Juval Aviv says: “It’s easy to put a truck bomb as we did … as happened in London.”

7/7 and the Mossad: What was Israel’s role?

By Jim Fetzer on May 1, 2015

7/7 og Mossad: Hva var Israels rolle?

by Nick Kollerstrom

“It’s easy to put a truck bomb as we did… as happened in London.”–Juval Aviv, former Mossad agent

UnknownFor years I have kept clear of this subject.

My book, Terror on the Tube (3rd ed., 2011), about the London bombings gave a minimal role to Israeli agents, by way of manipulating the surveillance and security companies (ICTS, Verint Systems, etc), operating on the London Underground, that were clearly Israeli-owned.

It described Netenyahu’s apparent foreknowledge of the event, but drew no conclusions from it. However, things have now changed with a former Mossad agent more or less admitting, in a slip of the tongue, that they had done it. While discussing an explosive maybe used in the London bombings, Juval Aviv says: “It’s easy to put a truck bomb as we did … as happened in London.”

All comments below that video accepted that he had made an admission of the Mossad perpetrating the London 7/7 bombings. Watch it for yourself:

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WMD Terror Evidence Found Beneath Abandoned Syrian Human Rights Observatory Base

By GPD on August 29, 2015

Gas Masks and Weapons left behind as London Based observer group fled with al Qaeda

weapons_gas masks

Hasaka – When popular defense groups aided by Kurdish YPG fighters began an extensive search of ISIS/al Nusra facilities inside Hasaka City, they made some startling discoveries.  In tunnels beneath the offices of the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, the London backed reputed CIA front responsible for the 2012 and 2013 accusations against the Damascus government for using Sarin gas, gas masks and weapons were recovered.

The discredited group that had pushed for US air attacks on Damascus may well have been doing more than simple observing.

All reports of “barrel bombing” and gas attacks by the Damascus government have originated from this organizations whose “observers” are embedded with al Qaeda and ISIS forces.  Members of the group have been recruited from news organizations such as the Jerusalem Post and Times of Israel and regularly seed staged photos through Reuters into the media on behalf of terrorist groups.

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New Eastern Outlook: Yemen, Practical Nuclear Survival

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on June 6, 2015

Major national players now resort to tactical nuclear weapons, poison gas, crop diseases and even weather modification


Yemen: Practical Nuclear Survival 

…by  Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor,  for New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

The gloves are off. With proof of a nuclear attack on Yemen saturating “some of the news,” issues of a new reality of war, the covert use of WMD’s by governments, needs to be addressed.

Fabricated claims of nuclear proliferation and other WMD’s has led to invasions, endless threats of war and mindless sanctions while the real use of these weapons, covertly in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen, these and other nations, has killed many and endangered more.

Major national players now resort to tactical nuclear weapons, poison gas, crop diseases and even weather modification as a “cheap and dirty” way of waging “irregular warfare,” part of the Chaos Theory “bag of tricks” that has long included propaganda and false flag attacks.

New Rules

A close look at the terror players in the world, Al Shabab, Boco Harum and ISIS, just to name a few of many, show the active hand of both colonial era and post-colonial era intelligence agencies, British, French, Turkish, Saudi and Israeli with Canada and Germany as well.

America is a different story. It isn’t that America isn’t involved but that much of the involvement is from the private sector, with Bush era military contractors tied to criminal consortiums like the massive world narcotics cartel, now functioning as nation states. The terror organization, Al Nusra, is being trained and equipped to a large extent by drug cartels using CIA and US Department of State contracting firms to supply personnel and even weapons.

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Storbritannia og Frankrike øker samarbeidet mot internasjonal terrorisme

Var det en vits?





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