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Strangers in our own nation?

By Preston James, Ph.D on November 22, 2015

As the Globalist NWO Cabal simultaneously strikes at every single American Institution, mainstream Americans feel disconnected, alienated, and like strangers in their own country.

by Preston James



A recent survey suggests that a majority of Americans feel they have become strangers in their own nation.

This is not surprising. The criminal regime running America has been instituting basic changes to our society at breakneck speed by attacking every single American institution, both private and governmental.

These rapid-fire changes are making many Americans feel overwhelmed, disconnected and alienated from their government and America itself the land they live in and call their own.

And many now believe that American Society has become so perverted and tilted that it only serves the top 1% super rich and powerful.

Actually the real number of rich and powerful deviants that the American Political and Financial Systems serve and protect is far less.

It is a very small number of soulless, criminally insane, parasitical sociopaths who just happen to have been able to seize control of our private central banking, our political process, and their large crony corporations. These deviants are true creatures of the night and have no human conscience.

These two-faced duplicitous creatures of the dark-side feel no guilt about starting wars which mass-murder millions of innocents and sacrifice many thousands of wonderful American Soldiers as their cannon fodder.

They can deploy a major Gladio-style False-flag attack on America like they did on 9-11-01 and never feel any guilty or concern for the thousands they murdered or the many thousands of lives of the survivors’ families and first-responders who were poisoned by the air and dust who have already died or are now disabled, terribly sick and dying.

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Strangers in our own nation?

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US Turkey Joint Op Designed To Save ISIS USA-Tyrkia -fellesoperasjon designet for å redde IS

Hva finner man i det sørlige Tyrkia?

The Secret ISIS Safe Havens Nobody Wants You to Know About

Remember, it is American law that makes everyone involved in supporting terrorism subject to non-judicial killing.

Incirlik Air Base in Southern Turkey

… by  Gordon Duff, VT Editor   … with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

[ Editor’s Note:  This article was written during the Syria trip that we just got back from last weekend. Although we will not be able to write about most of our discussions other than with the Grand Mufti, the refugee situation, the war and the continued backing of ISIS by many Western players were all major concerns.

A game changer approach is needed to get out of the phony War on Terror paradigm that we are all trapped in now, running around in circles and getting nowhere, as that was someone’s objective.

Gordon has gone back in history, further than the Bush (43) doctrine that “we will hunt down and get all those supporting terrorism wherever they are”, back to the Vietnam war where he was bloodedJim W. Dean

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The Secret ISIS Safe Havens Nobody Wants You to Know About – Den hemmelige IS-havnen ingen vil at du skal vite om

IS støttes av “skyggeregjerninger”, sier USA-journalist

ISIL supported by shadow governments: US journalist

ISIL supported by shadow governments: US journalist

The ISIL terrorist organization is “one of a network of Groups,” who are supported by “shadow governments” and numerous regimes around the world, including Israel and the United States, an American journalist says.

By Preston James, Ph.D on September 29, 2015

VT Africa, Bahrain and French Running Boko Haram

Believe None of It, Boxcutter Trainride in France – By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on August 22, 2015

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Shocking Backroom Image Behind Every US Vaccine – Sjokkerende bakrombilde bak enhver USA-vaksine

Vaksineseier: Foreldre stopper statens uetiske HPV -vaksinepress

Vaccine Victory: Parents Stop State’s Unethical HPV Vaccine Push

Veldig avslørende video:

Truth behind vaccinations (video) 

Fattigdom, overbefolkning og aktiv dødshjelp (“befolkningsplanlegging”)

Poverty, Overpopulation and Eugenics

By Katherine Frisk on October 30, 2015

Amerikanske myndigheter innrømmer åpent at vaksiner skader barn: se epost

U.S. government openly admits vaccines are seriously harming children: see the email

Mer om fascisme:

Turkish Journalists: Erdogan Has Been Sleeping with ISIS …

Det er en sterk sammenheng mellom autisme og Monstanto-mat (genmodifisert mat og sprøytemidler som brukes på jordene):

Monsanto produserte giften som amerikanske myndigheter fikk sine soldater til å dynke Vietnam med helt ned til grunnvannet:

The Dark Shadow of Agent Orange – The New York Times

28. nov. 2015 – The Turkish people are rising up against what they call “fascism. … earlier this week could well be President Erdogan’s act of revenge, …..

Britisk fascisme: Hvorfor britisk adel hyllet Adolf Hitler og Nazi-Tyskland

British Fascism: Why British Nobility Hailed Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany

Ekaterina Blinova for SputnikNews

A 17-second video depicting young Queen Elizabeth II performing a Nazi salute has prompted a fierce debate among experts and the public. What other disturbing facts have the Allies swept under the carpet?

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British Fascism: Why British Nobility Hailed Adolf Hitler and Nazi-Germany

23. jul. 2015 – British Fascism: Why British Nobility Hailed Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany … Europe and in the Baltics, demonizing the USSR and today’s Russia instead. … In the late 1920s and 1930s in Great Britain, fascism was often …. sponsors, partners, technicians, or the Veterans Today Network and its assigns.

Amerikanere risikerer liv, lemmer og statsborgerskap på å bekjempe fascisme i Donbass

NEO: American Risks Life, Limb and Citizenship to Fight Fascists in Ukraine

By GPD on September 18, 2015

We are a Special Forces unit of a real Army fighting a real war – people get killed, but we are winning

By Henry Kamens, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

First published September 18, 2015


The People’s Army of Donbass is fighting the West and Kiev at the front. Americans hear a lot about this conflict from various sources, but most know little about what is in effect a proxy war with Russia because they don’t hear from people on the front line.

Well here is one American who’s been there and done it, and is still doing it. Russell Bentley has seen enough of what is going on the world to know a good cause when he sees one.

As he says, “The Russian-hating fascistic junta which seized power in Kiev, and is terrorising the people under the command of NATO and criminals it has imported from other countries where it did the same, will not be satisfied until Ukraine is destroyed and much of the region, including Europe, destabilised.”

He decided to do something about it, and here is his account of this conflict.

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NEO: American Risks Life, Limb and Citizenship to Fight ing Fascism in Donbass.

18. sep. 2015 – First, I am not the only American fighting Fascism in Donbass. …. sponsors, partners, technicians, or the Veterans Today Network and its …

Fascism | Veterans Today

Organized Political Terrorism: The Norwegian Massacre, the State , the Media and Israel. By Debbie Menon on July 30, 2011. Fascism. « Previous Image Back …

USA vs. UK: Who’s More Fascist? | Veterans Today – Hvem er mest fascistiske av USA og Storbritannia?

26. mai 2013 – The difference between [socialism and fascism] is superficial and purely formal, but it is significant psychologically: it brings the authoritarian …

How Saudi executions followed giant US arms deal

– Hvordan saudi-henrettelser etterfulgte gigantisk USA-våpenavtale


Saudi head-choppers are worse than ISIS

By Kevin Barrett on January 3, 2016

The Donmeh regime in Riyadh has to og

Saudi head-choppers are worse than ISIS | Veterans Today

Watch the interview at Press TV


The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia …

8. mar. 2015 – By Preston James, Ph.D on March 8, 2015. The curtain ….. The Rothschild KM has hijacked Judaism, patterned it off of Babylonian Talmudism …

Wouldn’t you want to know ?

If the USG and most of its institutions were covertly infiltrated and hijacked by a large International foreign based Organized Crime Syndicate, wouldn’t you want to know? And wouldn’t you want to know what its secret crimes are which are destroying America and stealing everything you ever worked for?


by  Preston James


1. If there was substantial incontestable evidence that Sandy Hook was FEMA/DHS Capstone Drill with no dead kids, no dead teachers, no dead Lanzas and no real Lanzas at all and was a big fraud on the American People, wouldn’t you want to know?

Wouldn’t you want to know ? | Veterans Today

21. feb. 2015 – By Preston James, Ph.D on February 21, 2015 …. (Khazarian Kabballism or luciferianism or Satanism) and are best described as “Death Cults.


The Khazarian Mafia (Part II) Updated | Veterans Today

25. apr. 2015 – By Preston James, Ph.D on April 25, 2015 … The KM’s infiltration and hijacking of Judaism is legendary although their style of … Some call this Babylonian Talmudism secret Satanism or the Luciferianism of …… 2) You briefly mention above, the connection between the KM and the Saudi Wahhabi-ism cult.

Dagens moderne Tyrkia: en hemmelig sioniststat kontrollert av Dönmeh

Modern Turkey: a secret Zionist state controlled by the Dönmeh.

29. nov. 2015 – Modern Turkey: a secret Zionist state controlled by the Dönmeh … reluctant to describe the Turkish massacre of the Armenians by the Turks in …

Folkemordet på armenerne:

Turkey’s “Donmeh” are the Illuminati Prototype …

1. nov. 2011 – Kemal Attaturk and fellow Donmeh Jews who took over Turkey by pretending to be Muslim.) … by Henry Makow Ph.D. … Thereafter, the Ottoman military uprooted Armenians from their homes and forced them to march for


#Fascisme #Donmeh #Wahhabiismekult #Satanisme #Armenerne #Folkemord #Tyrkia #Dødskulter #Sionisme #Befolkningsplanlegging #Monstanto #GMO #Autisme

Tenk hvor mange mennesker det må være som synger denne sangen til….

Luther Vandross og Diana Ross – Best years of my life






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