No Common Ground – Morris

Record Ozone Hole – No Ozone, No Life On Earth

SCOTUS Gives Cops More Freedom To Use Deadly Force

Hidden Cams Test, Manipulate Political Views Worldwide

Sustainable Gladios & The West African Drug Trade

The Legal And Illegal Drug Cultures In The USA

Doom – Why Did The Women’s College Die?

Prepper’s Survival Hacks’ – A Book Review

Catalonia Parliament Begins Splitting From Spain

NATO Invades Spain

Tokyo Taxi Co Looks For Driverless Cabs By 2020

Wonderful Vintage Hollywood Photos… pdf

Dad Of Autistic 6 Yr Old Killed By Cops – Vid

Hedy Lamarr – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Actress

MSM Accused Of Lying After Savaging Corbyn

Corbyn Stays Behind To Applaud WWII Veterans

UK Must Quit Fixation On Past Glories

China Air Pollution Hits Record Levels

Navy’s Submarine Launched Trident II Missile – Vid

Trident Missile Launch Sparks UFO Freakout

UFOs, Aliens Made Boy Vanish – 1989

UFO At El Challao, Mendoza, Argentina

Kirwan – The United States Of Nothing

Trump Boosts SNL Ratings Numbers Into Orbit

Best Of Trump On SNL – Vid

Rand Paul – Hillary & Rubio Are (War-Mongering) Neocons

Pro-Hillary Think Tank Cracks Down On Israel Critics

Christie Fails To Qualify For Next Fox GOP Debate

A Philosophy For The Tea Party Movement

UFO Over CA Just A Navy Trident Missile

Secret Military Ops To Divert LAX Planes For A Week

Shocking Suicide Rate Of US Veterans

Infrastructure Next Battleground For Cyber Terror

US Now Has Debts Of $65 Trillion – Former Comptroller

‘US Debt 3x More Than You Think’ – Former Chief US Acct

Bill Gates – Only Socialism Can Save Us From Climate Change!

Congress Proposes Chilling Resolution On Social Security

America’s White Working Class Is Dying

Mall Sterilizes Christmas So Shoppers Won’t Be Offended

BBC Journalist – ‘Believe Nothing You Read Or Watch’

Ass-Backward Ash Says Russia Putting World Peace At Risk

Famed US Cmdr Says Russia Would ‘Annihilate’ US In War

WW1, WW2, WW3, Zionist NWO & Palestine Exposed – Vid

Obama Gives ‘Refugees’ Cash, Free Housing, SS Benefits

Corbyn Pro Immigration – Vid

Russia, Terror, Ebola Named Top Tier Of Potential UK Threats

Five Leaders Challenge Zionist Western Imperialism

Syrians Kill Almost 60 ISIL In Attack Airbase

Crash – Israel Had ‘Largest Ever’ Air Combat Drill Nearby on same day as Russian air crash

If Sinai Crash Was A Bomb, Timing Was Perfect For West

Sharm el-Sheikh Airport CCTV Stn ‘Routinely Abandoned’

Russia, China Discuss Joint Earth Orbit Satellite System

Moscow Hits Nudelman Over Syria Air Campaign Statement

Russia Sent 1,000 Chemical Protection Suits To Iraq

US To Increase Airstrikes In Iraq, Syria

Terrorist Blow Part Of UNESCO Protected Citadel In Aleppo

8. nor. 15.: Israel har drept 80 palestinere siden 1. okt. 2015

By Stephen Lendman 11-8-15

Israel Murdered 80 Palestinians Since October 1

IDF Butchers Execute Wounded Pal Youth In Broad Daylight

Israel terroriserer beboere i Hebron

Israel Terrorizes Hebron Residents

Pal Muslim Woman Slightly Stabs Israeli Security Guard

US Jewish Group Hits Israel’s ‘Misguided Policies’

Israel Benefited From Hariri Murder – Lebanon Ex-Pres

Israelis Protest Netanyahu Gas Deal With US Energy Giant

Saudis, Allies Claim Victory In Yemen, Analyst Says No

Yemeni Forces Liberate District In Dhale Province

Yemeni Forces Capture Saudi City

Another Saudi Warship Destroyed Off Yemen Coast

Math And The Politics Of Encryption – Vid

China Hails Taiwan Joining New Asian Investment Bank

China Registers Record-High Trade Surplus As Imports Fall

Five Reasons Why TPP Ought To Have You Worried

TPP Trade Pact Would Allow Wall St To Block Regulations

Meet ?Unpeople? – Whose Views Don’t Matter To West Faux Dems

Russian Reaction To Jetliner Loss, Syria – Vid

The TPP And GMOs – What’s So Bad About Death?

18 Yr Old Moslem UC Student Planned Murders, Killed By Cops

Cops Illegally Search Woman’s Car, Say ‘It’s Policy’

Week 2 Of Canada Supreme Ct Trial Of Roy Arthur Topham

Christians Win…Liberals Lose

Gay, Zionist, Jewish Mayor Elected In Salt Lake City

Myanmar Elections

Vegetarians! Plants Can ‘Hear’ Themselves Being Eaten

Russians New Transparent GPS Runs On iPhone

New CA Electric Car Maker Tries To Steal Tesla Thunder

Elon Musk Slams Apple As A ‘Tesla Graveyard’

The Truth About Srebrenica

Dammegård – When Terror Struck Norway

Anatomy Of The Mind Machine

3D Printing May Be Cool But It’s Also Toxic

PA Tries To Remove Parents Vax Exemptions

Veg Oils Have ‘Toxic’ Chemical – Cancer, Brain Degeneration

UFOs Flying Everywhere – UFO CHRONICLE ? 1967

Trump ‘Heckled’ On SNL?But Not Really – Vid

Trump Rejected Risque Skits On SNL

Rubio Used GOP Card For $1,000s In Personal Expenses

Carson’s ‘Magic Negro’ Mythology Destroyed By Duke

Hillary – Presidents Shouldn’t Have To Show Criminal History

Man Who Made Kids Cursing Trump Vid A Hillary Supporter

Video Of Tractor Trailer Nuke Missile Being Rear-Ended

Did A Nuke Missile Get Rear-Ended In MT?

Sen Jeff Sessions Blasts TPP As ‘Global Governance’

Obama Trade Details – ‘It’s Worse Than We Thought’

Obama Tells Congress He’ll Sign TPP

GOP To Push Obama’s Dangerous Trade Deal

Pelosi, Dems Heading To China

RT Founders Death Natural Or Murder?

Russia, China Challenging World Order – Ash Carter

Mideast Family Of 4 Cost US $257,481 For 5 Yrs

Interview With A Syrian Refugee Smuggler

Illegal Immigrants Release ‘Bill Of Rights’

Lawmakers Ask – Will We Ever Vote On War?

US Takes New Cold War To Russia’s Doorstep

Russia Evacuating Of 80,000 Of it’s Citizens From Egypt

US – 99.9% Certain It Was A Bomb

Terrorists Allegedly Linked To Crash Had Brit Accents

Bollyn’s Theory On Russian Jetliner Taken Down

Sinai Israel’s Baby – Bomb On Russian Airliner

Spain Wants A Wall To Keep ISIS Out

War In Ukraine To Resume Soon – Top Russian Theorist

Israel Orders US Give It New Aircraft Carrier As Part Aid

Jews Disproportionately Shown On Billionaire List

5 Shocking Facts About WW 2 NOT In History Books

The Largest Ethnic Cleansing in History – Vid

Why Did ‘Holocaust Survivors’ Seem So Well-Fed?

Don’t Believe Liberal Media!? Sign For Matthews, Maddow

Roberts – Another Phony Payroll Jobs Number

ObamaCare Risk Fund Nearly Gone, S&P Warns

Jail The Bankers! – Vid

In Cashless Society, Banks Can Force Consumer Spending

New US Job Model – Low Paid, Part Time, Below Cost Of Living

Hawaii Tops US States In Homeless Ranking

World’s Biggest Shipping Company Cuts 4,000 Jobs

Doom – Women’s College Looted?

High Cost Of Living Eats Up Japanese Salaries

Could Chemtrails Be Used To Disperse Ebola, Plague, Etc?

The Extraordinary Trial Of Arthur Topham

Bloomberg Targets States Suing Over Climate Rules

More And More College Students Are Becoming Whores

Lamb Sacrifice Done For Man Ejected Onto Fwy Sign

Hawaiian Natives Closer To Declaring Sovereignty From US

Reality TV Star Calls For Down’s Babies To Be ‘Put Down’

Women Are Either Gay Or Bisexual – Never Straight – Study

Global Warming Hoax Spiraling Into Tyrannical Beast

OR Spent $80,000 On White Privilege Conference

How A Nuclear Submarine Works – Full Doc – Vid

Whistle Says CDC Destroyed Proof Of MMR-Autism Link

New York City Is Only For The Rich

Cops Use Google Timeline To See Your Every Move

Long, Slow Death Of The Keystone XL Pipeline

At Least 51 Of My Colleagues Murdered

Magnetic Poles ‘Switching’ w/Catastrophic Consequences

Hating Queerness Without Hating The Queer

The Unpaved Path Ahead For The LA River

Lupus – Why All Girls Needs To Learn The Symptoms

Well, It Smells Like A Banana

Siberian Babushka, 86, Climbs Kilimanjaro

How To Stop Other’s Emotions From Downing You

Foo Fighter ‘Most Puzzling Secret Weapon’ – 1945

Phantom Light Is Mystifying Motorists – 1936

Travis Walton: Alien Abduction 40 Years Later

Trump Rejects Some SNL Skits – To Host Tonight

Prisoners To Move To CO As Gitmo Shut Down?

Western Media’s Vile Justification Of Terrorism

Pentagon Wants Deadly Cyber Weapons

Washington Prepares For World War III

World On Brink Of Nuclear War In 1983

Docs On Nixon Support For Pinochet Coup Released

Did Biggest Cop Union Threaten Quentin Tarantino?

Former Putin Adviser Dead In DC Hotel, Probe Launched

Experts Finish Preliminary Analysis Of Jetliner’s Black Boxes

Russia Military Movements Signal War In Syria Soon?

ISIS Using Mustard Gas in Syria

How Russia Is Saving Syria

Russian Jets Prove Air War vs Terror Can Work

US Supplying ISIS With Aircraft Downing Weapons

US Spy Sats See All, Except When US Says They Don’t

Syrian AF Pilots Praise Their Old Soviet-Era Jets – Vid

ISIS Yazidi Victims Return Home With Thirst For Revenge

Rocket Fired Near British Jetliner Was Egypt Army Training

Russia, UK Nationals Leaving Will Slash Egypt Tourists 70%

UK Plans Military Team in Egypt To Inspect Security

European Illegals ‘Invasion’ In One Stunning Infographic

Archived Headlines 2

Archived Headlines 3





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