Sløret fjernet – “Bror- og blod -skap fra kyst til kyst”

USA med briller kjøpt i virkelighetsland, som tar bort sløret fra øynene til de som går med slør for øynene:

“When I did see the neurologist, it took me longer to fill the paperwork out in his office than it did to treat me,” the veteran said. “He looked at me. He didn’t have correct equipment and needed me to come back to the VA another consult for a different neurologist. Then I would continue to wait for another four months.”

Bare man deler ut noen medaljer hvert år, kan de få dø i fred resten av tiden, uten hjelp:

Veteran Affairs Death Toll Higher Than All Wars

Når soldatene har gjort jobben sin i utlandet, er det ut bakdøren og rett i rennesteinen i hjemlandet.

Did Henry Kissinger Kill the New World Order by Saying Russia Is an Indispensable Component of the International Order?

By Jonas E. Alexis on February 5, 2016

Kissinger certainly is not helping the New World Order by saying that Russia must be included in the political equation.

"Yes, that is true: Russia is a force to be reckoned with."

…by Jonas E. Alexis

Did Henry Kissinger indirectly nail the New World Order by saying that Russia is “an indispensable component of the international order”?[1] He may not have killed it, but he certainly did not help its agents.

This is a different Kisssinger, who perpetuated the lie that Assad used chemical weapons. And let us be quite blunt: Kissinger is incontrovertibly a war criminal and has a long history of plotting covert operations in places like Germany, Chile, Cambodia, etc.

“When the Khmer Rouge was carrying out genocide in Cambodia in 1975, killing millions of people, Kissinger declared ‘You should tell the Cambodians that we will be friends with them.’ We are prepared to improve relations with them,” he said, adding ‘They are murderous thugs, but we won’t let that stand in the way.’

“Kissinger also met with representatives from far-right Latin American dictatorships and told them the U.S. would help them ‘to succeed’ in their campaign of systematic state terrorism against left-wing movements, known as Operation Condor.

“When popular Marxist leader Salvador Allende was democratically elected president of Chile in 1970, Kissinger and Nixon ordered the U.S. government to ‘make the economy scream.’”[2]

Kissinger literally used the C.I.A. to create violent revolution in Chile, which “overthrew Chile’s democratically elected socialist government on Sept. 11, 1973 — the first 9/11 attack, if you will.”[3]

Les resten:

Did Henry Kissinger Kill the New World Order by Saying …

Kissinger literally used the C.I.A. to create violent revolution in Chile,

which … 11, 1973 – the first 9/11 attack, if you will. …

Hvorfor Sør-Amerika avviser USAs militære nærvær

Why Latin America Rejects US Military Presence

By Joachim Hagopian on March 27, 2015

Ever since the Monroe Doctrine of 1823


By Joachim Hagopian


The United States has claimed territorial rights to the Western Hemisphere, essentially warning the rest of the world to back off from USA’s backyard.

The American way of proclaiming itself the big cheese of the New World manifested by quickly ousting colonial competitor Spain from Florida and the Southwest and two decades later declaring war on Mexico, stealing a third of its sovereign territory to ensure that Texas, New Mexico and Arizona became part of the bountiful chosen nation fast expanding from sea to shining sea.

Next came more than a century of constant military interventions from the 1850’s in Nicaragua and Panama that brought forced labor and slavery to the indigenous population.

Long before the US became the global bully, it was the Western Hemisphere’s neighborhood thug. The 1898 Spanish American War born of the false flag sinking of the USS Maine facilitated colonial expansion and occupation of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines.

Genocide-war casualty expert RJ Rummel estimates up to near half a million Filipinos died in the bloodbath when the US military invaded, conquered and re-colonized the freshly independent nation of the Philippines during the Spanish American War.

As the US ascended to global power throughout the course of the following century, it became increasingly intolerant toward other nations’ autonomy or any and all regional claims of a “Monroe Doctrine” of their own.

Les resten:

Why Latin America Rejects US Military Presence | Veterans …

27. mar. 2015 – New York Times Is Catching Up with Veterans Today on

Terrorist Erdogan … 1973 Chile (ushering in brutal dictator Pinochet), 1973 Uruguay, …

Pynchon’s BLEEDING EDGE – Veterans Today

1. des. 2015 – … was in Santiago, Chile, on 11 September 1973, spotting for the planes

that bombed the presidential palace and killed Salvador Allende. (p.

Det amerikanske imperium er en trussel mot enhver nasjons sikkerhet

The American Empire is a Threat to Every Nation’s Security …

11. mar. 2015 – Where half the current prison population is of the same race he is, …

leaders (Iran in 1953, JFK in 1963, Chile’s Allende in 1973) abound. ….

USA trenger en “for-demokrati -revolusjon”

US needs ‘pro-democracy revolution’ | Veterans Today

20. apr. 2014 – … Chile (1973), Uruguay (1973), Australia (1975), Saudi Arabia (1975), …

if not hundreds of unsuccessful attempts (such as the current war on …

Amerika i krig, hjemme og i utlandet

America At War – Home and Abroad. | Veterans Today

9. sep. 2013 – … in Brazil (1964-1985), in Chile (1973-1990), in Cuba (1933, 1952-1959),

in Argentina (1976-1983), in Nicaragua (1961-1990), in El-Salvador …

USAs politikk bidro til fattigdom i Sør-Amerika

U.S. Policies Contributed to Poverty in Latin America …

27. aug. 2012 – (Carlos Slim Helu ranks today as the richest man in the world.) …

1971, Uruguay, 1972-73, Chile,1973, Peru, 1975, and Argentina, 1976. …

U.S. Must End Wars To Advance Corporate Interests …

29. jun. 2011 – … it is today,” says University of Illinois international legal authority

Francis Boyle. … of Chile in 1973; and President Reagan funded the Contras to wage war ….

obscene profits that would go to helping war veterans financially?

Sherwood Ross: CIA, Ku Klux Klan og USA


15. okt. 2010 – … President Eisenhower and Chile in 1973 by President Nixon. Both

overthrows precipitated bloodbaths that cost tens of thousands of innocent …

Joseph Massad: “Kampen for Egypt”

The Struggle for Egypt” by Joseph Massad | Veterans Today

14. jul. 2013 – … CIA-financed El Mercurio could do in its anti-Salvador Allende

campaign before the CIA-sponsored coup toppled him in 1973 Chile? which is …

Egypt – Kuler og ikke stemmesedler regjerer

Egypt – Bullets not Ballots Rule | Veterans Today

19. aug. 2013 – This happened over a period of time (1973-1998). …

While Chile returned to civilian rule and ballot based democracy, it is very unlikely that …

Oktober 1973: den arabisk-israelske krig husket (i minne)

October 1973: the Arab-Israeli War Remembered | Veterans …

6. okt. 1973 – October 1973: the Arab-Israeli War Remembered … The war was initiated

by Egypt and Syria on Oct. 6, 1973, on the Jewish holy day of …. Iraq again and the

current rhetoric nowadays indicates that Syria and Iran are NeXT.

1973 Yom Kippur -krigen på Golan

1973_Yom_Kippur_War_Golan | Veterans Today


1973_Yom_Kippur_War_Golan. By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on December 19, 2011.


Kevin Barrett : “ISIL is an Israeli mercenary army.” – Darkmoon

28. nov. 2014 – 185 thoughts on “Kevin Barrett : “ISIL is an Israeli mercenary army. …

“zionist global war against Islam? is really using Islam as fall guy in the tried and ……

states of america, only days after swearing kol nidre on the yom kippur.


Israel, the psychopathic nation | Veterans Today

3. feb. 2015 – By Dr. Laurent Guyénot, translated and introduced by Kevin Barrett,

Veterans Today Editor …. by reflective thought, but merely to be better armed for the

struggle. …. Hanukkah, Purim and Yom Kippur, and Jewish history as taught to …..

by the same psychopathy and being the mercenaries of Zionist EVIL?

Israel Warns its Syrian Mercenaries | Veterans Today

31. jul. 2013 – Free Syrian Army Mercenaries with Russian SA-8 New Babylonians ….

dying topic in Israel is – How did Israel survive the Yom Kippur War?


NEO  Minsk 2 – A Rotting Corpse | Veterans Today

NEO – Minsk 2 – A Rotting Corpse. By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on August 24, 2015.

With the US several years into the Syrian regime change debacle we …

Hidden Prophecies in the Book of Esther – Power of Prophecy

God bless you, President Putin! by Dr Kevin Barrett …

22. mar. 2014 – God bless you, President Putin! by Dr Kevin Barrett ……

the holidays of orgiastic hate and cannibal bloodlust like purim, yom kippur and so on.

#Inhuman #Human #Leger #Veteraner #Ventelister #Kø #PCguruer #Datafreaker #Chile

Chaka Khan – America the beautiful
Ja, jammen har Han vært nådefull mot USA, hundre ganger milliarder ganger, hvis ikke mer. Halleluja.


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