Cyberpol kaller superdatamaskinen sin 666

Fresno, California stopped reporting for the time being or permanently in December 2015; it is not clear which. We?ll see what happens. In the meantime as a reminder, Fresno’s Five year Radioactive High was 2,504 CPM. (Normalen er fra 5 til 20… for de som måtte lure). Les resten:

Your Radiation This Week No 36 | Veterans Today

Mye rart skjer i våre naboland også, her om den radioaktive skyen fra uhellet i Russland over Finland, den 20.12.15.


Supercomputer Named 666 to go Live by Cyberpol

By World News Tommorrow on December 25, 2015

WORLD NEWS : The advanced supercomputer of CYBERPOL named 666 is schedule to go live on the 13th April 2016., this according to insider information. It is believed that this super computer is to sync all data for hosting a cyber criminal database comprising of wanted criminals and crimes committed by IP in the cyber-world.

Nobody really knows where this computer will be hosted. Some speculate that is will be somewhere in a MoD Cyber hosting facility in Antarctica, but there has been no leaked… (les resten):


Guds ord går i oppfyllelse, med litt hjelp fra Isis (Frihetsgudinnen i USA) og Cyberpol.

Russian Defense Ministry accuses Pentagon of imitating fight against Islamic State (TASS)

Politico, The Hill, Hide Speaker Ryan’s 2016 Report Card: “They Gave Away The Store” (Breitbart)

Joel Osteen Blasphemes “I Am” (828 Ministries)

Tel Aviv is Hollywood’s New Playground (Hollywood Reporter)

German church celebrates ‘Star Wars’ at a Sunday service (My Way News)

Organized Jewish Community Almost Unanimously Condemns American Hero Donald Trump (The Realist Report)

It’s Time for the Other 13 Candidates to Drop Out (Ann Coulter)

Alan Dershowitz Is A “Rape Culture” (Veterans Today)

U.S. and Britain Scam: ISIS Internet Sites Registered to Government Offices (Mirror)

Jew Confronts “Dirty Goyim” Christian on University Campus
(Renegade Tribune)

Trump hits a new high in national poll

NOAA weather satellite mysteriously destroyed after agency’s climate data manipulation exposed (Natural News)

A Muslim is Now in Charge of US Citizenship papers. (Joseph Botts)

It is Official, Jews Do Not Need Jesus Christ To Enter Heaven Says Catholicos (Noahide News)

An establishment unhinged (WND)

RINOs and Other Traitors in Congress Promote Immigrant Refugee Invasion (Washington Free Beacon)

Luther Vandross – Little miracles happen every day



Lady Liberty has been known throughout history as Isis of Egypt,

Semiramis/Ishtar of Babylon, Athena of Greece, Astarte of Syria,

Cybele of Rome, Ashtoreth of Israel, and Diana of Ephesus.



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