Zionism is a Racist movement built with and sustained by Ethnic cleansing

Congress must Boycott The Man Who Stopped Oslo

Zionism is a Racist movement built with and sustained by Ethnic cleansing

… by Mazin Qumsiyeh, … director of Palestine Ministry of Natural History at Bethlehem University__

Israel and the PLO signing Oslo Accords, working for peace and land transfer

Benyamin Mileikowsky (aka Netanyahu) was born to Benzion Mileikowsky, who later changed his surname to Netanyahu, and had been a Polish immigrant. His American father became secretary to terrorist leader Vladimir Yevgenyevich Zhabotinsky (aka Ze’ev Jabotinsky), founder of “revisionist” Zionism and supporter of groups like the Irgun terrorist organization during the mandate in Palestine.

His son continues to idolize these early Jewish terrorists. Both Benjamin and his brother served in units of the Israeli forces responsible for assassinations on foreign lands (in violations of international law) and committed other war crimes.

Ze'ev Jabotinsky advocated extreme violence, racial supremacy, and was Founder of Israel's Likud Party

Benjamin “Bibi” Mileikowsky (Netanyahu) is known both among Israelis and globally as a consummate liar who refused to accept the Oslo accords (even though they were partial to Israel) and has gotten rich off of his political activities. Below is a video of Bibi thinking the camera was off explaining his true contributions during his first stint as Israeli prime minister in the 1990s. (See also this report: “I stopped Oslo”.)

This is after all the same terrorist who gave a speech to dozens of Likud Party members in Eilat in which he admitted this is his strategy.

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz (15 July 2001): “…giving his audience a bit of advice on how to deal with foreign interviewers (Netanyahu said): ‘Always, irrespective of whether you’re right or not, you must always present your side as right.'”



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30. sep. 2015 – Mahmoud Abbas, the PLO and Fatah could never give up Oslo with all … Meanwhile, Israel, taking full advantage of the lopsided Oslo Accord, …

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An Oslo Criminal

Old Jerusalem

An Oslo Criminal

… by  Uri Avnery,      … with  Gush Shalom


Alice and her make believe friends...just like the kind that Israel has

[ Editor’s note: Uri takes us once again on an Alice and Wonderland trip through the Byzantine maze of Israeli politics to show that, while Oslo was not a useless effort, Israel never feels itself bound to live up to any agreement that it signs.

It is a peculiarity of their people, a supremacist thing in my opinion, that they are “above” that obligation.

To be concerned about obligations is something for the other side who cares about its international reputation. For Israel, that is the least of their concerns. As long as the US keeps vetoing UN resolutions against Israel, they have been for all practicality, an officially protected rogue nation, and a terrorist one to boot.

But the winds of change are in the air with the steadily growing call for stronger sanctions on Israel. This makes the Zionists even more dangerous, as they will be looking for a “game changer” event to turn that all around.

Would the Likuds orchestrate a huge terrorist attack against their own people if they thought it would nix the growing boycott movement? You bet your booties they would… in a New York minute.

But for today, Uri gives us a good refresher course from the Oslo Accords forward to the peace talks, in which we find ourselves today. He does this with all the details and personal vignettes that only someone who had a front row seat to it all can share. We have him here, despite our differences, because we  learn a lot from Uri, a good reason to have him around… Jim W. Dean ]

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9. jul. 2015 – His Lordship’s mention of the Oslo accord, I imagine, is a reference to the then prime minister Ehud Barak’s “generous” offer to the Palestinians.

Uri Avnery – Mahmoud Abbas: Leader without Glory …

10. okt. 2015 – Editor’s note: Uri is in his realm today, an in-depth historical peace on … admission stamp on the Zionists breaking the Camp David accords.

Israel won’t survive world public opinion wave – Punish …

6. jan. 2015 – She is Editor-in-Chief of VeteransNewsNow.com … US and Israel have used the gimmick of “negotiations for Peace” since the Oslo Accords.

Lessons for 2016: China Can Destroy the World – Leksjoner for 2016: Kina kan ødelegge verden


No One Wants Shares in Saudis’ Secretive, Overvalued & Corrupt Oil Company

Texe Marrs – Communism is Judaism unfolding

Click to hear this week’s Power of Prophecy program by Texe Marrs FREE:

Was Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia a Zionist Apologist?


Communism is Judaism Unfolding

Texe Marrs examines Justice Scalia’s incredible unknown betrayal of Christianity. Scalia turns out to be a secretive member of the Opus Dei secret society and an aggressive Zionist agent. An avid student of the Babylonian Talmud, Scalia was a ticking time bomb on the Supreme Court, ready to explode in favor of the Jews. The Jews had FIVE pro-Israel Zionists on the Supreme Court with Scalia’s vote. That is 5 of 9 Judges! Was he murdered? Absolutely, BUT not by who you might think.
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