40.000 syrere ble gasset med gift av USA-støttede Free Syrian Army og Al Nusra, som deretter blokkerte hjelpesendingene

Sensurerte nyheter:

40.000 syrere i ferd med å dø etter den USA-støttede Frie Syriske hær og Al Nusras  giftgassangrep. 40.000 syrere innestengt i Fuaa, Kafraya og i ferd med å fryse, men USA og Tyrkia blokkerer hjelpesendingene

40,000 Syrians Face Death from Siege, Poison Gas, by US Backed FSA, al Nusra

40,000 Besieged Syrian People in Fuaa, Kafraya on Verge of Freezing, US, Turkey blocking aid convoys

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian army and popular forces’ failure to free the two towns of Fuaa and Kafraya in Idlib province from the terrorists’ hands will lead to the freezing of tens of thousands of the people holed up in those mountainous regions in this cold winter weather.  The video below from September 2015 shows US backed FSA forces using chlorine and mustard gas shells manufactured in Turkey:

40000 Syrians Face Death from Siege, Poison Gas … – Veterans Today

Er det da de skal sende Bob Dylan inn for å synge “America the beautiful” eller “Sweetheart like you”?

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